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  1. Question on getting tune on 2019

    Because you can tuna fish but you can't tuna 2019.
  2. Keep it. New ones have the same issues and with no payment you can afford to keep making these repairs.
  3. Tailgate notification

    Never heard a beep...ever.
  4. Nice. I thought you had just placed an order. Still working through a few frustrating issues on our 2019. A Brown Out Booster solved the start stop power off issues that gave the radar detector fits. GM has to do a software update to solve the 8-4-1 cylinder deactivating bumps. If not, it will be tuned out once the warranty expires. The lack of oh crap handles above the doors is still getting to me.
  5. Go back before 1994 Ram re-invention and Dodge...I mean Ram, had almost no truck market left. No one wanted their outdated stuff. Since then, they have come back to life and are dominating on a train that just keeps picking up speed, passing up GM in truck sales. Calling them inferior while getting your butt handed to you in sales is the definition of insanity.
  6. Waste of $99. Waze. Free and so much better.
  7. RyanbabZ71's 2019 High Country

    How were you able to order a 2019 this late? Our local dealers can only order 2020's now. We went ahead and took the 2019 in stock because we needed to get rid of a really worn out 2015 and could not wait another break down.
  8. Having some issues

    Fairly common with the 2019's new style sensor brake pad. Give GM some time to get the bugs worked out. They should have a better understanding of the new brakes for the 2020 model year.
  9. Accident today :(

    3-5k in body work at the most. Nothing a few tubs of Bondo and a little sheet metal work can't patch up. A good body guy should be able to blend that so only a good eye can tell it has been patched up.
  10. No secret. 2021 refresh coming in mid 2020.
  11. Rings are shot.
  12. We looked with intentions of buying. In the end we were disappointed with missing features. The truck was just not as comfortable as the 2015 we were looking to get rid of and replace with the 2019. We are still in the 2015 while we wait on the mid model life cycle enhancements coming next year.
  13. 20" 2014+ wheel for sale

    We can't tell because we have too many online scammers that won't give a good description than go harvest pictures off line because they product they are selling really does not exist.

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