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  1. I’m the original poster for this topic here is the out come I took it to a mechanic and he told me it was fuel injector is bad on the cylinder 6 , he was trying to push me to change all the injectors for $1900 but I asked him to replace only the bad injector he was not happy for some reason , any way he kept the car for almost a week and when I called him today he’s said that I need to rebuilt the engine , I was like wtf, he said he changed the injector and still misfiring , I asked him if the engine pass the compression test he said yes ( dry and wet ) and he mentioned that a piston or cylinder ring is bad , he didn’t charge me anything , so now Im confused , the car is smoking a lot from the exhaust and the car shakes , how can I make sure my engine is not bad ? The car was driving fine until o hit the gas hard and that’s it
  2. Hello guys thanks for your help , I took it to a local mechanic , after 24hours , I received a call from him he said the fuel injector on cylinder 6 is bad , he’s charging me about $700 to replace it , but he keeps pushing me to replace all of them , and to replace them all will cost $1900, I end up changing on the bad injector I have never owned a pick up truck but this one is pushing away from pickups , any way my car still at the shop hopefully I can Get it today , also he told me there is a chance that it will misfire on other cylinders .
  3. I felt small vibration on the car every time I stop at stop light , I have read some forums and come up with adding fuel cleaners , I tried so but didn’t work , after 300 mile , I was driving and felt the car shaking bad And check engine light turned on And I can see blue smoke coming out of the tailpipe , I stopped and checked the code p0306 , any way drove the car home next morning I was about to Take it to a mechanic , drove it for 1 min and the the check engine light turned off and the car becomes normal , drove it for a couple of days , one time I hit the gas pedal hard and the misfire and the code come back with the the car shake and the blue smoke , I checked the ignition coil and the plug wires ( swap 2 to 6 ) , with same issue , what could be the problem
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