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  1. Hi all. I had the Brake Control Module and the ECM & Reducttant Control Module as well (3.765 miles). Then I have the exhaust back pressure valve go out and had to be replaced (code p2b97) (3,870 miles). All has been good since, at 10,445 miles now.
  2. 10,445 miles. Purchased 1-29-20. Back to the dealer 2 times - 1st was for the brake/remote app recall and the ECM & reducttant control module (3,765 miles); 2nd was for exhaust back pressure valve (3,870 miles). 2nd trip was during COVID-19 shut down so it was at the dealer for 6 weeks b/c they couldn't get a part. GM revamped/updated the part so it has a new part # (code thrown was p2b97). Did my first oil change (50% life) at 3,900 miles. Was down over a quart. Did the Blackstone Lab analysis. All good there!! My only concern is oil use. Just did my 2nd oil change (10440 miles & 13% oil life). I added a quart at 50% life this time. Still down a quart at the change. LOVE the MPG!!!!! Totally rocks! The 2010 5.3, 6spd trans I had got 12mpg in town/ 17mpg on hwy, I get 22-24mpg in town. Getting 27-28 at 75mph (no tonneau cover either). 60 - 65 mph seems to be the sweet spot for 29-30mpg on the hwy for me. I have not towed with it yet.
  3. There maybe a few reasons for the complaint/criticism.....(not trying to be or sound offensive here?!)....but driver age, physical limitations, extent of use as well as how the truck is used, let alone the fact it is a $60K+ truck and a top of line trim package. When the truck is a 2nd office and you spend a lot of time on the road, it becomes a convenience issue that you learn to appreciate as you get older.....at least that's how I look at it.
  4. NICE!!!! Looks so much better. Did you have to take the door pad off? Or can you remove it w/out doing that? Pls, do share. Were the tow mirrors factory or did you add those on? Did you replace the chrome window trim or wrap?
  5. So, anyone happen to know if the wiring harness is present in the door for this option? I've not taken the door apart yet but thought I'd ask to see if anyone knew.
  6. No worries on the rant.....I think it is fair to say we all have them. Just like it is as to why we like our trucks the way we do and for how we use them. At first, I wasn't keen on the smaller display on the dash of these new trucks, BUT, now that I've had it. It is just fine as it is. It does what I need it to do....like you said.
  7. Well, I'm finding I am constantly doing the same thing....but I don't have these buttons!! I keep more "stuff" in the back and it is so much easier to open the rear door VS putting it in the passenger seat....partly due to some shoulder/joint issues. I've become pretty reliant on the proximity feature now....it's just a nice feature that I've come to like/appreciate. Just hate having to reach for the front door........guess I could go back to the remote....just get too used to it now. The other thing that drives me nuts (which is why I'd like the rear door buttons....kind of a cause and affect issue here)....... I can't extend the time lapse until the doors lock on their own. If I want to get something out of the passenger side, like groceries, etc. I have to kind of hurry around the truck to the passenger side before the doors lock again. It is petty but those locks and pwr steps are only going to cycle so many times and they'll wear out. Just a frustration that I'd love to lodge w/ GM. GM needs to send out a 6 to 9 month owner evaluation for feedback. Guess they read these forums for that??
  8. Yep! I was at my local GMC/Buick dealer getting oil this afternoon and looked at all their SLTs in stock. Just like yours. Chevy dealer next door didn't have any LTZ or HC in stock to compare to.....just seems odd to me?
  9. Door handles are chrome and the front doors have the push buttons but the rear doors do not (High Country trim). Is this based on a certain sub-package or could this have been a mistake at the factory? If this was a mistake, how would I go about getting it corrected.....go the dealer route?
  10. Hi Everyone! First post here. I have a 2020 K1500 Silverado High Country 3.0 diesel. Bought Jan. 29th, 2020. I now have 8,900 miles on it. I did my first oil change at 3,800 miles. Sent in a sample for an analysis from Blackstone Labs (Ft. Wayne, IN). All was good. I too, had the same issue of running more than a quart low. Checked the oil level when I got it a few times. Let it go for about 1,500 miles and was shocked when I checked it again at 2,500 miles (it was low.....didn't even register)! I did my first oil change on my own and took some video of it. I bought 8 quarts so I'd have an extra. Nothing earth shattering or new as it the usual drain plug and oil filter (remove, drain, clean, re-install). I did opt to go with a Wix oil filter vs. the AC Delco. Since that oil change I have added the extra quart as it was not registering again. I'm presently in the low 30s on oil life per the DIC. So far, the best price I've found on the oil is $4.70/ quart from https://www.tascaparts.com/oem-parts/gm-oil-19370138. Like most of you have experienced, the supply is limited and I found and bought the oil for my first oil change from https://www.cheapestgmparts.com/oem-parts/gm-oil-19370138 as they were the best price and in-stock at the time (May). I'm hoping the oil consumption will stop soon. I'll rotate my tires with this next oil change. Overall, I love this truck. Mileage is incredible compared to the 2010 I traded in!!! I'm getting 22-24 mpg in town and 28 or so on the highway. DIC says the best 50 mile segment was 33 mpg!!! I do keep a log of my fill ups and the DIC measures from 100% spot on to upwards of 1 mpg low compared to hard numbers. If you're interested, you can follow me on Fuelly.com for my milage experience. I go by SWBuckeye there too. FYI - I use the TFL fill up method....pump kicks off, wait 30 seconds, start & let it kick off again. Not sure if anyone has experienced this but I had a "Service Emission System" light come on? Ended up getting a new back pressure valve on the exhaust system to replace the original. No problems since.
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