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  1. They will do everything to force you to trade it in so they don't have to brand it as a program vehicle and resale. Expect heavy depreciation for use and wear and tear built into your offer.
  2. You go on strike, you now work for the union, not the company. You want company benefits, go back to work.
  3. Nope. GM radios were fare superior in features before Carplay. Seems to have peaked in 2015 when they had time shift and tune select.
  4. Just go AC Delco OEM and expect to get about 150k miles out of it. It is a 45 minute job with a $125.00 part of not that much invested in the project.
  5. Wow. It is Dexos 2. A rating only the best of oils cam actually earn.
  6. Is it Dexos 2 certified? Some oils are claiming they meet Dexos 2 based on independent testing but they can't pass the certified test so they don't market as certified. (Consumer engines not blowing up after purchasing the product is independent testing.)
  7. Fairly common. While there is no real fix yet it it thought to be a random malfunction of the theft deterrent system. Good thing is after the truck sits for a while it will usually restart.
  8. Went with the Duracell AGM from Batteries Plus Like 181 with a 48 month full replacement warranty. Same battery from Sams only had a 36 month warranty for 179. Hint: 15 % off code pops up when surfing batteries at BP.
  9. The OEM battery in my truck is a 94-RPG and is dying. It is well know the the R is for reverse posts in the 94 group size. But what about the PG part? Took a while but I figured it out. The PG is Professional Gold, a GM trademark. All you need to know when replacing the battery is 94R and the required minimum CCA. No one else makes a RPG batter except AC Delco. That is all.
  10. Now that the rebates are up and they are priced near where the outgoing body style is they are selling. We waiting until the typical 20%off list to buy our 2019.
  11. Go 35's but your speeds you travel is a grave concern. Anyone traveling only 65-70 has no business being on the highway. Please stick to the back roads to get your fuel mileage and let traffic flow on the highways.
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