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  1. 20" 2014+ wheel for sale

    We can't tell because we have too many online scammers that won't give a good description than go harvest pictures off line because they product they are selling really does not exist.
  2. 20" 2014+ wheel for sale

    You do know we don't know what it is or where it is don't you?
  3. Dealer Offered Paint Protection

    The biggest rip off and money marker before extended warranties and fabric guard.
  4. Heater hose runs about .49 a foot at Vato Zone. You have 1400 feet of heater hoses in your truck? The aftermarket condenser without the weak hoses the GM unit has only runs about $63. Not sure how you could say you saved $1100 on a condenser repair. You're still about $1500 in the hole before your break even. https://www.amazon.com/KVAC4283-Condenser-2014-16-Silverado-Sierra/dp/B07BKRJVM3/ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_1?crid=2U2M1TITNJUKC&keywords=2014+chevy+silverado+1500+condensor&qid=1550631136&s=gateway&sprefix=silverado+condensor%2Caps%2C166&sr=8-1-fkmrnull
  5. I think you wasted $700 but that is just my opinion. Biggest waste of money other than magic was and scotch guard at dealer prices.
  6. You bought a base model SLT. You had to upgrade to the premium or get the $500 LED headlight option on the base SLT to get the good lights.
  7. Cinder Blocks would ride better than Ranchos. 5100's change the whole truck for the better.
  8. You bought a lower trim level.
  9. How are 2019 silverado sales?

    Lots are jam packed with 100's of new T1's in Texas. Seeing on on the streets is a rarity. While the price is still too high a lot of people are not willing to give up features deconted out of the 2019 that they consider a must have in their current K2 truck.
  10. Still running only about 8k off list. Lots are overflowing with them and they are not selling at that price. Expect a huge sale soon. Mary wants to keep the price up but they will rust away before the masses pay that price.
  11. Take all the plugs out to rule out cross cylinder communication.
  12. Not enough on the road to tell anything yet.
  13. Living in a state that has speed limits up to 85 MPH EPA estimates are useless. If you are not driving at least 90-95 MPH , you will get ran off the road. Everyone does at least 10 over. They need to test them like they are used, at true highway speeds.
  14. Finally seeing T1's !

    The lots have hundreds of T1's in stock but retail sales are slow and fleet sales are non-existent to say the least, Until the rebates become competitive, you won't see many on the roads other than dealer demos. Right now the focus is selling better equipped old body style K2 trucks at 15k cheaper.

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