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  1. 150% markup by the dealer. That is why they are selling the $2999 package for less than $1500 at some dealers. It is the biggest sucker sell except for magic paint protection wax. But hey, I felt so good about buying a quality product that I bought an insurance policy because I might actually be stupid at my choice of vehicles.
  2. what are my exhausts?

    Not everyone is a do it yourself type of person. Some people always need help from others. Someone here is a prime candidate of getting stuck overnight on an escalator waiting rescue.
  3. No mention of shakes. Looks like you got a good one. Be thankful and move on with life in your good trucks.
  4. This is not even enough weight to know your towing. Make sure you have good tires and stay out of the left lane if you don't feel comfortable at 85 plus. Send it!
  5. Ouch! "This truck shakes and vibrates so much that, bombing down a rough road, we expected to get a call from OnStar asking if we'd been in an accident."
  6. After spending some time in one, they should beat GM up over the new trucks. Yes GM addressed some of the past shortcomings but the deconting and flat out missing features drag the truck down below Kia level.
  7. No way you got 39k miles out of Ranchos. Most people don't make it 12k miles before they are shot.
  8. No changes other than shortening the warranty for enhanced customer experience. They all start out quite but as the wear sits in the DI injectors get worn and get louder. Your 2018 will get to ticking within about 25k miles.
  9. Horrible car. There is a reason GM is getting out of the car business. They make junk cars with poor designs and no features. Look at some of the Jap and Korean cars out there. Much better quality and you get features standard that are only offered in the highest trim levels of the GM cars. Even the 18k Hyundai have navigation and Carplay standard.
  10. This must be your first GM truck. The paint sucks on these trucks. Chips are a bonus! Best to learn to live with them because unless you put a real paint job on the whole truck, they will continue to happen.
  11. My K2 may be gone forever

    Remember, that lawyer everyone is suggesting is going to take 33-50% of your settlement. Let your insurance company work it for free and you pocket all the payout. You will never see one cent over the max personal Injury liability of his policy lawyer or not.
  12. Very common issue. Leave it alone. Can't be fixed without tearing your truck apart and no guarantee they can fix it.
  13. Buying my lease

    It is cheaper to buy a new one right now.
  14. 2019 Silverado

    Welcome! This is a good time to buy. Prices are coming down fast.

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