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  1. The GM Hard Cover is 20% off if you purchase through GM Accessories. Good deal on the dealer install as well if you don't want to do it yourself. My arrived at the dealer in one day. a bit longer before it is installed. Looking forward to the secure storage.
  2. Can't decide weather to be patient and see what else comes out for the carbon pro or pull the trigger on the OEM, Lomax or try to adapt one of the other covers you talented people have installed. Hate drilling too many holes in the bed because usually my projects involve oops missed by that much.
  3. Looks like the Weathertech and Lomax hard covers are identical. I saw the concern about scratching with the Lomax. Not sure if it was the urethane coated cover or the plain paintable cover.
  4. Has your cover been water tight? Make a drive across a rainy pass in the fall and would like the bed to stay mostly dry.
  5. I will ask the dealer what the code is and get back. Friday is my one of two weekly call dates to check on status of the part.
  6. Thanks for the info. Hope to get the truck back someday to see how this all works. Day 22 sitting in shop waiting for a part.
  7. 500 miles on my 3.0 liter diesel and in the shop with no idea of how to repair and no estimate when I will get it back......give it a 1 star and that is too high. Wish I would have bought the RAM with a proven engine
  8. I bought a new Chevy Silverado in 2015 and had the same issue. Was repainted by the dealer but somehow I never felt that I got a new truck. I got a damaged truck. I know it is purely emotional and the truck was functional but for what you are paying it should be spotless.
  9. I have had my new AT4 with the 3.0 diesel for less than a week. Put 500 miles on the truck mainly on the highway bringing back home from the dealership. My wife drive the truck home and stunk up the whole garage with a hot smell. Pulled the truck out of the garage and got an emission error code that stated limited speed would be allowed in 179 miles. Took it to the local dealer. The dealer pulled the code and sent it to GM and they would not release the part without the code repeating. Said the code was a valve in the emission system. Left the car with the dealer and they drove it and the code reappeared. The dealer stated gm engineering is very interested in the issue but still have not release the part. So I have a brand new truck I can't use. My buddy tried to talk me into the RAM diesel. Maybe should have listened. More than a little frustrated that a $60000+ truck can't get repaired. Anyone else with this issue.
  10. I spoke to Agricover today about the Lomax trifold. They stated they had a carbon pro in their facility about two weeks ago to develop a installation process and design. They indicated to expect a product for the carbon pro in about 2 to 3 months. Nice lookin low profile cover that does not need drain tubes.
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