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  1. Use two hose clamps. One on the inner piece and one on the outer piece with a piece of metal strap between the two. You must turn it open when tightening the clamps. Someone posted a picture, I will try and find it
  2. Add me to the few. 2019 Silverado DC LTZ. I hardly ever have anyone in the back, wanted the standard bed. It had been sitting at the dealer for over 6 months. Got a good deal so couldn't pass it up. I wasn't looking for an LTZ.
  3. DOES anybody with a rear slider have one that hasn't leaked from the factory?
  4. Doesn't the lemon law only go for the 1st year of ownership?
  5. I bought band clamps off Amazon for my permanent covering of the resonator screens. No longer a $20 modification, but what I preferred. Towed a horse trailer 600 miles with the model. No objections.
  6. Glad we were able to roll in over to 170 pages. The cracks in the window frame pictures were quite an eye opener, but do cause me concern. I picked up the truck tonight. They sealed the window as well with strip caulk. We will see if it makes it passed 6 months. The tech promised me it wasn't leaking. I talked to the tech and service manager, as there were some minor scratches and scrapes on the interior moldings (thanks for warning me about this). I did not see any paint damage, but need to clean it up a little better. They offered to order the trim pieces and replace them. I had also asked them about turning the afterblower feature on when I dropped it off. OF course, this never made it to the service ticket. The service manager had the tech go get the computer and turn it on for me while I waited. I guess the next time I wash it, I will find out. Thank you all for the help and the humor!
  7. Thanks, econometrics and onthereel. I hadn't recalled that resealing the spoiler or stoplamp had actually fixed it for anyone.
  8. Thanks, Dali555. That's what I thought. I appreciate your opinion. I will see what happens today when they do another water test on it. Frustrating!
  9. I just took my 2019 in for a rear window leak. They told me it was the high mount stop light. They resealed and will check it tomorrow. (I know i have seen this mentioned before, but didn't want to go through 19 pages of posts as my computer is very slow loading). Anybody think there is a chance that this is the cause. Dealer said there was a TSB on it. Just curious what you guys think.
  10. I covered my screens with band clamps from Amazon and clamped the flapper valve open a number of months ago. The sound improvement was just what I was looking for. No drone, but a little more sound and deeper tone. If you want an exhaust that is loud, this will not make you happy. I tried it first with the tape before spending the $60 on clamps. Just my thoughts. I am considering removing the flapper valve all together.
  11. Stock exaust. Clamped flapper open. Slight in crease in sound at startup. No drone. After a while I covered all 6 screens. Notable increase in sound at low rpms. Perfect for me. I haven't noticed any drone, even pulling a horse trailer. I know exhaust sound is completely subjective. I don't want a loud exhaust, just a deeper tone. I would like to remove the flapper to get rid of the restriction, but this is completely reversible at any time.
  12. Wow. That is quite the response. I posted my pictures to have fun. I didn't realize somebody would be soo offended by them. Calm down, superhighsierra! Yes, they are highway miles. No, there is nothing wrong with my fuel economy screen. Calculated I typically get about .1 to .5 MPG higher than the screen. I have a unique drive that is about 50 miles down hill, (no, not both ways)thus the exaggerated 25 and 50 mile "bests" reading. But, I have continuously got over 20 MPG on my mountain commute when I drive the truck. There are multiple people with well over 20 MPG on the highway. I track my miles through fuelly as well. If I'm not pulling a trailer, I'm close to, if not over 20 MPG. True, not a lot of city, but some.
  13. I went the chap route. Brand clamps on the screens and clamped open the flapper. Just about perfect for me.
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