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  1. 2021 Tahoe and suburban only offer 3.23 with the 10 speed no more max tow!
  2. I hear that the 2021 suburban does not have the 31 gallon tank any more and it’s 28 gal and Tahoe down to 24 gal. Can anyone confirm this? Having to Fill up more often with a pack of kids running late to practice.... please GM give us options for large fuel tanks!
  3. I don’t think there is much cost to using the 26 gallon tank they already had, down sizing it to 24 gal added cost. My point earlier was they add weight for all kinds of things people want but aren’t that popular... just seems like they need a large tank option.
  4. Looks like GM put a 50 gallon tank on there prototype desert race truck... 3:32 in. There is a need for larger tanks, come on GM put this 50 gallon under the bed and in production.
  5. 6.2L 3.42 10 speed is awesome With factory tires. I would like to see that same snap You back in your seat with bigger 35” tires but would need 4.10 gearing like the Raptor. Max tow should come with a larger fuel tank too that would make it a true max tow package.
  6. They talked about to much complexity in the plant with all there different powertrains why not make the 10 speed standard across the board keep it simple? It sounds like GM has Not been able to listen to there real customers because bailout they took linked below. But no more excuses big tires, lower gearing, larger fuel tank so you can pull your camper and 4 wheel all weekend... I hope the Raptor Killer comes true! If they have AEV working on it no doubt it will they made the bison awesome! On 4/10/2020 at 8:48 PM, 3737 said: Trump rolls back fuel economy standards and emissions standards. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/2020/03/31/trump-rolls-back-obama-mpg-rules/5093643002/ There ya go, can cut out the beuqacratic bs and engineer the best truck, no excuses
  7. Yes Sir! Large tanks are the best. Ram and Ford offer larger tanks GM gives no option for a larger tank.
  8. Yes Ram has a 33 gallon tank. They make it easy pick the options you want/need. Low gearing options too.
  9. Wrong F150 has a 26 gallon tank standard with a 36 gallon option, Rams tank is also 26 gallon. Ford super duty also offers a 48 gallon tank and Ram has a 50 gallon option. GM bumps there 2500 up to 36 gallons but they are still bottom of the pack in the 3/4 ton. Chevy and GMC don’t offer an option for a larger tank but they need too.
  10. Good info Thanks. I checked an RST out at my dealer it came with a single speed transfer case. I assume if you get the Diesel Off-Road Package you would get a 2 speed case part of the Z71 included. Has any one put eyes or test drove a Diesel off-road with 3.73 yet? I am hoping to see this package on the Trail Boss but with 4.10 gearing And 10 speed of course. 6.2 10 speed trail boss is a good step in the right direction just need to gear it down, I wish you could just order the gearing you want on any trim. Some of these packages seem like unicorns we talk and read about them a lot...
  11. Does the weight really matter... cut a little plastic off the fuel tank WTF? Extra speakers subwoofers add weight, The trailer break controller adds weight, the trailer hitch adds weight, the multi pro tailgate adds weight and it hits the trailer hitch when it goes down so really if you have the multi pro tailgate it should delete the trailer hitch, to save weight right?... The spray in bed liner adds weight. There is lots of stuff that adds weight that the aftermarket can cover and add later!! but the aftermarket cant cover the fuel tank so guess what don’t make it small. What a huge mistake and disservice to the customer shrinking the fuel tank size.
  12. I hear a lot of you saying you don’t really use your truck for much truck stuff. Don’t really tow, its good enough for the few times I use it as a truck, I need to look cool when I get the grocery’s I like to stop a lot to move around... so the small fuel tank suits me just fine. Well as GM trucks be come more car like small fuel tanks, high gearing, single speed transfer case the brand will be know for posers driving their trucks. Remember the military Humvee kicked off Hummer H1 it was cool because it was a capable off road machine then the H2 and H3 came out what a joke no off road capability like the H1 so Hummer became the brand for Posers driving on the blacktop.
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