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  1. I drove a new RAM from a rental company and it was great! Unfortunately as you stated in your RAM CON's: RAM long term reliability suspect. Which is why I stuck with the Chevy when I got mine. but for a new truck it was really Nice.
  2. Nope not left handed. Do you have problems turning on your wipers or using your blinkers? Looking down to the left doesn't take any longer then to look down at my speedo or down and right to change my radio station.
  3. I totally agree. My last truck was a Tacoma. there was a pocket on the left side of the steering wheel that was Ideal after a few modifications. when I wasn't towing I could close the pocket and when I was I could open it to reveal the controler I had very easy access and could reach all of the controls quickly as you can with your solution the center tray at the bottom of the dash is just to far to reach. I plan on my hopkins tuner to be in relatively the same location as yours.
  4. I don't hate this! Its not as elegant as other installs but I originally wanted a P3 controller but didn't want it down by my knees. I think this option puts the prodigy controller in a very prim location. Thanks for the pic. I ordered a hopkins and plan to have it installed by this weekend but if I end up not liking it this may be the option I run with.
  5. You guys with the Hopkins brake controllers. Can you please tell me how you wired it up? I got mine in the other day and set out to start connecting the wires but there wiring diagram stops at 2013 and the wire colorings don't match and neither do the descriptions of what each wire is supposed to do.
  6. Does anyone have a PDF copy of the Service manual for the current gen 1500 gm truck or know where I could get a copy for the low low price of free?
  7. Hello All. I'm thinking about installing a secondary battery in my 2016 silverado. I want to run a Deep cycle battery and more or less keep it isolated for additional accessories like a power inverter and what not. But I'm curious on what the best way would be to charge the battery for better longevity. I think the cheaper route would of course be to charge it off of the Alternator and to use an Isolator switch to keep the starter from pulling off of it during start up. But I was also thinking that I might be able to get longer life out of a Deep Cycle Battery and would also be able to k
  8. IMO They are a great Tire. I had them on my 2008 Tacoma. In the beginning the hum wasn't that bad. Unfortunately I was like the OP and barely put any mile on my truck I just traded it in a couple weeks ago with only 70 thousand mile on the truck. I got them at like 38k on the truck and because I didn't drive the truck a lot the Rubber started getting hard way before the tread wore down. So as the rubber got harder the hum got louder. They still had so much tread on them still I couldn't justify replacing them but it was super unenjoyable to go down the highway in that truck and also the
  9. Yeah I really want it but it's one thing to pay an hour's worth of labor and another totally different thing to spend hundreds if not a thousand plus dollars for it. If I had that kind of money sitting around I would have made sure it was in the new truck I was buying.
  10. So I took my truck down to the dealership this morning and they were unable to update my head unit with the feature but were willing to sell me a $1,200.00 gm replacement with built in navigation. Very Disappointed.
  11. Do you know if there is any documentation on this like a TSB? It would be nice to have ammunition loaded if you know what I mean before walking into the lions den.
  12. Here is a screen shot. If it was just a simple usb charging port I would not be getting this message. Something is trying to communicate with the cellphone which is generating this message. which makes me think that if there was a firmware update or patch for the infotainment system I might be able to get that functionality.
  13. I could be wrong but I don't think its that. When you go to the home page on the truck's screen it doesn't have the icon for that feature.
  14. Hello All, I have a 2016 Silverado LT. It didn't come with the feature to project your phones google map screen to the screen on your dash. However when I plug my phone into one of the USB ports in the center console I get a message pop up on my phone stating something along the lines of the device you connected to was unable to do something. which tells me that it is capable of doing so but doesn't know how. So is there a firmware update or patch that can be applied to give my infotainment center this capability?
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