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  1. I am OK staying with 20's and it does have a 3.5 zonelift. The factory tire size (33") currently on l can live with. Its Z71 so does have the AT tires on now which is fine although it will never see any dirt. So keeping factory size is fine but just having a hard time visualizing how something would look. Doesn't matter if chrome all black or a mix of black with red accents. One thing I have seen examples of is the all red rims and that look just doesn't do it for me. Just wanting something to look at some real examples instead of the cartoonish photos on the rim sites to see if it looks good to me.
  2. Wanting to change my rims out on my 2022 refresh LTZ. It is the cherry tint coat red and having a hard time trying to visualize how they would look. I know of a few sites that you can pick the rims and it adds it to a stock photo but some of those look a little off. Any help would be great
  3. Well Zone kit installed and to the truck looks so much better that way. Driving is not exactly as stock but still very good. Now the only issue is my front park assist and my blind side warning seem to be a little off. Hopefully i can find a way to solve that little issue
  4. Just had the 3.5 Zone lift installed and my front parking sensors seem to be off which was expected but is there some way for them to be adjusted? Seems my blind side warnings are also off a little. Anyone know if this can be adjusted?
  5. So much for that. Seems to be a national back order so they cancelled it. Instead I have a Zone 3.5 headed this way.
  6. Looking at getting the 3" suspension lift kit from Rancho. Kit seems pretty complete with shocks, UCA. Will be for a 2022 LTZ 4wdr. This is 100% a pavement princess and will never see any offroading (Yes, I can see your eyes rolling and hear your laughter). Doing it this way because it seems to be best in the long run with the UCA and adjustable shocks instead of going with just strut spacers. I am really just curious of how it rides compared to stock afterwards or if this is one of those black balled kits that causes other issues or just sucks. Thanks
  7. I was able to get some clear 3M matte paint protection film to try on Friday but nothing but clouds and rain this weekend. Just put a few inch strip for now to see how it works. I like the factory look just really need to kill the glare. Maybe when this tropical system moves out of south Florida and the sun comes back out I can see how it does.
  8. When I had my 2020 LTZ I had to put some colored wrap on the trim in the center part of the dash and on a few console parts because of the blinding glare when the sun reflected off the chrome pieces. Yesterday I had to drive 200 miles to get my refreshed 2022 LTZ. Was all excited about the new set up but suddenly as I was driving back home an old friend called blinding sun reflection decided to join me in my new truck. Darn trim on the bottom of the radio display area was causing quite the blind spot. Time to order some more Satin Vampire Red wrap (closest match to Cherry red tint coat I could find) or go with Carbon Fiber look. Oh well, still loving the new truck
  9. Sadly I made the same mistake yesterday. Fortunately I made a deal ahead of time with the shop that did the straight pipe to help me out if it ended up being to loud. I have to admit it sounded great when they were pulling it out of the bay but that is where it ended. The noise inside the cab was terrible. Brought it back today and they did a 19" Magnaflow and I can live with that. Sounds great idling and under acceleration and you can hear it in the cab but much more tolerable
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