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  1. I've read more than one article and a few books about auto design that say when it comes down to it, engineers make design decisions in grams. And yes, they would be considering the full weight as that comes out of payload capacity.
  2. No one is saying that 200 is good for it. Just saying it is normal for these trucks. Well aware that newer 6L80s don't have a great reputation for longevity.
  3. Ford shrank their base gas tank too. The big tank is optional. It is 100% lazy engineering, an easy way to cut weight when they literally go down to the gram when considering part weight cost. People who aren't bothered by it must like having long trips interrupted more often.
  4. 2014+ 1500s run around 200 degrees. This is normal no matter how much anyone says otherwise. Whether it is good or not is another matter.
  5. MikeNH

    Scumbag GM

    You all agreed to the rules before posting here. Keep politics out of this or the topic is finished.
  6. I think most of the newer tailgate stuff is answering a question no one asked. I think the corner steps work well.
  7. All vehicles are driven off the line and some are selected at random for extra testing/inspections. Not sure if they run each engine on a dyno before installation. I know some brands do.
  8. Where are you getting $2500 from? On anything but an LTZ it looks closer to $5k to me using the build and price. $2500 I'd be a little more open to the idea. Diesel here is usually around the cost of premium so there is a bit of extra cost there. I never said the 5.3 was great, it isn't. It's okay and that's about it. I have a 5.3 because it was the only option on this particular truck. I know the AFM garbage will likely be a headache at higher miles and that basically every GDI engine made is gonna need top end work because of the crud that collects on the intake valves but none of that really matters since this truck will be someone else's problem in 3-4 years anyhow.
  9. I have the S-Type and the bark on a cold start (especially a low-temp cold start) is loud but I love the sound. The newer transmissions drop gears as you decelerate so you are hearing engine breaking.
  10. Yeah but they do that test up in the mountains. Most of us live a few thousand feet closer to sea level. And it still isn't worth the thousands more you'll pay for it.
  11. Took another home the other night. Sig Sauer P229 Legion SAO.
  12. EVs won't be mainstream for decades. All these pledges to go gas-free are just virtue signaling.
  13. Hey this is America- its a center console! And yes. But seriously, the LD is basically a 2018. I don't think the grill is unique. I have a LT/Z71 and it looks like all the others on the road. When buying parts just select 2018 as no one has the LD in their system.
  14. I haven't used them on this truck yet but if you do buy metal shackles, do not buy the china junk ones that most suppliers sell. Crosby is one of the only ones made here of proper metal. The china ones will get you killed.
  15. I've just done a form 4 individual so far. I have this and a 22 cal can that is still in purgatory. I don't have any family to share this stuff with so the trust doesn't make much sense for me especially since there is no CLEO signoff needed anymore. A buddy is working toward getting his FFL and I'll probably try to convince him to have me as a "responsible party" or whatever it's called. Means we can get all kinds of cool stuff as demo guns or whatever.
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