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  1. There is another thread on here that I started about the blinding grey washed out appearance of car play. unfortunately it sounds like everyone's is this way and no fixes have been identified.
  2. Thats strange, this is what mine looks like
  3. How do you determine what version of software you have? I looked in system>setting>about, but it don't see anywhere where it says"805.1", "803.2", "206.X" .......
  4. Just purchased a new 2019 RST over the weekend. So far loving the truck. That said, when my phone is connected and using Apple Carplay, I feel like the black levels are really washed out. It almost appears grey. I can't tell if this just the angle that the screen is at (which I think could be part of it) or if there is something wrong with carplay. When you are on the stock radio interface there is a lot of black and its a very dark/deep black. I realize this is kind of a knit pick, but just curious if anyone else has noticed this?
  5. I was thinking the same thing. Just got a 2019 RST and didn't realize it wasn't the HD back up camera. Could it really be that hard to swap out the tailgate mechanism with camera? would love to here if someone has done this
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