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  1. New 2018 vs 2019 dilemma

    No need to wait. Discounts on 2019's are getting really big. How do you like your power adjustable pedals in your 2019? I hear they do not adjust as well as the 2018's? Do you find yourself using the adaptive cruise control on your 2019? only tried it on a cheap Hyundai once. Worked really well. I am sure GMC has taken it to the next level.
  2. Wow. That looks disgusting. Go straight to your dealer and get that fixed.
  3. 30 Crashes Lead To New GM Truck & SUV Recall

    When the steering is lost it is followed buy girlie screams and white knuckle syndrome just as the truck is entering a curve. Other than that, steering is overrated.
  4. Rear defrost

    Option box not checked.
  5. Recall Notice ...steering assist

    Just look on your Onstar app. It is already updated with this recall.
  6. You better take that before they no show...
  7. Disappointed with 2019

    Poor people don't have to check the option box.
  8. We need more information. What problem was he trying to solve when he created this new problem?
  9. Someone is not going to get invited to the 2500 & 3500 HD roll outs in a few months. Did notice the article stated the higher trim levels lacked adaptive cruise control. WTH is up with that? Even the cheapest imports have that feature now.
  10. Local Chebie dealer has about a dozen 2019 Silverados and more rolling in every day. They are offering a High Country for 6k off before negotiations start. They have yet to sell the first 2019 truck. Still no takers. I guess everyone seems to be waiting on the typical 20% off.
  11. Ok I get it. Honda...Honda...Honda...Honda...Honda...Honda...Honda...Honda...Honda...
  12. It is a truck, not a loaf of bread. GM does not have a truck warehouse.
  13. 2017 Sierra Denali (salvage, roller)

    Part out would hit 30k fast on that one.
  14. Only hard core fanboys or people with special GM deals will buy the first few months. The rest of us wait for the 10-15k off of list price that hits a few months after full productions ramps up.
  15. 2018 ford 5.0 rcsb

    Now that is funny no matter who you are. Once of the goals of the 2019 was to bring back some of the comfort GM lost over the years. I know the AC system was overhauled. Still waiting to see if the softened up rock hard the leather like seats yet.

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