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  1. My 2014 Cruze diesel has these. They never open when the ambient air temp is below 50 degrees. I've seen coolant temps above 230 when it's 10 degrees out pulling the Eisenhower tunnel. If it's above 50, they open when the coolant temp reaches 219 and close around 205. This is all at highway speeds. I hope my Silverado is not the same.
  2. No issues so far. Only have 2500 miles. Early build (Nov 2018). 8 speed.
  3. I finally got my screens covered after driving it a while with just the valve pinned opened. I was surprised at the difference it made. Just right for me. A little bit of sound, but nothing noisy or objectionable. Didn't notice any drone yet. Curious how it will be with a trailer. You all are great. Thanks for all the info!
  4. That is correct. I think he's worries they may have flip flopped it, intake and outlet, which would be bad, as I would think the exhaust would try to close the valve instead on open it. I will try to take a picture of mine this afternoon.
  5. I covered the 3 screens on the driver's side, and left the 3 passenger side screen uncovered for comparison . At idle, the was very little difference in sounds. The covered side, however, had an odd sound, almost like a faint air compressor pumping sound. Very subtle. I didn't drive it and decided to uncover the driver's side. I may have to revisit this, since everyone seems to like them covered. I do have the flapper valve locked open.
  6. Got to go with the Silverado. I don't care for the grill on the GMC or the fender cut outs. Just personal preference. If someone gave me one, I would not turn it down, though.
  7. Possibly. I wouldn't do it while trying it. Just thought I'd you liked them covered, you wouldn't have to worry about sheet metal buzzing. I actual like the band clamp idea, but it is not as cost effective. I was just curious.
  8. Just curious if anyone has tried hi temp RTV to cover the screens. I like the sound with the flapper clamped open. I haven't messed with the screens yet.
  9. Thank you, Jeremy, for the reply and info. I appreciate it.
  10. I had a friend recommend Truxedo LoPro. Anybody have any comments on this one?
  11. I've only got a couple thousand of miles on mine. Some horse trailer towing. Averaging 19.2 with 6 fill ups. Best has been 21.9. I drive in the mountains a lot.
  12. Helicopter noise with GMPP exhaust? I to am wanting to know about this. I didn't think that would be an issue with the GM exhaust.
  13. According to the trailer app, 12.2 MPG. I assume it's close, because the MPG on the truck is very close when hand calculated. 2019 4X4Silverado LTZ with 5.3, 8-speed and 3.23 gears, the majority of that was pretty flat. Only around 200 miles so far. Pulling a 3 horse trailer that weights around 3700 empty plus two horses (another 1800-2000 lbs). Call it 5500-6000 lbs.
  14. On mine they had to reprogram the video processor. It's a 2 hour update. That fixed mine. The tech said he had to do the camera relearn on another one he did. They all seem to have different issues after the update.
  15. I had incandescent lights in my trailer, and you couldn't see the flash. When I went to LED, I could see them. Not a big deal. Just part of the security system. We have Dodge trucks at work with utility bodies and LED lights. They always have a faint glow on them as well.
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