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  1. The 2015 SLT & Denali are the same. Do yourself a favor and PM zmnypit here for the harness. A better harness at half the price.
  2. While it was the 1999 GMT-400 classic watered down the first year GMT-800 numbers.
  3. To the right person, that is worth big bucks. I am not that person.
  4. You are trying to use logic. That does not work with legal rulings. From your link: According to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, a vehicle manufacturer cannot void the warranty of your vehicle due to an aftermarket part unless they can prove that the aftermarket part was the cause of or contributed to the failure of the vehicle (15 U.S.C. 2302 (C)). This means that a vehicle's warranty cannot be "voided;" the dealer can only deny a claim if the stock part failed due to damage or unreasonable use. Problem is if a part claims to increase horse power, expect the power train warranty and associated compensates not to be honored. GM will defend in court or arbitration that it's power train was designed to handle the factory specifications on horse power and no more. The consumer will loose every time when they modify a component to exceed these factory specifications and a failure occurs.
  5. You bought the CAI for increased performance. You got that. Now the transmission can't handle the increased performance. I side with GM here. Sorry but this is on your dime.
  6. Look for huge rebates & incentives 30 days before the end of each quarter.
  7. I just purchased a new car for a family member that needed some help. When it comes to cars, the young generation knows outside of the Mustang and Camaro, Ford and GM offer nothing but over priced turds for cars. To see what the imports offer blows away everything Ford and GM have to offer. For about 18k, you can get an import with panoramic sunroof, in dash navigation and a very mice XM radio and a bunch of other items only offered on Ford & GMs top trim levels while having a much longer warranty. Remember, GM just slashed their warranty in a money saving move. The down side is we will never get these kids back into a Ford or GM dealer again later in life.
  8. Now that the K2's are dead looks like discounts are averaging about 25% off of list. Will be even more in about a month from now but the selections will be less as time goes on.
  9. Just order like everyone else does. Invoice minus incentives with the option to back out at no cost.
  10. I just had to buy an ecno box for a less fortunate family member that needed a new car. Lessons I learned during the process: Outside of the Mustang and Camaro, Ford and GM doest make "cool cars" according to today's young drivers. Kids today don't want domestic cars. When I went a place I never go such as an import dealership, I was blown away at the features offered for the money on the imports. I quickly learned why GM and Ford don't build "cool cars" anymore to the younger generations. At the end of the day I wrote a much smaller check for a new Hyundai that had a longer warranty, features that were leaps beyond what GM offered in the electronic gadgets on the Impalas and Cruzes. I even offered to buy the kid a new Sierra and she picked the Hyundai with the sunroof, lightning fast Apple carplay and XM radio over the Sierra. I swear the ecnobox has a better radio and entertainment system than my K2 Sierras. I guess in a kids mind, that is all that matters.
  11. Got a scare from the gas station

    If a 40 cent price increase in gas scares you then you purchased the wrong vehicle.
  12. I don't see why you people in the Northeast keep re-electing the same law makers. Speed limits in Texas are up to 85 MPH and if you are doing less than 95 MPH in the fast lane expect to get honked and flashed at to you move your slow butt over into the grandma lane.
  13. Your engine will push your truck easily to 150 plus. Remove the speed limiter with a programer and don't look back.

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