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  1. Looking for some Offroad trails in dfw, tx . Mostly dirt and mud.if anyone knows of any let me know. Thanks.
  2. I just got mine. I’m still off by like 1-2 mph. I’m running 285/75/17 they are 33.83. I had to drop the size to 33.25 to get close to the mph on the GPS on my phone. I was off 6-7 mph on the freeway before fixing it.
  3. Not to bad. I trimmed the liner just because my drive way is steep.
  4. 2015 with a 2.5 leveling kit and rear is stock, 17in methods with 285/75/17 falken wildpeak at3w.
  5. Yeah I’ve seen it. My truck is a 2015 so I wasn’t that scared to cut it. Just make sure to put some spray paint so it doesn’t rust out. I know rough country sells some trim in plates too but I didn’t trim that much so I didn’t need them. I want to put 35s on next so I’ll have to trim more. I’m going for Baja style.
  6. I just put my tires on the other day. It rubbed a bit but I trimmed it and did a mini NorCal mod
  7. Idk why the pictures flip but that’s where I cut. Today I rubbed a little while backing out of my driveway and turning the whee all the way. I’m sure if I cut the felt up a little higher I would rub but I’m not. I spray painted the metal tab I cut and hit the edges up.
  8. Yes I did trim but I didn’t really need to. I’ll upload a picture tomorrow.
  9. Yeah the felt liner and plastic cap. I cut the cap right before the screw that’s there. Also there is a metal tab I cut that’s behind the felt. I didn’t know if they would fit without trimming so I did it before I put the tires on. I just used a dremmel. I’ll upload another pick of my cutting tomorrow.
  10. 2.5 in leveling kit with 285/75/17 methods with falken wildpeak at3w
  11. Finally put on my 17in methods with 285/75/17 falken wildpeak at3w on my 2015. I have a 2.5 in leveling kit and rear is stock. Didn’t really need to trim but I did for ease of mind.
  12. I have a 2.5 in leveling kit on a 2015 Silverado. I want to put 285/75/17 with methods. How much do y’all think I’ll have to trim?
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