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  1. Mine does the same thing. The dealership said it was fine.
  2. Ya I'll go measure it again, but the way your truck looks is clean. I'll be going with that kit. Thank you for the information! I appreciate it.
  3. Did you have to install the rear block that comes with the kit? The rear of my truck measured is 42 already and 39 in the front. I feel like adding the block will just make the truck have too much rake again
  4. What's spacers are you running? Thanks for the picture truck looks good
  5. Any updates?? My 2019 trail boss has been at the dealership for a week now because of the ticking noise and radio having issues.
  6. Smaller block and U Bolts. A show here in town just told me they had another Trail boss do that and it leveled the truck. You'll need smaller U bolts
  7. Zone has a 1.75" leveling kit. has anyone bought this kit? I'm thinking this is the lift i will go with. http://zoneoffroad.com/1.75-Leveling-Kit-2019-Chevy-TrailBoss_and_Sierra-AT4/c1171 Here's some of the information. 3-piece design with top mount spacer and 2 preload spacers to raise ride height without over-extending suspension during droop travel Maintains ride quality and handling characteristics Allows clearance for 33-34" tires Includes Factory Protection Plus Zone Offroad is now offering leveling kits specially designed for the 2019 Chevy Trail Boss and GMC AT4 trucks. Engineered to be more than just a "budget boost", these kits are designed to a higher standard to work within the parameters of the factory suspension and steering geometry to maximize its potential while allowing clearance for larger tires. As with all Zone Offroad lift kits, these new kits are backed by Factory Protection Plus for piece of mind wherever your adventures may take you. Factory Protection Plus includes Zone Offroad's Limited Lifetime Warranty, ESC system compliance and a 5-year 100,000-mile drivetrain warranty. Important Notes! 1. Strut compressor required for installation. 2. Will not fit Adaptive Ride Control (ARC) equipped models. 3. Tires wider than 295/ cannot be installed on factory wheels due to clearance issues to the steering knuckles. 4. Welding required to install optional LCA steering stops. 5. Complete 1.75" leveling recommended for AT4, Trail Boss suspension not as raked for the factory so installing without thin preload spacer will net 1-3/8" lift for a level stance. Hope this information helps.
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