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  1. Thanks, thats me sourcing my own parts, right? If Im reading the site correctly, I would need one from each list below? What part number do I need for the USB hub or is the one I have good, like the 8" screen? HMI (Human Machine Interface): North American Spec Non-Navigation (OnStar Nav RPO IO5) 84096815 84156699 84131941 84296480 84048398 84004948 Radio Modules (Includes HD Radio): Premium Audio (BOSE RPO UQA, UQH or UQS) 84062073 13506371 23402903 84293226 The Denali part number page is a lot to decipher, but to match I think it would be one from this list? I could do this later it sounds like though if I wanted the voice commands. 2016 GAS US SPEC - DENALI STYLE LARGE DISPLAY BLUE/GREEN LIGHTING FOR CHEVY (SILVERADO/TAHOE/SUBURBAN ETC)
  2. Hey guys, reading through this thread still, lot to digest. Have a 2014 Silverado LTZ with Bose no Navigation. Really want CarPlay. Looks like Id need the HMI upgrade, screen and USB minimum plus programming. Do I need the Denali cluster as well? Anyone know the part numbers I would need to acquire, or a cost if source it all from a vendor?
  3. Looking to add a controller and leaning toward P3. Anyone tried to mount in center console under the removable cup holders vertically? For trucks with captains seats with fixed center console. From what I read vertical is okay. Not sure if wiring long enough though.
  4. The 1 month should have been the top tier, had that as well, never used it. Basic was nice. Id reach out to OnStar first about the 10 years of Connected(used to be called Basic) plan and then Chevy customer service if needed. 10 years of connected should apply to that purchase, if it was bought new. This was the last update to policy from my understanding and speaking with onstar last month. I have to pay 14.99 now for the app and diagnostics email after my 5 years basic expired. Both were pretty nice to haves. http://gmauthority.com/blog/gm/general-motors-technology/onstar/onstar-plans-pricing/onstar-basic-plan-info-price/
  5. Fixed mine a month or so ago myself, ended up using the ACDelco condenser. I had nothing left in mine, so I rented the Oreilly pump and gauge set. Pulled vacuum, it leaked down so confirmed leak, I charged with dye to confirm the spot. Leaked out in a weak, but dye did its job. Same spot as everyone else on the condenser. Bought the ACDelco part, got the bracket for the lower line just to prevent a leak there although mine showed no signs of issues. Installed both in a few hours, could be done quicker though. One of my cooler lines went right together, driver side I want to say. The passenger side gave me a little trouble but after a little manipulation and trial and error it went together. Rented the Oreilly pump and gauges again. Charged the system, one can with dye just in case of future leaks. Added some ACDelco oil. Been cold a month or so now, with no issues. All in with condenser, oil, and refrigerant Id say around 300. Prior to this the most I had done was add a can with the quick connect simple systems auto parts stores sell. Really not a hard job to do. AC seems intimidating, but if you can wrench a bit its not bad. Could have messed this up 3 times and still come out ahead of paying a dealer 1200 bucks. Adding to this, I added some trans fluid to the condenser at install, instead of after through dip stick. When I checked cold it looked good and after a drive looked good warm.
  6. Reviving this, my 2014 just had the Basic Plan expire. Looked at plans on Chevy site and Basic not offered. Started a chat and was told it is 14.99. To reactivate press the OnStar button in the truck. Laughable! Can I just watch an ad when I start my truck?
  7. After watching video probably take me 1-2 hour with a beer mixed in. I dont know about you, but I dont make 250-500 an hour yet at my day job.
  8. I saw one post where this was exaggerated, but no confirmed owner doing it that soon. I may go aftermarket though, given the volume of issues with GM condensers. Think many DIY's are going this route.
  9. I thought I was lucky, but got a leak in the same spot as everyone else, weld from dryer to condenser. Cross your fingers and deal with it one day unfortunately. 2014 75k miles
  10. What gaskets are these? Ill be tackling this soon. Any other hard parts you needed like that. Edit: Should have read, just did the AC ones for peace of mind. Ill probably reuse those.
  11. Thanks, guessing that is better than the updated GM version? Looks plug and play. Wonder why it doesn’t come up when you look by Year Make Model. Was looking at rock auto earlier today.
  12. Lines look good but no bracket. It’s a14 and never been in for this so not surprised. No leaks so would be preventative. Anyone know the current part number for that?
  13. Bingo, but not a prize I wanted to win! Gotta check the lower line still. All looks good from up top.
  14. Could do an oil analysis too, the next few oil changes to get some more data on if this is causing additional bearing wear or anything. Hate it for you, cant imagine.
  15. My understanding of these is they cannot be cleared. These once set, stay on, until the vehicle sees the condition is fixed and turns it off. Had a similar code P0013 on my wife's equinox. Set to permanent as it is the camshaft position actuator code. Replaced the solenoid and took it for a short drive and the light cleared itself.
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