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  1. Got to go with the Silverado. I don't care for the grill on the GMC or the fender cut outs. Just personal preference. If someone gave me one, I would not turn it down, though.
  2. Possibly. I wouldn't do it while trying it. Just thought I'd you liked them covered, you wouldn't have to worry about sheet metal buzzing. I actual like the band clamp idea, but it is not as cost effective. I was just curious.
  3. Just curious if anyone has tried hi temp RTV to cover the screens. I like the sound with the flapper clamped open. I haven't messed with the screens yet.
  4. Thank you, Jeremy, for the reply and info. I appreciate it.
  5. I had a friend recommend Truxedo LoPro. Anybody have any comments on this one?
  6. I've only got a couple thousand of miles on mine. Some horse trailer towing. Averaging 19.2 with 6 fill ups. Best has been 21.9. I drive in the mountains a lot.
  7. Helicopter noise with GMPP exhaust? I to am wanting to know about this. I didn't think that would be an issue with the GM exhaust.
  8. According to the trailer app, 12.2 MPG. I assume it's close, because the MPG on the truck is very close when hand calculated. 2019 4X4Silverado LTZ with 5.3, 8-speed and 3.23 gears, the majority of that was pretty flat. Only around 200 miles so far. Pulling a 3 horse trailer that weights around 3700 empty plus two horses (another 1800-2000 lbs). Call it 5500-6000 lbs.
  9. On mine they had to reprogram the video processor. It's a 2 hour update. That fixed mine. The tech said he had to do the camera relearn on another one he did. They all seem to have different issues after the update.
  10. I had incandescent lights in my trailer, and you couldn't see the flash. When I went to LED, I could see them. Not a big deal. Just part of the security system. We have Dodge trucks at work with utility bodies and LED lights. They always have a faint glow on them as well.
  11. Thank you, Richard. I haven't looked at the readout on my brake pads since it was new. I'll have to check that. I don't use the remote start via OnStar, as I don't have the service. I do use the keyfob remote start. I appreciate the info. There seems to be some people that have the issue with the keyfob start as well, am I correct?
  12. Well, I wish I would of read all of this before last week. I took my truck in for it's first free oil change (which was hard enough for me to let them do). I knew it had the seat belt pretensioner carpet fire recall and the one for the indicator light for ESC. They informed me when I was there, there was another one for the front mounted camera, which I had them do. On my way home, I noticed that the lane departure warning system wasn't working, nor could I shut if off by the switch. I called them and brought it back. The mechanic said he had done 3 of these recalls, and had issues with all 3 of them. He ended up doing a 2 hour update on the video controller. Driving it home, it all seems to work fine. So I'm guessing, from reading all of this, I should expect the brake failure? (I never start it from my app, as my 1 month onstar trial has ended - but I do remote start with the fob). I have only started it twice since I got it back. I need to haul a horse next weekend. I hadn't planned on driving it between now and then, but maybe I should. I haven't looked at the brake bad wear either. I don't recall seeing that on any of the recalls, nor the alternator cable. Crazy. My truck only has 1900 miles on it.
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