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  1. Have you ever owned a GM truck? Piston slap and DI tick are a way of life for us.
  2. HATE My High-Beams

    Great for coon hunting! That is about it.
  3. Did Chevy Botch SEMA 2018?

    That is the problem. It should have been at least 5 billion. Major cost cutting is underway to get the profit numbers up to where they need to be. 16k employees are feeling the heat to right the ship. As far as SEMA it is a no go, GM is switching to survival mode as the are seeing "headwinds" as Mary called it.
  4. Change it and send it!
  5. Hated the China man sucking a lemon look of the 03 Chevy's when they first came out. Still hate the looks today. I don't hate the T1's but still not impressed enough to even consider buying one. Time will tell.
  6. Truck violently shakes

    Ditch the OEM tires.
  7. GM Offers 18,000 Salaried Employees A Buyout

    The start of cutting benefits. The new employees will not get the same retirement pension or 401k match.
  8. You will be fine. You have 100,000 miles warranty on your transmission. Edit: Oh wait, that got reduced to 60,000 miles after the excessive warranty claims in 2014-2015 trucks. Your truck will be fine for up to 60,000 miles.
  9. How many miles did you test drive this truck for? So many people make the mistake of buying after just a 30 minute test drive. Impulse buying can lead to lemons.Give them a chance to patch it up. Might turn out OK for you once repairs are made.
  10. Skip the TSB. Go 2016 LEDs or Mori HIDs.
  11. Mary Barra: "I really like what Sears is doing. I think I will hire their showroom interior designers to design the all new 2023 Silverado and Sierra truck interiors."
  12. Loyalty? Yea right. Just let the process work and you will be back on the road by the weekend.
  13. That was freaking brutal. Someone is not going to get the tin of popcorn from GM that they send out to every year at Christmas time to journalist that give positive reviews.
  14. GM stock tires are junk. Don't bother replacing them with the same junk even if it is under warranty. Get a real set of tires and move on with life.
  15. Street justice is you only option.

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