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  1. I must say I am impressed with my gas mileage. Approx 18- 20 mpg. Its a pleasure to drive. Drove to Lewiston to watch daughter graduate from LCSC. And then moved her from Nampa to Coeur d'Alene. The move in late Feb was interesting due to the driving snow storms all the way up 95 into Lewiston. I was surprised. Not a snow plow to be seen AND 95 was open. I84 was closed west bound that day from Ontario to Pendleton. The truck handled great in 4WD.
  2. Bought my GMC Sierra in Oct 2018. It now has 12500 miles on the odometer. I had the pleasure of talking with two other Sierra 1500 owners yesterday at the car wash. Funny how we clean and wash these trucks like they are a expensive sports car. One of the GMC's was a 2018 Sierra like mine but black. And it had a sun roof. When I bought mine, the only models available with the power sun roof were the Denali's. Cheers to the great state of Idaho!
  3. Nick It's cheap fun for me. I also listen to NOAA weather for winter updates and forecasts. There are a few regulars in my area that use their CB's to yip yap with. Some of them are using base stations. I see you're in NC. I lived over in Ecity. Left there 10 yrs ago. We really miss it. Spent many summer days in the OBX.
  4. WSFD6107, let me know how the fire stick installation goes. I'm ready to upgrade from my magnetic base antenna.
  5. Truck stake hole CB antenna kit
  6. Okay I need to find one of those pocket mounted Fire Sticks!
  7. I picked up the Uniden Bearcat 880 at a local truck stop two years ago during a mad snow storm. The unit serves me well. I would have bought the Uniden Bearcat 980, but they were sold out. I don't know anything about the Cobra 29 LX. After doing a quick search about them, a feature I like is its 4 pin mic connector. The Uniden Bearcat 880 has a six pin mic connector (only 4 pins are used). The female connector on the mic is problematic. The 20 AWG solder connections on the female mic connector pins are prone to breaking off due to poor strain relief. I replaced the connector ($5) and soldered it together myself, and reinforced the back shell strain relief. A replacement mic on Amazon is approx $25. The Cobra 29 LX 4 pin connector appears to be more robust in design. Tuning the SWR on the Uniden Bearcat 880 is simple. But the cheap magnetic antenna is fickle and I'm constantly tuning it. I'm considering buying a fire stick antenna, but it requires bolting and mounting to the truck. I'm not ready to start drilling holes in my new Sierra yet. The Cobra 29 LX has a 4-color (Blue, Amber, Green and Red) LCD Dot-matrix Display. The Uniden Bearcat 880 and 980 has a 7-color LCD Display; Light Blue, Green, White, Red, Purple, Yellow and Dark Blue. The Cobra 29 LX MAX comes equipped with Bluetooth, Playback, and iRadar App. This just might be my next CB!! Let me know what CB you decide to get!
  8. The costs of theses trucks continue to rise. $59,866! But it is nicely equipped with a 6.2
  9. In regards to routing your CB antenna coax, my write-up may help. CB Antenna coax routing
  10. In regards to routing your CB antenna coax, my write-up may help. CB Antenna coax routing
  11. In regards to routing your CB antenna coax, my write-up may help. CB Antenna coax routing
  12. I successfully routed my CB antenna coax through the rear cabin vent that is located behind the right rear passenger seat. I found this YouTube video by Fondupot's Garage helpful. Easy Rear Seat Removal - 2014-2017 GM Double Cab 1st. Remove the four nuts and two 10mm bolts securing right rear passenger seat in place. 2nd. Lift the seat up so the bracket on the back of the seat is clear of its receptacle. 3rd. Gain access to the vent located behind the insulating material. 4th. Route the coax down between the bed and the cab . I used a closed zip tie to grab the coax connector and pull it through the vent into the cab. 5. Remove the plastic cap in the forward right side of the bed. Route the coax through the bed. My magnetic base antenna just sits in in the bed so it clears the garage door. There is enough slack in the coax to place the antenna on top of the cab for long distance travels. 6. Route the coax underneath the floor mats up to the CB. That's my Uniden Bearcat 880. After the install, I took my other toy out to play in the snow. Cheers to all. I hope this helps.
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