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  1. Thanks. Could not find any details on the plugs and therefore was clueless
  2. I purchased as set of AC Delco 41-162 spark plugs and a set of AC Delco 9748RR Plug Wires and changed them. The plugs that I removed were the AC Delco 41-985 plugs. Are these roughly the same plug??? Thanks
  3. No towing miles and the truck is stock as a rock. Thanks
  4. I have a 2WD Sierra 1500, 5.3 non flex fuel with about 95K on it and I think it's time to change the transmission fluid and filter. What is the volume of oil that the transmission requires? Does synthetic fluid make any difference/benefit??? Thanks
  5. cruise control has died

    My cruise control quit a few years back and while I didn't really use it that much I didn't miss it. Same thing happened on my 07' Suburban too. Then the thought of it not working got to me. Read around and it seems that the solution was very easy. Just had to replace the brake light switch located down on the brake pedal itself. Only trick is to push the clip up off the pin and it's a 2 minute job and the brake light switch cost like $14.00 but there are a few different versions of the switch for the different years.
  6. Differential Oil

    I, solely due to availability in my area, used the Mobil 75/90 wt synthetic oil in my rear end. Any oil will work but you might have to go to further lengths to get a certain brand if you cannot find it locally.
  7. So, I have an 08 GMC Sierra 1500 with a 5.3 non flex fuel engine with about 95K miles. I was just thinking to myself, what would make this truck better? A new 5.3 or a 6.0 from a wrecked 2018+ truck? I figure I have to buy the engine with the transmission but other than swapping the power and trans, what would I have to do to get the engine to run and the trans to shift while residing in my 08 truck? Just get the ECU/ECM from the wrecked truck and plug it onto my truck? Would my spedo work? Just wondering out loud if there's more to it than just swap parts and computer if possible... Thanks
  8. Hmmmm.. Last year my nephew had a HHR and the cat went out. Well like an idiot, he let the exhaust shop talk him into a new cat, mind you the car was 6 yrs old and 70k miles at the time fully under warranty, the shop put a non CA cat on and backwards at that. Couldn’t pass smog and I couldn’t find a place other than the dealer to buy another one that was legal.. I’ll look at the “got exhaust “ Thanks
  9. Never considered the cats. For a CA vehicle they are going to be expensive
  10. So I’ve got about 95k mikes now and was wondering if I should change the plugs and wires? Runs fine, gas mileage is shit. I get 15 ish on the freeway, LA to SFO on I5, for example and every now and then at idle in a drive through I’ll feel a little roughness. Guess it could be the A/C compressor then then again the A/C isn’t on that much to account for it. So im thinking, over 90k it’s probably a good time to change the plugs and wires. Looks like th AC plugs are the best choice? Although I don’t know where to source them from. Any other tune tune up ideas? I’ve ran few tanks with the Lucas Oil fuel injector cleaner. Hasn’t made any difference. Brings another idea. Injectors. Are they a bitch to change? Necessary consideration? Truck is a 2008 GMC 1500 5.3L non flex fuel 2WD. Thanks
  11. Tire Pressure Sensors

    Unfortunately I put new tires on it about 2 yrs, 5K miles ago
  12. Thanks, how do I measure the rear end to identify which of the three different sized rear ends there are? Trying to to get a gasket for the cover and I don’t know what size rear end is in the truck. 2WD, 1500
  13. Tire Pressure Sensors

    Thanks, guess it's time to search for the sensors.
  14. I have a 2008' GMC Sierra 1500 2WD with a 5.3L non flex fuel. My dash shows a light lit for the tire pressure and when I check the pressures they are fine but the truck says I have like 2 psi in one and normal in the others. Is it common to have to change the sensors? Thanks

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