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  1. That is against the law, even if you have a lawyer hired and pursuing Lemon Law, they still have to fix the truck, especially if a fix becomes available like this. I would take all of this and go get a good Lemon Law lawyer and you'll be squared away.
  2. Like I said before, mine was Build Plant Z I settled with GM and still have my truck, hoping this issue gets fixed by a recall.
  3. Yep, that's how I described it to my wife and the guy at the dealership, feels like the shocks are bad, as it feels like an old '84 Buick Regal bouncing down the road at times.
  4. A good Lemon Law Attorney will review your case and if it's not strong, they won't take it, because of how the law is written.
  5. $0 .... You should NEVER pay for a Lawyer for Lemon Law. It's written into the Law that all Attorney costs are covered by the Manufacturer.
  6. Yep, sure enough was missing the bolt that connects to the backside of the mud flap. The dealership mailed me a bolt, but it was wrong one, so I'll probably have to take it in to get the correct one on.
  7. Fresh from dealer when I brought it home the truck had 41psi in each tire, I took that down to recommended level, right around 35 I also put new tires on the truck and it does the same, these tires are Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT - 275/70/18
  8. It's a shame that the loaner truck I had for a bit was a regular 2019 LT Crew Cab (no Z71) and it was better than the Z71 package.
  9. 2019 RST Z71 Crew Cab Reg bed. Yes, I believe they are Rancho shocks.
  10. I've noticed my truck is very unstable when going over bumps on the road, doesn't really matter my speed, but the truck becomes very "loose". Anybody else notice this?
  11. I got my build sheet back and curious if others that have this problem are from the same plant: Build Date: 02/26/2019 Build Plant: Z MQE - TRANSMISSION, 8-SPEED AUTOMATIC SU4 - AXLE FRT
  12. I was in the same boat... I tried to let them do the right thing as well and nothing comes of it. Hopefully yours works out for you. Remember, under Lemon Law you pay nothing to lawyer, you get 100% of outcome and GM will cover all lawyer costs.
  13. Get a good Lemon Law lawyer, trust me, they'll get it resolved for you.
  14. I put a carabiner on the front of each kayak, then in the bed, I have a chain that connects to each side of the bed via carabiner. Then I just put the kayaks in and hook them to chain, all four stay put, the bottoms ones are right side up and then the top kayaks are upside down.
  15. Any luck on finding a fix for this? I too deal with this every morning backing out. I've always used my mirrors to back out of my driveway and now this thing is blinding.
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