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  1. Bringing this back up, would be a great option to add a drain plug if this works with the tucks without causing issues.
  2. Found a stock catback locally and updated to a for sale thread. I’m not sure what to price it at so just threw a number up. Still on the truck at this point.
  3. Thank you to you both, picked up one from bgweed tonight!
  4. Hey guys, Looking for a stock truck catback or maybe one with weld in muffler in Indianapolis, IN area but willing to drive some. I have a 2014 Silverado 5.3 crew cab as far as fitment, but could lengthen shorten one potentially. If you have one laying around, let me know what you have. I have another thread with a GM Borla up for trade if you have a stock one on your truck now. Thanks, Josh
  5. Sounds good just let me know either way! I can PM you my address.
  6. You have the little black one that goes on the transfer case? Id def take them when youre back if you dont want to mess with shipping.
  7. Location? I’d be interested in the plates. Where are you located?
  8. Hey guys, May be trading into a Yukon XL and can’t move this over. 1200 or so new with tips. Looking for 800 OBO. Has the dual rear outlet with Chrome tips. Fits crew crab short bed like mine and believe the double cab. Nice rumble on cold start and when accelerating but no drone or helicopter sound in v4. Even the wife liked it! Indianapolis, IN area Thanks, Josh
  9. Thank you sir! I may just take it in, still thinking about it. Luckily I have all winter haha. My gut says there will be metal there, if not though I could swap compressor and just leave belt off and unplugged and take it in to get oiled and charged.
  10. That’s easy enough, any tips on where or how to disassemble/inspect once out? I swapped condenser before and don’t remember anything that looked like it could come apart on that.
  11. Thanks that’s what I figured. Pulley turns so figured internally locked up. Where is the dessicant bag? Something I can check?
  12. What if it Rubber on front does look like it’s melting? Also sounded like marbles in a blender and truck was trying to die. Ran fine after I cut the belt off.
  13. Thanks, thats me sourcing my own parts, right? If Im reading the site correctly, I would need one from each list below? What part number do I need for the USB hub or is the one I have good, like the 8" screen? HMI (Human Machine Interface): North American Spec Non-Navigation (OnStar Nav RPO IO5) 84096815 84156699 84131941 84296480 84048398 84004948 Radio Modules (Includes HD Radio): Premium Audio (BOSE RPO UQA, UQH or UQS) 84062073 13506371 23402903 84293226 The Denali part number page is a lot to decipher, but to match I think it would be one from this list? I could do this later it sounds like though if I wanted the voice commands. 2016 GAS US SPEC - DENALI STYLE LARGE DISPLAY BLUE/GREEN LIGHTING FOR CHEVY (SILVERADO/TAHOE/SUBURBAN ETC)
  14. Hey guys, reading through this thread still, lot to digest. Have a 2014 Silverado LTZ with Bose no Navigation. Really want CarPlay. Looks like Id need the HMI upgrade, screen and USB minimum plus programming. Do I need the Denali cluster as well? Anyone know the part numbers I would need to acquire, or a cost if source it all from a vendor?
  15. Looking to add a controller and leaning toward P3. Anyone tried to mount in center console under the removable cup holders vertically? For trucks with captains seats with fixed center console. From what I read vertical is okay. Not sure if wiring long enough though.
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