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  1. I wouldn’t know. I’ve never looked at the compatibility of Silverados. But as far as the audio systems, aren’t 2014 Silverados similar to 2015 Suburbans? I mean, Silverados got the upgraded components a model year earlier than the Suburbans?
  2. Not sure about the 2018 model year, but previous years your BCM had to be programmed to use the headlights from the higher level trim. Not sure a wiring harness will do anything. But you could check gen5diy.com to see if they have anything. But like I said, I don’t believe it’s as simple as a harness. The BCM may require programming.
  3. I use this one, with much success, but is quite a bit more expensive than most folks want to spend: OBD2 Scanner Wireless, TOPDON AD800BT, Free Lifetime Upgrade, Scan Tool, Automotive Diagnostic Tool, Full System Diagnosis, 28+ Reset Services, AutoVIN/ABS Bleeding/IMMO/SAS/BMS/EPB/TPMS/Oil Reset/DPF https://a.co/d/392YoKA I’m not advocating for this one, but it may do the trick. And with the current sale ($107), at a quarter of the price. But recommend checking (send them a message) with the manufacturer/seller just to be sure it’ll retrieve the suspension codes, which I think are stored in the BCM: Limited-time deal: 2022 Newest Elite LAUNCH CRP123 OBD2 Scanner Engine/ABS/SRS/Transmission Car Diagnostic Tool, ABS Code Reader, SRS Scan Tool, Lifetime Free Update Scan Tool https://a.co/d/3peaFrg
  4. You need a better code reader. One that can pull codes from the individual modules.
  5. $130 shipped (with tracking) anywhere within the US. I bought these two items to fix an intermittent Variable Valve Timing (VVT) code I was getting. P0010 and P2089. Engine Control Module (ECM) 2 problems exist 1.P0010-00 Camshaft Position Actuator Solenoid Valve Control Circuit 2.P2089-00 Intake Camshaft Position Actuator Solenoid Valve Control Circuit High Voltage The problem was intermittent, always a pending code, and never actually set the CEL. Because it was intermittent, I just never got around to replacing these two parts, and I have now traded in the vehicle. So these two items are up for sale. The first is GM part number 12681018 - Valve, Camshaft Position Actuator Solenoid The second is GM part number 12670340 - Magnet, Camshaft Position Actuator
  6. $700 shipped USPS Priority (with tracking) anywhere within the US. Just traded in my Suburban, so pulled out the upgraded IO6 Bose radio module and non-nav 2.5 HMI module to add CarPlay to my non-CarPlay 2015 Suburban. To include the USB hub in the center console. The modules were from a 2018 Tahoe. They were programmed to work in my 2015 and have worked without a hitch for about three years now. HOWEVER, you'll need to get your VIN programmed into these modules in order for them to work in your vehicle. White Auto & Media is a great resource for this, but there are others that'll do this as well. (Three years ago WAMS was $100. Appears it's $125 now.) In addition, I'm also including my PAC Navigation and Video bypass module that enables a triple tap of the rear defogger in order to bypass the vehicle thinking it's in drive. Basically, so the HMI thinks you're in "park." When enabled, you can type in addresses to the navigation when driving. Or if your front seat passenger wants to watch a movie while you're on the road, they can do so on the front screen. Since you'll have the center console out anyways while installing the upgraded radio module, might as well go ahead and install this bypass module while you're in there. Easy plug & play. Just plug this device between the large gray connector that goes to the radio module. And as an added bonus, also including my Range Technology AFM Disabler. Blue LEDs. And if you act now, I'm even including an OEM GM cargo net (to include the two hooks for the top that screws into the sidewalls) that have saved me countless groceries just falling out the back of my Suburban when I opened up the rear hatch when returning home from the store. It collapses down into the bag at the bottom, and also just totally detaches and stows away when not needed. Please ask questions and ensure these modules fit your specific vehicle and set-up, before purchasing. I want to sell these items and move on and not have to worry about you wanting to return them because you tried them and they're the wrong modules because you wanted nav, or your vehicle doesn't have the Bose system, or you didn't like the color for the 2018 modules, or whatever reason you're not happy with these modules. Like I've said, they've worked flawlessly and I've been very happy with this set-up. It's difficult to describe, but when you've upgraded to CarPlay in the 2015, it's like a whole different vehicle. The couple days I drove the truck after swapping back to stock, was such a disappointment. It's tough to go back to non-CarPlay!
  7. Same thing with my Ford. I bought vehicle with only one key, so paid Ford dealer $480 for a second key. Then bought a third key off Amazon and programmed it in myself. Now if I lose a key, I still have two, and can program more.
  8. Oof, don’t fall for this. It’s a weak attempt at ‘customer support.’ The best way of finding the right fob is taking it apart (there are videos online) like you’re replacing thr battery. Incr apart, look for the FCC ID number printed somewhere on the circuit board. It’ll be in very, very small print. Then buy a fob with the same FCC ID number.
  9. You may have the wrong FOB for your vehicle. Just because it looks the same as your current FOB doesn’t mean it’s the right one. The FCC ID needs to match. Your best chance of success, and your sanity, is to take it to the dealer.
  10. Might be multiple problems at once. First thing I’d check is to pull the codes from the modules. Not with a simple OBDII reader, but one that’ll pull codes specifically from the BCM. With the various LEDs being out, I think there’s a thread here that describes the problem and how to fix it. I think it was something to do with resoldering connections that became broken. The high mounted stop lamp ONLY comes on when brakes are applied. So you should not see them illuminate with the brakes off.
  11. Do you think it’s related to the other posts on this site? Sounds similar to me.
  12. Ah, gotcha. I misread and misunderstood. After reading 14 pages of well unrelated content in this thread, I lost track of what the Katech was.
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