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  1. I have a 2018 Colorado V6 ZR2. I have put 17 inch method 701 wheels and 35's on it. The front drivers side tpms will read for a little while, maybe half a day to 2 days, and then it will stop reading it. I have rotated the wheels and its just that position, it happens regardless of the wheel/tpms. Is that corner the furthest from the tpms receiver? Any other reason why that corner alone would do it? Truck is not lifted. I am running fiberglass
  2. Im in concord, and am looking for an independent repair shop for my yukon denali. There are things I no longer want to deal with myself, and dont want to go to the dealer with. I have a 15i yukon Xl and a modified colorado. This is mostly for the yukon. Can anyone recommend a trustworthy shop in the east bay?
  3. Simple. The Denali and 6.2 only come with the magnetic ride option. For some people, goals and useage for their vehicles change. But thanks for playing and the free bump...
  4. Anyone have a way to get ride of he magneic ride on the Denalis (yukon) and go to something worth a damn with out triggering a million error codes? Not looking to go higher than 3 inches, 2 would be better, but something that is capable of the weight of these trucks headed out to ghost towns etc.
  5. We have a 15i Denali XL with 14k on the clock. We dont drive much obviously. The truck feels woefully under dampened. Feels like blown shocks when you hit any sort of crappy roads, rolling speed bumps (not the small sharp ones, but even cawling over those is a forever bouncing experience) and there has been a growing slight squeak. I had the dealer look at the suspension last week but he says all is normal. I have 20 inch wheels, and this occurs loaded or not. I drove an escalade in May and was expecting a much worse experience given the bigger heavier wheels and less rubber, and I drove it on the same crappy roads, speed bumps etc etc. I drove the truck for a while and it drove sooooooo much nicer. I get that it has the adjustable settings... Is there a way to switch the programing on the denali shocks or is there a electronic bypass so we can use traditional shocks and not throw error codes?
  6. Any fix, mine started. The chime always works, but the seat vibrate defaults to chime half the time.
  7. Hey guys, Just checking in, been reading a while and now registered. I have a 15i GMC Denali XL and am debating a canyon... Hope to learn how to bypass some of the things Im not excited about in my Yukon (magnetic suspension sucks)
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