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  1. As someone who spent a significant amount of time on the road for 12 years I can tell you the best place to poop is a hotel. There’s always a toilet off the lobby somewhere and if you walk in like you own the joint they won’t pay you any attention. Bathroom is usually a single stall and spotless.
  2. The throttle control does nothing but make it open sooner. No power gain. 50 HP is gonna be tough. You *might* get there with a cam, full exhaust and tune. Lower axle gearing will probably put more power to the wheels, especially if you lift it.
  3. I carry because it is my right as an American. I don't live in fear of anything. That's media hype. New Hampshire is constantly named as one of the safest states in the country yet we have some of the most lenient gun laws in the country. Guns don't make someplace less safe, it's unstable people. AR15s have been in production since the 1950s. Mass shootings are for the most part a relatively modern phenomenon. What changed? Society.
  4. $51k for that truck is insane. Chevy is still making this body style for 2019 as the Silverado LD. That truck should sell for at least $10k under sticker.
  5. I think CarPlay came first actually. You may need an update to get AA.
  6. I wasn't aware anyone still bothered with this given that basically everyone has a phone with bluetooth. Why pay extra for OnStar calling when you should be able to do the same, assuming you have a smartphone? 1. 15 minutes. 2. Common on a lot of vehicles sadly. 3. Probably a hill-hold feature if you park on an incline? Just guessing.
  7. The new Ram is a nice truck but after multiple issues with both my Jeeps and the dealer near me being unable/unwilling to fix them and what a POS the 2013 Ram we have at work is, I'm finished with FCA. In a few years all these new customers will learn the same lesson I did.
  8. First off I have no idea why they called it a speedo cable cause that isn't what it is. It's just a harness that plugs into an electrical motor. This post refers to a truck with power adjustable pedals. Do you have this feature? If not, this will not work for you.
  9. Driving in M5 will not hurt anything other than a loss of fuel economy at higher speeds. In town in every automatic I've ever owned I've locked out overdrive when possible. Driving in M4 or M5 on these trucks is how to do that. M6 is essentially the same as D, AFM will will activate and make that awful noise. I also feel like it causes hesitation. You need to check the oil level on your dipstick periodically and look for the level dropping. I drive in M4/M5 and switch to M6 on the highway generally. On long trips I just use D but there generally is no real difference other than I think grade braking is disabled in "M" mode.
  10. You never know when Canada might invade the northern US... I won the suppressor in a raffle. I’m only into it for the tax stamp so why not?
  11. From the manual: The electric engine cooling fans may run after the engine has been turned. off. This is normal and no service is required.
  12. Nine months to the day my tax stamp came in and I was able to take the suppressor I won last fall home. It is a Q Half Nelson. The gun is an AR pistol in 300 Blackout. Upper is from BCM and the rest is a mix of parts that I built over the course of last year. With subsonic ammo you don't need ear plugs. Pretty excited with how it came out. I'll probably need an adjustable gas block to run supersonic ammo.
  13. OnStar is not connected via satellite. It uses AT&T towers.
  14. With the right gearing I don't see why it won't work. Look at old Toyota pickups or something like a Samurai with 2-digit horsepower on 37s or even big stuff like 40s. They run like 5.30 gears though. haha
  15. I was all set to buy a Ram but before buying I changed jobs and the new place has a 2013 Ram as the shop truck and it has been nothing but problems and the dealer can't fix it. After two Jeeps that had issues I would never buy another FCA product.
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