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  1. No I’m not going to deliver. I can arrange shipping and add the cost. these same running boards cost 1200$ on eBay for units much more “used” than these
  2. GM OEM TRI-MODE POWER BOARDS FOR SALE FOR 2019-2020 modeL SIERRA AND SILVERADO trucks. great shape. Minor scratches. Only on The original vehicle for a couple months. SHIPPING FROM NEW ORLEANS PRICE = $900 + shipping cost
  3. If anyone is interested In a pair of the GM OEM TRI MODE BOARDS. for a 2019-2020 GM. I have a set. purchased them for my 2017 and was told they were my year. But when they arrived we realized they were 2019. only on the original truck for a few months. Very minor scratches. Great shape. 900$ plus shipping. Pictures to post soon
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