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  1. Guys, no need to be nasty and sarcastic. Knock it off. I would recommend leaving the truck in neutral with the parking brake on and perhaps the wheels chocked. I bet this would be a workaround.
  2. Sure and if you buy end of year, there will generally be incentives to blow out inventory. But the rest of the year, the deals from the manufacturer are rarely anything special. The bulk of the discount is generally from the dealership. And those come and go at their own schedule. I'm not going to settle for whatever some moron sales manager wants on his lot. Most of them have no clue what trucks are and order based on what satisfies the average appliance buyer. Not gonna work for me. It may take some extra work on the buyer's part but writing off factory orders as being more expensive is wrong under most circumstances. Why settle for anything other than exactly what you want? A vehicle is for most of us the second most expensive thing with our name on it. Why compromise?
  3. If I had to guess, something to do with crash compatibility with smaller cars. Basically frame extensions that will engage the crash structure on lower riding vehicles.
  4. Chrysler specifically has programs in place to lock in incentives at the time of order. The morons I bought the Grand Cherokee from denied it but the incentives didn't change between ordering and delivery. You gotta fight to get a good price and dealers are generally boneheads.
  5. Plant closings

    GM has no obligation to keep plants in the US. I wish they would but wishes don't get us anywhere. GM will (especially with the trucks) leverage the crap out of Chevy being a huge piece of Americana in marketing, but when it comes down to it, they're all about pleasing shareholders and making money. That inevitably means taking advantage of the very lopsided NAFTA that we can thank both sides in DC for agreeing to. But it isn't all on GM. The UAW has made the cost of manufacturing cars here untenable. You simply cannot build a car that costs the same as something from Honda or Toyota when you're paying a substantially higher hourly wage and offering world-class benefits that the workers in those other plants do not get. The benefits and pay at the "foreign" plants are hardly slave wages either- they're normal wages for a manufacturing job. It is a sad time though. For some time now even the Fort Wayne built trucks have had low 40% US/Canadian part content with a higher percentage of parts coming from Mexico. I remember seeing one Accord (last generation) window sticker with a US part content at like 80%. Which brand is doing more for the blue collar worker?
  6. You don’t automatically lose incentives by ordering. Both my Jeeps got the same discounts as everything else on the lot. If anything, the dealer should be able to offer more incentives since the ordered vehicle likely will not have to be rolled into their floor plan (manufacturer-backed financing to the dealership to buy the vehicle in the first place).
  7. You people need to grow up. Several of you will be getting vacations. This thread is done.
  8. Not a chance the work truck actually has a power seat. That has to be an error in the paperwork. Chevy stripped everything from the bottom three trims.
  9. The 5.0 in a Ford will blow the doors off a 5.3 all day long. The gearing is part of that I’m sure.
  10. The base three trims do not telescope anymore. Sad to say I think I’m writing GM off my list of trucks to look at this spring. They’re missing too many things I can get on a Ford, Ram or even the Nissan.
  11. Hardly. Ford uses the same 10 speed with 3.73s and Ram’s 8 speed has a similar 1st with 3.92s.
  12. They even eliminated the under seat bin? Damn. I love Chevy and I want a Custom Trail Boss but the decontenting of these new trucks kills me.
  13. My Grand Cherokee is brown. Jeep quality sucks but the paint looks killer. I also really like Red Hot. Even white looks good and usually I don’t like white cause it’s too work truck looking. Shadow Gray is killer too.
  14. Except Ford and Ram do make trucks that last. Fanboyism makes you look stupid. I've yet to see a Trail Boss in this color other than the website renderings. Post up some pics when you get it! 6-8 weeks I should be headed to the dealer myself to look into ordering one in Custom trim and for the first time I like basically every color they've offered. Only one I wouldn't do is black. Black is too hard to keep nice and with all the blackout trim and wheels I need some contrast.
  15. The pics of the last generation kit and are clearly Corsa. Not so sure about this one. The pics on Chevrolet Performance's site show it has those funky mesh patches that are supposed to help with drone. Muffler might be Borla, it's hard to tell.

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