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  1. You need to hold the button to make it use Google or Siri on Apple. A brief press only uses the vehicles system.
  2. Thoughts on the Nissan Titan?

    The TRD Pro isn't "built up". It does have a nice suspension on it but that is literally all it has going for it. Still has highway tires, no locker and a horribly outdated interior.
  3. The reason they offer it on HDs is because they ship some as “incomplete vehicles”- without the bed for contractors and such to add utility bodies that may use a variety of lightning types. The 1500 may just not support it.
  4. I'm pretty sure it needs to be matched to your VIN. I would not buy a cheap one off eBay as I doubt they program it. That said, do you have an iPhone or Android device? If so, you can use navigation via CarPlay or Android Auto. GM's OE navigation is a nice system but it was outdated before it was ever sold. The phone based systems use Google Maps, Waze or other services that are basically always up to date.
  5. Did HDs get the updates a year later than the 1500s? That interior is the previous gen. Nothing for a 2014-18 1500 will work on yours.
  6. Windshield etching

    Weird stuff happens. At my last job the VW we had for customer visits had a spot where some sort of defect caused distortion. It was on the passenger side so it wasn’t too distracting. Just weird.
  7. A lot of that is discounts most of us don’t qualify for. The first dealer I went to broke it down and said to get all of it you needed to be: Current GM owner recent college grad active/retired military member of the Realtor association
  8. Mine has all that but the bed lights (not sure on the Homelink, I’ll look tomorrow) Got the dealer to give me the kit though. Just gotta find time to install it.
  9. GM isn’t “copying” anyone. They’ve done this for ages. They built the 800-series alongside the 900s. Sold both versions of the Impala in 2014-2015. Same for the Malibu in like 2004 or 2005.
  10. Front air dam removal?

    I just unbolted the lower part. The rest is still there. They’re factory. It was sunset time and I think the color saturation of the pic is just warm overall.
  11. Front air dam removal?

    Took it off last night. Noticed zero difference in MPG on my 2011 and I can’t imagine this will be different. 15 7mm bolts I think. The front was too low with the air dam.
  12. Banks wouldn’t give me what I wanted on trade in. They lost a sale over $1000. Quirk was okay to deal with. A bit slow but whatever. Hopefully I won’t do it again for 4-5 years.
  13. Thoughts on the Nissan Titan?

    I consider myself a Chevy fan. Just bought my 3rd Silverado, 4th GM vehicle. I am not beholden to them though. If I think someone else built something better, I’d buy it. I drove everything but the Tundra and F150 for a reason. But at least for my needs, no one has built something better so here I am. We’ll see what the other boys are doing in 4-5 years.
  14. Thoughts on the Nissan Titan?

    Your crew cab was built in Mexico. Fullsize trucks are basically exclusive to North America so all the design work, engineering, testing is all done here. Both the Titan and Tundra are actually built here too. Does it matter which CEO you're making richer (my counter to the usual response of "but the money goes to Japan!"). We vaporized two of their cities and still occupy their country. They're not "winning" by selling a few pickup trucks. I'm talking about the people who without any actual knowledge of other trucks just slam them because they're a different brand. Same for the morons who write Furd instead of Ford. None of the fullsizes are truly bad these days so slamming one just because it isn't a certain brand is stupid.
  15. Double Cab. This has 18s. I didn't see any with 20s but that doesn't mean much of course. I wanted the 18s so it wasn't something I seeked out. The LD is a bit unique- the All Star package includes heated seats, bedliner and the trailer brake controller which I think were all standalone options prior.

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