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  1. I hadn’t heard of the dB until recently. Thought CORSA only had the $1,000 kits. According to the email CORSA sent me, the dB is designed more for trucks, has a slightly more aggressive sound than the sport, the muffler and tip are 304 stainless, pipes are a mix of 409 stainless, and it uses the u clamps instead of the torca clamps.
  2. $540 for the CORSA dB. Taxes and all I think it comes to $580 I think. Search 24873 on amazon and autoanything.com price matched. I ended up buying the CORSA and installed it a few hours ago. First impressions, the sound is great, exactly what I was wanting. Wish it was just a little bit quieter though but I don’t think it’s going to be enough to bother me long term.
  3. Thats what i was worried about with the side exit before the wheel. I like the look, just don't want the extra noise. From what i've read, the corsa is loud at cold start and heavy acceleration, but pretty tame at idle and cruise. Plus autoanything is willing to pricematch amazon to bring the price from $680 to $540
  4. Im also going to add the corsa sport db to the list if anyone has any experience with that setup
  5. How’s the cabin noise with the side exit. With my wife and daughter both on the passenger side, I don’t want anything too loud inside.
  6. Hey guys, getting ready to pull the trigger on a catback system. I've narrowed my search to two. The MBRP pro series side exit(in front of the wheel) or the carven progressive system. I like the sound of both, from what i can tell on the youtube clips, but wanted to hear from some people that have or had these setups. Im not looking for anything real loud or something that im going to hear a lot in the cab while at cruising speed. Looking to stay in this price range (500-600) if you guys have any other suggestions. Any thoughts, suggestions, advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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