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  1. They look cheap as hell, imo. The top looks better, but still kind of tacky to me. OEM projector is very stylish, hopefully something can be incorporated - in time.
  2. I contacted APS-offroad about a $56 customs charge when I picked up the package - they didn't even hesitate to refund me that amount. I didn't expect it or request it, it was offered. great customer service and communication with the company, the full way from order to install. They even sent videos of wiring and routing of the harness, etc. I'd highly recommend them
  3. pre-load adjustment, in terms of spacers or struts, compresses the spring and reduces total allowable travel distance as well. Doesn't help with ride combined w/ things you've mentioned
  4. This is just my opinion, and there are probably more brands available; Lower end: readylift rough country middle of the road: CST higher end: cognito camburg racing zone
  5. So there's no issue in person? Not sure why people get caught up in some details. But, it's an issue with the recording frequency of the camera, clashing with the frequency of the LED lights.
  6. What'd you go with for a tire, afterwards? I do have some seat vibration but it is so minimal I try not to acknowledge it or let it bother me. I chop it up as part of the truck.
  7. Just curious, why wouldn't you apply brake from park-reverse or park-drive? I don't see the need, so I'm curious. my '19 1500 jumps quite a bit when put into drive, especially if it isn't warm and idled down yet. It's unsafe, not to employ the brake.
  8. That's good man. I think a lot of people will have this issue, so it's great troubleshooting and im glad to hear you're closer to a fix.
  9. Yes, drilled out the dash. The switch body is threaded so the retaining clip is behind, and tightens down to hold it in place.
  10. Added a ulincos push button 16mm switch. Comes in different body colors and led colors as well. Sorry, no daytime pics but it is very subtle
  11. ask them to try a set of stock p-rated tires. for comparison, and troubleshooting purposes.
  12. Installed APS-offroad elite ultra pods. Brackets made specific for our 2019/2020s. Crazy output on these. Got a little review/write up in another thread as well.
  13. It's pretty clean, it's actually a ulincos 16mm latching. Comes with the connector as well. Can be wired for led always on, or on with lights only. It did not come with the kit, but it was only like $15 for 2 switches and pigtails on amazon. I wired it into the aftermarket harness connector, to it's all plug and play. only negative thing I can say, is that the LED ring is very bright! bright enough that it makes me want to modify it. I'm thinking I'll hit it with a light coat of dark spray paint(just the led) to tint it.
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