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  1. It may not just be the cover. For me, as summer comes in and the trees fill out, the auto headlamps go on and off way more often than fall/winter. This is one thing where Chrysler stuff has something that I'm shocked no one else copies- you can easily override the interior dimming with the dimmer switch and they have a dedicated screen off button. It's like three screens deep to turn off the screen on our trucks and that's silly.
  2. Forums have taken a hit because of Facebook groups. But, I'm on two groups for 2014-18 GM trucks and they're full of morons. If you want pictures of giant wheels with stretched tires, sign up. If you want real advice, come here. haha
  3. I had one on my riddle that I bought because the crappy stock style cause horrible gas to face issues. They make good stuff. Bought a new hand guard from Geissele a couple years back that came with one of theirs which is top notch too. Bought a Radian for my pistol build which is great too.
  4. You can't pull a bulb, the system is far more complex than that. The only thing that *might* work is finding out the resistance of the side airbag module and wire in a resistor. But be aware that the reference voltage a multimeter sends out can deploy an airbag so you'll need a shop manual or something to find that data.
  5. GM will never do it. Their truck division is too risk-averse.
  6. Those are LTZ headlamps. LT and the rest have a halogen lower element.
  7. I'd be shocked if any brand is bothering with 3.0/3.1- look at how basically every USB is low current too. The USB port might support a variety of things but it's there to plug a smartphone into since that's what the bulk of people will do with it.
  8. What Manny said is correct. Doesn't matter that all the wiring is there. You can't add the OE one after the fact.
  9. Probably more like 20, if ever. EVs are a huge ways off from replacing gas and diesel. Ford absolutely has an optional diesel on the F150.
  10. I've read more than one article and a few books about auto design that say when it comes down to it, engineers make design decisions in grams. And yes, they would be considering the full weight as that comes out of payload capacity.
  11. No one is saying that 200 is good for it. Just saying it is normal for these trucks. Well aware that newer 6L80s don't have a great reputation for longevity.
  12. Ford shrank their base gas tank too. The big tank is optional. It is 100% lazy engineering, an easy way to cut weight when they literally go down to the gram when considering part weight cost. People who aren't bothered by it must like having long trips interrupted more often.
  13. 2014+ 1500s run around 200 degrees. This is normal no matter how much anyone says otherwise. Whether it is good or not is another matter.
  14. MikeNH

    Scumbag GM

    You all agreed to the rules before posting here. Keep politics out of this or the topic is finished.
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