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  1. Did they replace the tail gate or just bend that back? Im about to get bushing number 3.
  2. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Ive posted in here before and had the Chevy Shake on my 14 with stock chrome LTZ 20s and stock tires. Went to bilstein shocks no change, went to ko2s and method nv's shake changed but still there. Recently traded that setup for stock 20 All Terrain on Nitto Terra Grapplers and 90% of shake is gone. Cant explain it but truck has never been this smooth at hwy speeds.
  3. 4 take off OEM GMC center caps Part Number 22837060 65 shipped
  4. WTT Method NVs 17x8 and 285/70/17 ko2

    Gone! Running a set of All Terrains with terra grapplers now!
  5. Feeler on trading my Method NV 17s with 285/70/17 ko2s. Looking to make a change and maybe closer to stock. Sierra All terrain 20s, gunmetal Tahoe Z71s, some of the OEM 22s would be at top of the list. Id consider some aftermarket. Doubt Ill mess with shipping mess, so semi local preferred. Im located in Indianapolis. No issues on the wheels, tires less than a year old and what little wear has been even. The original coated bolts around the border didnt even last a year. All 100 have been replaced with stainless youll never have to worry about. Will come with the Centers and Lugs. Pictures in here\/
  6. Pic for reference, think only available on Tahoe and maybe suburban? In Indianapolis area.
  7. Feeler on trading my Method NV 17s with 285/70/17 ko2s for a set of the grey Tahoe Z71s and a good tire. Always liked the look of those wheels so kicking around a trade. Doubt Ill mess with shipping mess, have to be semi local.
  8. They said on 4 and 8. Its just odd they cant reproduce if that sensor is bad. I feel like they are throwing parts at it, and want 90 for diag, 120 for the o2, and 60 labor and taxes. That is almost 3x what the part seems to be online. Think Im going to get it back and drive it some more. Going to have to pay that stupid 90 diagnostic anyway though.. https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=6309813&cc=3294345&jsn=12&jsn=12
  9. Hey guys, Yesterday running some errands, I was down on power and CEL started flashing. Killed the truck started back up and ran perfect, happened one more time and I swung by autozone because I was close. P0300 showed as pending, not set yet though. I have been running E85 mostly lately, tank of 87 here and there. Had a full tank of E85 in it at the time. I have occasionally had some hard starts, 3-5 second crank before start. I dropped it at the dealer to take a look and they said it has run great for them. Freeze frame data though showed some o2 readings off. Pass side upstream o2 reading was off and they said that can cause it to over fuel. Both rear o2 readings were out as well. They want to replace all 3 but said you could start with front only. Want 270 for front o2, diagnostic and labor. Does this sound like it could be the issue? I have not really heard of intermittent o2 issues. In my past experience they were good or bad and threw an o2 code. Thanks, Josh
  10. I got a set of these on the way, going to try to use without spacers but sure I can fine some if too long. The Jeep thread I found guy had button heads and used spacers because it looked better. He seemed to suggest just the 10mm length bolt worked though. We shall see.

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