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  1. Without your clarification, it "sounded" like you yanked / stomped the emergency brake... as in you were PO'd and "wanted to show them." To me, it sounded like a good way to tick someone off and possibly get shot, but maybe that doesn't happen in your part of the country....... It does and that is why you dont... The farther away from the city the less likely you are to have some fool do this. None of the "Good 'ol boys" from where I am drive like idiots. Now when you get closer to downtown KC, watch out.... It is like playing Plinko (the game from the price is right) between Neons with whale tails and flourescent Cutlass's. I agree. It seems that whenever I'm running around anywhere in KC, no one uses signals and they pretty much all drive like asshats. JoCo drivers drive like they own the freakin road and everyone should just get out of their way because they are the most important person ever to put a wheel on I-435, Mo drivers drive like they never learned how to do it right in the first place. I just try to stay out of the city as much as possible.
  2. I know my truck is a 2007, not 2008, but I've been pretty happy with the paint on it and it was built at Oshawa. The only complaint I've had was with the painted center section of the front bumper that chipped real bad, but the dealer repainted that a couple of weeks ago under the warranty (right before it expired ).
  3. You lost me. I didn't think I mentioned anything about a block heater. My truck ran like crap after sitting out overnight and I was just saying that after driving it awhile and getting the engine up to temperature, it ran fine. Replacing the intake gasket cured it.
  4. Could be the intake gasket like mine. If the engine was cold, the truck would feel like it was running on about 3 cylinders and sometimes stall until it got warmed up a little. After that it ran fine. Just an idea.
  5. I'm just about to 115000 on my 03 1500HD with the 6.0. I've always changed the oil with about 10% left on the Oil Live Monitor with Castrol GTX 5W-30, and then send a sample off for a used oil analysis. Never had a bad analysis come back and never used more than 1/2 quart of oil over each of the approximate 6000 mile oil change intervals. The truck runs like a champ. I love it. The only engine related problem that has come up was a leaking intake manifold gasket that I had to have replaced about 5 months ago (around 105K miles), but that only set me back about $110. The fuel pump squeals like a stuck pig (I'm on my 2nd pump), I'm about to replace the gauge cluster for the second time, and the stupid intermediate steering shaft knock comes around every 1 1/2 years or so, but as hard as I use this thing, it's pretty hard to complain.
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