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  1. ‘15 Suburban with ~125,000 miles. I’ve had it to the dealer for a metal rubbing/grinding sound. But only when turning left. And it appears that it only does so when I apply the brakes to slow down, then let off some brake pressure (but not fully releasing the brakes), then make a left turn. Dealer couldn’t pin point it. So I’m continuing to drive it until it gets worse which will hopefully help with troubleshooting. Researching online, some forums think it could be a bad wheel bearing. Anyone else have had this problem and solved it?
  2. https://www.nbcnews.com/business/consumer/gm-recalls-nearly-3-8m-pickups-suvs-fix-brake-issues-n1052356
  3. 2) The trimmer string didn’t work. I couldn’t get it pushed in far enough. Those tubes are long!! Appears there are four drains at each corner of the sunroof frame. 3) I’m guessing the drain exits are behind the wheel liners. I see the water drain out from that area. Up front, by taking off the grab handles and the sun visors I was able to pull the headliner down enough to pull the tubes off and blow compressed air into them. Then I took the rear grab handles off and pulled the headliner down enough to get to the rear tubes. Air appeared to blow through all four lines just fine. Then I poured water into each tube and watched as the water poured out of the bottom. Then I reattached each tube, refitted the headliner, reattached each handle and sun visor, then reinstalled the weather seals around the doors. All in all, I believe it took about an hour. Crazy that the book rate says its a 5 hour job?!
  4. Appears mine are clogged. Dealer says book is 5 hours to lower the headliner, remove the lines to clean them, then reinstall. $650. 1) Any guides, threads, how-tos out there specifically for this year/model range on how to clean them out? Mine’s a 2015 Suburban. I did see the generic video (I think they used a BMW car) located in another thread, but curious as to any instructions out there specifically for our particular vehicle. 2) I plan on using trimmer string to push through the drain tubes. There are only the two located at each side of the front of the sunroof opening, right? I do have a small compressor but worry about pushing air through and accidentally disconnecting the tube somewhere and not know about it until its leaking. 3) And, where are the drain exits? I looked around the wheel well openings but didn't see anything. Perhaps they're hidden behind the wheel well liners, or up in the fenders somewhere out of sight?
  5. Take the door panel off and take a look. Might be a simple fix. There are YouTube videos that show you how to do it.
  6. https://chevroletforum.com/forum/tahoe-suburban-25/tailgate-opening-itself-4782/page4/
  7. Done. Thanks for the help, fellas. ACDelco’s 75W-90 in the front and 75W-85 in the rear. Also did the transmission and transfer case fluids, since I was already underneath the truck this weekend. I’ll eventually get around to dropping the trans pan and do the filter at another time. Used Valvoline MaxLife. Next time I’d like to go with the new Mobil 1 fluid being discussed in the transmission shudder thread.
  8. The front struts went in today. Wow, struts aren’t that bad at all to install! I shoulda learned how to do struts years ago...
  9. After reading several stories about people nearly crashing because their brakes didn't work because their vacuum pump failed, I thought I'd try to stay ahead of the problem and preemptively replace my vacuum pump. GM part number 12659655. GMPartsGiant.com says it's discontinued. Neither AutoZone nor NAPA have a part listed at all. WTF?? How do I get a new vacuum pump?? Has anyone actually been in an accident because their brakes failed due to the vacuum pump issue? I haven't read any stories of actual accidents, just a bunch of close calls.
  10. Got the rears in tonight. Holy smokes, what a difference! The old ones are probably original. 113,360 miles. The left rear compressed easier than the new ones and rebounded very slowly. The right rear was totally shot. Compressed with no effort and did not rebound at all. Now... to look at strut videos on YouTube over the next few days, rent a strut compressor from Auto Zone, and tackle the fronts over the weekend. Anyone ever replace the filter on their compressor? I imagine if it uses a desiccant that it could use a 'refresh.' Looks like GMPartsGiant.com sells it combined with the tank. Part number 22941807.
  11. I really have no idea. It was just a thought. Maybe a wrong one... ;)
  12. Next time you have the back door open, look at the door latch.
  13. Alright, then I’ll order the two different weights. 3 quarts each for each differential should be enough?
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