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  1. 65mph reading will now be 69mph actual. I guess the question is, is that of concern? It's about a 6% increase.
  2. That's a fairly odd size tire, you will be limited to certain brands. I think that's the reason for majority of choices being 295/70. I agree with you, and would prefer more sidewall too, though.
  3. thanks to everyone posting info and pics, helped me make up my mind. I'll be ordering 295/70/18 for my custom TB. Seen some horror stories around the level/lifts and upper ball joints literally falling apart in no time. So, I'll let them come out with a decent kit and run this size for now.
  4. Got the service camera system message last week. Horrible picture, grainy at all times, and it flickers with the touch of the brake or any other power draw. Still "working" though.
  5. anyone having issues with upper ball joints and the spacer level? I've seen a few cases online and a few cases locally. Ball joints were destroyed after 3-5k miles. Why can't someone make a decent UCA kit with a small spacer that isn't $2k +
  6. The flapper was noticeably louder than just the screens. I may have video of each. But on startup with the flapper pinned open( combined with screens covered) it had quite a growl. I covered my screens with aluminum fascia, cut to fit, and SS clamps. I didn't use that cheap ductwork tape as it wouldn't last. The tape is aluminum as well, but it is very slight.
  7. I'm almost positive the issue was fixed with different tires. May be wrong. There's been a few cases of this on here now
  8. maybe because I have the shitty custom speakers. My '16 LT used to be how you describe it (usb louder)
  9. I agree with coopers being junk, but comparing nitto and cooper because they look alike, isn't a very fair comparison. Nitto > Cooper by a long shot. I think your ranking is spot on, I would lean towards the duratracs first, here in eastern Canada - we get 10-15' of snow a year
  10. really? with an iphone? My bluetooth is noticeably louder - I dont think I have any EQ settings on either.
  11. The 17" wheels on the base model are not the same as the previous 17" stock wheel models. They are a new product, to allow for caliper clearance. Try before you buy, is all!
  12. A member on here had some trouble with Mastercraft tires. He also had balancing issues with the falkens - or maybe that was another member. Either way, I would tend to get the higher end tire as opposed to cheaping out, especially while increasing size (harder to balance). Have you considered nitto ridge grapplers?
  13. It's actually louder connected through bluetooth... the grey is normal, it's an apple/carplay thing.
  14. Be careful, as some 17" wheels will not fit on the T1xx trucks. I've seen 17" wheels on some trucks, but they are typically aftermarket with less backspacing. The KO2s will be fine for the winter, and 10k KM would show hardly any wear. I would consider them new. Narrow tires will most definitely perform better, I would lean towards a 255/80/17 or 245/75/18 or similar size.
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