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  1. *centrifugal forces* (insert aliens meme)
  2. I'm personally more upset, or baffled there is no cd player in a 2019 truck. I understand CD is an "old" technology now, but they are still very present today.
  3. custom = cheap = lowest model available. it doesn't mean it was a custom built truck I agree it is a piss poor decision to remove it, but that's why the truck was so cheap.
  4. I'm looking for pics of anyone that has installed a roof rack or backrack on a 19+ silverado (preferably trail boss, but I won't be picky....yet).Insert other media I like the idea of a roof rack, especially for long trips and carrying an atv in the box. thanks in advance
  5. No, I traded in my '16. I'm in a Trailboss Custom now. still a 5.3 with 6speed and 3.42 but man it would eat my old truck alive.
  6. No doubt, 3.42 gearing doesn't play well with those larger, heavier tires. My truck was gutless after tire size increases.
  7. that is ridiciulous. I cant justify it. I would rather buy a lightbar or put cubes in those housings. Maybe rigid will develop a kit for the housings. Maybe i'll make my own
  8. I agree, and dry pavement in the summer vs the winter is two very different things. So are the winters we all experience. Turning this off or at least being cautious of it on any dry, high traction, surfaces is critical. A more common scenario than damage to trucks, you'll see this in the ATV community alot. Where 90% of riders stay in awd/4wd when entering back on the pavement or hard pack - or the cases of plowing, slipping and suddenly hooking in.snap goes a front d/s or the front diff.
  9. around 160 easy way to remember is 60=100, 100=160
  10. your speedo measures revolutions radius/diameter/circumference difference can calculate the MPG error. Divide your new tire diamater (33.3") by the stock (31.6") = 1.05. Therefore your speedo is reading about 5% under, and so is the trip. 16mpg x 1.05 = 16.8mpg actual. so you only really lost 1-1.5mpg at 60mph speeds.
  11. AUTOMATIC 4 HI If road conditions frequently alternate between high- and low-traction areas, consider using the “AUTO” setting found on select GMC electronic transfer cases. This setting allows your GMC to automatically distribute torque to the front axle by anticipating the need for additional traction. Shifting into “auto” engages the front axle, but the transfer case sends power primarily to the rear wheels in normal conditions and the clutches modulate torque forward to provide stability and enhance traction to the vehicle. Although not always optimal for efficiency and wear of your vehicle 4wd driveline, AUTOMATIC 4 HI can be used on any road condition without risk of damaging your vehicle.

  12. ahh...doesnt show on mine. I'll give the dealer a call
  13. Very nice cover, fairly steep though $$$. website quotes $919+tax. any other feedback on it?
  14. you have a bad patch of grass there.... just sayin. sorry, had to find SOMETHING wrong with the pic. beauty truck and setup, and driveway, and house by the looks of it. ahah
  15. Where in the app, I'm confused. There is no reference to points or shopping, etc.
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