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  1. Go to any local truck customizing shop and get one for 10 bucks or so. They toss them in the trash all the time.
  2. Go to your local body shop and see if they will give you $5 bucks for it. They use these in rebuilds for suckers that don't know you can get a handle instead.
  3. Did this die too? Seems like the whole forum is slowed way down from what it was in the prime.
  4. That would be the compression part of it. Start with the battery and work toward the starter. If all still good the engine is locked up tight and...."That's all folks!" for the engine.
  5. Spark, fuel, compression and O2. Your truck is not getting one of them. Tell us and we will go from there.
  6. Grab a tooth brush and some TB cleaner. Open the butter fly and get after it. All black carbon should be gone from the TB and it will work like new again.
  7. They will do everything to force you to trade it in so they don't have to brand it as a program vehicle and resale. Expect heavy depreciation for use and wear and tear built into your offer.
  8. You go on strike, you now work for the union, not the company. You want company benefits, go back to work.
  9. Nope. GM radios were fare superior in features before Carplay. Seems to have peaked in 2015 when they had time shift and tune select.
  10. Just go AC Delco OEM and expect to get about 150k miles out of it. It is a 45 minute job with a $125.00 part of not that much invested in the project.
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