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  1. Yes, I know having a low battery triggers the light, but how? What is connected to the light or what from the battery connects it to the light to trigger such a thing? Anyone have a diagram or a picture? I have a brand new battery and alternator. I'm trying to figure out if one of those components is defective, I have a drain, or if the wiring for the light on the dash is damaged?
  2. He is waaaay to high on the price. I'm thinking $3500.
  3. Rockauto has quality, heavy duty suspension and steering components often for less money than junk from local parts stores.
  4. So it's just 3 lines? I don't have to purchase 2 of the radiator to aux cooler lines? (forgive me, I haven't climbed under there yet)/
  5. 2000 GMC Yukon XL 1500 with RPO KNP (auxiliary trans cooler): - How many lines are there for the entire system? 3? 4? - Part numbers? - Does anyone have a diagram or a replacement write-up?
  6. Not many parts are made in the USA. You'll actually find that a lot of parts for our trucks are made in Mexico.
  7. Can anyone help identify this model of hydroboost? I know it came off of an 01'-06’ 2500 or 3500.
  8. Which shocks did you end up going with?
  9. I've got one that will roll all the way down but not all the way back up so the motor must still be good right? Do you feel that just cleaning it up and lubricating it will do the trick?
  10. If you live anywhere near the Washington, DC metro area, I will pay you local dealership rate of $165 per hr x 0.75 hr labor to come knock this out for me!
  11. It looks like the Walbro pumps would require a decent amount of modification to make them work in my 2000 Yukon (in tank fuel pump). They don't have line in/line out and I don't beleive they have a built in float for my fuel guage. That is in addition to wiring a custom electrical harness or adapters. I much appreciate the suggestion and chime in though. I should have emphasized "plug n' play".
  12. I don't know what else to tell you except talk to any die hard GM truck person and they'll tell you about these fuel pump issues. You're just being a troll at this point.
  13. Definitely leaning towards Delphi, thanks for chiming in. I like the fact they offer a lifetime warranty too.
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