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  1. I haven't used them on this truck yet but if you do buy metal shackles, do not buy the china junk ones that most suppliers sell. Crosby is one of the only ones made here of proper metal. The china ones will get you killed.
  2. I've just done a form 4 individual so far. I have this and a 22 cal can that is still in purgatory. I don't have any family to share this stuff with so the trust doesn't make much sense for me especially since there is no CLEO signoff needed anymore. A buddy is working toward getting his FFL and I'll probably try to convince him to have me as a "responsible party" or whatever it's called. Means we can get all kinds of cool stuff as demo guns or whatever.
  3. Welcome! Front window tint isn't allowed without medical exemption which seems pretty easy to get cause I see tons of stuff with tinted fronts. That or they know people still willing to slap a sticker on anything. Exhaust won't cause you any issues as long as the cats are in place. Emissions test is just plug-in so as long as no codes are set you should be good. Inspections are pretty detailed and shops will try to find small stuff like minor lights being out or the parking brake not working and stuff like that. I don't work on cars anymore but I did do state inspections previously so let me know if you have any other questions.
  4. Never. If someone wants to it is their right I suppose but the people who slam it back without regard to what the person behind them is doing is rude as hell.
  5. This is not a notification you will get via Bluetooth unfortunately.
  6. MikeNH

    country music

    If anyone posts a video for Old Town Road they're getting banned forever.
  7. The 509 now has a bunch of upgrades from Apex. New trigger, extractor and striker. It's become my EDC for the bulk of the time. The 365 is still a great discrete carry gun.
  8. I didn't. I mainly went with this because it worked on my 2011 and the suspension was basically unchanged from the 900s to the K2 trucks so I figured it was safe.
  9. Funny cause the two buddies of mine said they did great last winter. haha. I'll let you know in a few months I guess.
  10. 275/65-18. Stock suspension and wheels. I'm real happy with them as there seems to be no noticeable increase in tread noise compared to the junk OE Goodyear highway tires that GM puts on the Z71. They're still a P-rated tire as I feel there are too many tradeoffs going to the E-load versions on a 1500 but they are definitely a lot stiffer than the OE tires. Bumps feel a bit more controlled. Snow is still a few months out but I plan to get some sort of tote box and fill it with sand tubes and it should be un-stoppable.
  11. As far as I know the trailer brake controller has always been a standalone option. You'll need what is shown above or if you don't have that, buy an aftermarket brake controller.
  12. You can still use either one on CarPlay. Just has to be full screen.
  13. As someone who spent a significant amount of time on the road for 12 years I can tell you the best place to poop is a hotel. There’s always a toilet off the lobby somewhere and if you walk in like you own the joint they won’t pay you any attention. Bathroom is usually a single stall and spotless.
  14. The throttle control does nothing but make it open sooner. No power gain. 50 HP is gonna be tough. You *might* get there with a cam, full exhaust and tune. Lower axle gearing will probably put more power to the wheels, especially if you lift it.
  15. I carry because it is my right as an American. I don't live in fear of anything. That's media hype. New Hampshire is constantly named as one of the safest states in the country yet we have some of the most lenient gun laws in the country. Guns don't make someplace less safe, it's unstable people. AR15s have been in production since the 1950s. Mass shootings are for the most part a relatively modern phenomenon. What changed? Society.
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