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  1. The radio will do this when a update is pending and ready to install.
  2. It is the new electronic braking system doing a system check. It does this after the truck has been shut off. I worked on it while it was in development.
  3. Found this out after visiting the dunes this week. While filling up tires, the truck will honk at you when they are up to pressure. In my case, it was around 40 PSI. Pretty cool feature.
  4. Tried to do this also because I saw you post and thought it was cool. The bolts holding the plate on will not come out. Just spin like they are stripped. Did your bolts all come out nicely?
  5. This thread really took off without me checking on it much. I ended up going with the Flowmaster FlowFx. Didn't break the bank and sounds pretty good. Slight drone on the highway but nothing the tire noise and having the radio on cannot drowned out. Can hear the DFM, but not noticeable unless you are listening for it. Do not think I would want it any louder. Overall happy and now it sounds like a V8, and not a whistle.
  6. The alternator only has a load on it in certain situations. It does this for fuel economy, and for many other scenarios, just to name one. So the battery voltage dropping could just be the alternator not actually charging. I have noticed my voltage fluctuate quite a bit, anywhere from 10-14 volts.
  7. Hey all, Comparing exhaust and I am having a hard time figuring out what I want. I have a LT Trail Boss. Reply with what you got, opinions, interior drone if there is any, and a video is possible. Thanks.
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