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  1. This is the current bodystyle. You can go buy one right now if you want.
  2. This was on my 2011. Not Line-X but a brand I don't recall that my friend (who did the work) recommended. He took a DA sander to the rockers, cleaned, taped, etc. the body and then sprayed on the liner in two layers. Match was perfect as best I could tell. Only cost me the berliner materials and a couple pizzas.
  3. That looks great. The new Silverado does not.
  4. Toyota was smart enough to let people disable the side airbags on previous generation Tacomas. Should be standard. There is zero reason for an airbag to deploy at 3 mph. I’m sure it has happened to other brands but GM has seemingly had it more often than others. It’s a design flaw. If you can’t off road the off road truck then something is wrong. If this has happened to a few truck already, that is a red flag.
  5. This has been an ongoing issue for GM since they introduced the 900-series trucks. At least a couple of the magazines had the side airbags deploy during mild off-roading where no one else had a vehicle do so. There was also a case of a Trailblazer SS that got into a mild slide in the rain which made them deploy. It isn’t widespread but it isn’t happening to the other guys. Disappointing they haven’t fixed this after 10+ years.
  6. I've had my G32 since 2009 and it had been my EDC pretty much straight through may of last year when I got the HK VP9SK. The day after I got the HK I took it to the range with a friend who has a modified G19 and I ran a magazine through his and really enjoyed it. Sorta forgot about it until recently so today I ordered parts to basically mimic his build: Apex Tactical trigger kit which includes trigger, trigger bar, safety plunger and connector (which I won't be using) Vickers Tactical slide stop A new guide rod, OEM. Ghost Evo Elite trigger installation kit which includes a better connector and spring kit for the trigger, safety plunger and striker. Redback One sights. I have a set of Meprolites that are 9 years old now and pretty dim so I'm copying this part of his build too. Expensive upgrade. The parts are around $300 and should be here sometime next week. Probably gonna do the install with the friend who has the parts on his 19 since the Ghost parts aren't drop-in. Range report to follow at some point.
  7. Yep. Standard protocol for GM full-size special trims seems to be black wheels and stickers. Fullsize trucks are GM's cash cow and they play it sooooooo conservative because of that. The 6.2 is only available on trims that cost far too much, the 5.3 is down on power compared to the other V8s and GM won't do anything groundbreaking on the big trucks. It kills me because I want to get into another GM truck next year but the reasonably priced trims are ugly as sin and GM won't do anything interesting with the trucks.
  8. The name written across the grill will be ugly. Chevrolet is too long a name for it. Ford can do it on the Raptor but the new Silverados that have that grill look horrible.
  9. Load Causes F150 Aluminum Bed to Break

    The load was unsecured. Not sure more tie downs would help. As for the other trucks, GM is only using aluminum on "things that open"- hood, doors, tailgate. The Taco has had the composite bed since like 2005 and has proven to be plenty durable.
  10. Load Causes F150 Aluminum Bed to Break

    So what we learned here is if you're going to be a moron and drive with a heavy unsecured load, don't buy a Ford?
  11. On the Lots

    Dealer near me has a couple loaded ones for $4k off. These rigs are on my radar for next spring but mine won't be like what seems to be on the lots- I want the usable bed so it'll be an extended cab and a gasser. Not paying $3000+ more to use more expensive fuel and be slower on the highway where every truck spends 99% of its time.
  12. I picked up the P365 last Friday and took it to the range last night. Great little pistol. Awesome trigger, recoil isn't terrible for being a subcompact pistol (even ran some +P through it). Though shooting the VP9 after felt like shooting a 22. No pics or anything but I'm real happy with it. Bought a IWB holster from Mitch Rosen (local company to boot!) and it carries amazingly.
  13. I'd have a tough time considering a Cruze or Malibu vs the competition too. Kia/Hyundai are killing it. Though frankly living where I do and only having one vehicle, whatever I buy will need to be AWD/4WD. So basically that means if I buy a car it'd be a Subaru Legacy. Only other affordable AWD is the Fusion but Ford builds that in Mexico and can't seem to stop sending them here with trunks full of weed.
  14. I'm picking my 365 up Friday finally. Really excited!
  15. 2007 Suburban

    If the transmission is shifting too much, I would use it. If it is able to hold gears then I would not bother.

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