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  1. It's an issue, and it does need to be fixed. My 2016 didn't have this problem. There isn't even a TSB for the bright at night yet. They have gone backwards IMO
  2. Custom Trail Boss Console Upgrade?

    what did each of these run you $?
  3. It's more to do with tire than wheel size, but there is a tipping point. I suspect 20" is it. I just went from 285/70/17 cooper MTPs to duratracs, ....man what noticeable, and positive, difference.
  4. Having the exact same issues myself. Also, when the screen isn't blurry, a line appears across the screen on the immediately depression of the brake. Seems like a power draw issue (im thinking either the brake system, or the power supply to the rear of the truck may be shared somehow) so it is either the lights or something that activates the lights that pull power away from the head unit.
  5. No running/scrubbing, no mods, nothing? Beauty truck, love that colour.
  6. Another addition to this; i believe the blurry lines only happen at night but I’ve also noticed when you reverse and the camera is on, and the brake is applied, it throws a line through the screen and disappears. its like the brake is drawing power from the camera or head unit and there isn’t a “clean” voltage supply to the camera system when the brakes are initiated. Very annoying that I noticed this.
  7. Front windows tinted and a 6” banner on the windshield
  8. But the MIT doesn’t change your stock filter? much rather stay with a $15 filter and change it more frequently than anything that cost $40+
  9. Yeah I just checked, only a replacement filter and a TB spacer - nothing else. I liked the sound the MIT gave my '16. unnoticeable until 50-100% throttle. I'll be holding out for one
  10. TrailBoss Driver's Seat Lift

    yeah I had a little rant about the dislikes of my CTB in another thread. no cd player, no volume control, no rear wheel liners, just a lot of small $ items that should be standard
  11. Custom Trail Boss headlights

    any other options aside from RFS or sealight? The pics look great guys, keep em coming.
  12. Is it offered yet? for the '19 5.3 ?
  13. Custom Trail Boss Console Upgrade?

    your prices seems great. aside from the console, where can we get these! right. and $40 LED lights sounds great too, sign me up.
  14. TrailBoss Driver's Seat Lift

    fair enough. I thought it was a dig, my bad. You're right, the custom lacks a lot of options that are standard in higher models. The largest complaint seems to be the center console storage, so far.

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