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  1. I’m still new here but it seems like you’ve missed several recent threads that discuss this exact issue? I think I saw a few of them even have pictures of fixes and the TSB which discusses the problem and the GM solution to it (which it appears you’ve already gotten done, so THAT didn’t work...) The other posts talk about adding washers and even shoe where to place them. When I get some free time, I’d like to do this myself. Mine makes a slight click every now and then.
  2. The door panel has to come off. I searched for a YouTube video to figure out how to do that when I needed to replace the power lock switch. Not difficult, but takes some time.
  3. Near the sides of the rear bumper, so a damaged rear bumper would potentially affect the sensors. Tell the adjuster about the error message and hopefully they include that in your repair order without the shop having to replicate the error.
  4. Everything I've read said to stay away from complete strut assemblies. This is what I used to compress the springs: https://www.autozone.com/loan-a-tools/loaner-strut-spring-compressor/oemtools-27036-macpherson-strut-spring-compressor/555557_0_0 You can rent them for $55 from Autozone and get the money back when you return it. Or for something like $28 you can buy the same brand on Amazon and not have to worry about returning them. And you'll have them for future jobs. I didn't want to wait for it to arrive (even with Amazon Prime) so I just rented so that I could do this job the next day. Overall, not too bad of a job if you're partially mechanically inclined.
  5. Edited. Disregard. Just noticed you said you checked the jack area already. For my 2015, that’s where my fuse was located. Guess it’s different for the 2018.
  6. I think my problem is two-fold. Maybe related, maybe not. First issue, when turning the wheel left, I hear this grinding or metal on metal rubbing noise. I don't hear it turning right. Found a video on YouTube which appears to be the problem I face: The second issue is, when turning left, in conjunction with that sound it also feels like I lose a bit of power steering. It's most noticeable when I apply brakes, then slowly let off brake pressure as I'm turning. And as I release all brake pressure the steering appears to feel normal again. This isn't the problem some other folks have reported, with the clicking, popping, etc in the steering wheel. That's an entirely different issue.
  7. Anyone know what part number Dorman exhaust manifold end clamps would fit for a 2015 Suburban? I’ve tried searching online, without any luck.
  8. Search YouTube. Great videos there that’ll walk you through it.
  9. Newer cars turn off power to accessories during cranking so a sudden power spike doesn’t damage whatever is on the circuit. This is normal operation. if you truly want an always hot +12VDC, recommend running a wire from your battery, through a *fused* terminal block, and into your passenger compartment, where you can tap into it with all the electronics you want to keep powered up during your fuel stops. Just don’t forget to switch those items off when you stop and leave your vehicle for an extended period of time. Lest you drain your battery because a DVD player was left running overnight. Lots of good resources online on how to construct said circuit, if you’re semi experienced with electronics. Otherwise, you should seek professional help. I like the12volt.com. Great source for information. If you go this route, good luck! Hope it comes out exactly how you want it. And for Pete’s sake, don’t catch your vehicle on fire!!
  10. If you search YouTube for videos on how to upgrade the HMI For CarPlay, you’ll get some good visuals of how the center console comes apart.
  11. ‘15 Suburban with ~125,000 miles. I’ve had it to the dealer for a metal rubbing/grinding sound. But only when turning left. And it appears that it only does so when I apply the brakes to slow down, then let off some brake pressure (but not fully releasing the brakes), then make a left turn. Dealer couldn’t pin point it. So I’m continuing to drive it until it gets worse which will hopefully help with troubleshooting. Researching online, some forums think it could be a bad wheel bearing. Anyone else have had this problem and solved it?
  12. https://www.nbcnews.com/business/consumer/gm-recalls-nearly-3-8m-pickups-suvs-fix-brake-issues-n1052356
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