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  1. If you order it with the 10k package (option) it is a sticker change on the 2500 for the govt bs. Same truck. Ford and dodge also offer a 10k or 9900# 'sticker'.
  2. Any reputable flat bed builder can incorporate the reverse sensors and a camera. Look up the gm upfitters guide for "re" placement of the rear view camera (center line, certain height, etc). The Blind spot sensors won't work with a flatbed since they are integrated behind the standard bumper - you should be able to turn this off. No idea how the 360 cameras work when some are blocked (your cameras in the 3rd brake light). Recommend you purchase with a bed to get complete VIN - price difference is only $900 when you include the spare tire. Presume you are going srw (should be more than enough payload) since GM will not sell a chassi cab without drw. If you want luxury goodies, just get an LT with all the options and leather. That is one awesome camper...redarc included.
  3. https://gm-techlink.com/?p=11710 Welcome addition to the HD models. I hope Ford and Dodge follow. The 1/2 ton rams use the same 1500 GM autotrac tcase in some models. I like the GM offers the autotrac historically even on the LT 1/2 tons vs Ford (late to the game, offer only on lariat+, and still using vacuum hubs?). Should be reliable, assuming you're not plowing with it in 4auto, but fine for daily driving.
  4. I think prograde trailering is included in convenience package 2 or maybe even 1. that's why it forces you out of the separate selection.
  5. Thanks, this appears to be specific to relocating the backup camera (mounted 38" high, etc) located in the tailgate, but not the 'rear mirror camera' which displays in the overhead rear view. The aftermarket has to be able to come up with a solution that simply can be spliced into the wires running through the headliner. Lots of folks running caps/campers, etc that could really benefit from this. Having a digital rear mirror camera would be amazing - too bad the stock one can't be simply relocated due to that 8 foot offset.
  6. I don't want to be a downer but Ford guys were initially dealing with a lot of rear window leaks for this gen of 1/2 tons (actually more specifically 2018 models). Some customers were dealing with the 5.0 oil consumption and window leak (buying a model that had been sitting on the lot got mold and all that). Best of luck, start checking it once a month then once a quarter etc. you should feel good after a while.
  7. Is the highway vibration still an issue with the late model K2s? I know not all trucks had it, but curious whether the out of balance driveshaft, u joints, etc were sorted out for 2017+? I suspect there will be some very good deals on 2019 K2s soon if not already.
  8. Interested to see how it comes out! I like the monochrome look myself, but ltz forces you into a lot of chrome. the mirror caps and handles seem to be easy fixes and ~300 bucks painted on ebay but everything else seems pretty pricey. Did your dealer consider swapping some of the stuff off a regular z71 lt? some dealers like to chrome up trucks...
  9. Hello to a fellow Buffalonian...Uncle sam decided I need to live on the west coast now but originally from there. What fix did they apply for the stuck in 4wd issue? Did they just do programming? Or tell you to switch it back to 2hi before turning it off every time (idiotic 'fix' if i ever heard one, lots of folks driving all these gm trucks with autotrack and we all have left it in 4auto most of the winter...)
  10. Truck looks great! and 5k a month?! You do some kind of sales job or something? That's 60k a year, I had to check my math when I did that.
  11. Hopefully it is fixed soon. Having the autotrac available across mid level trim is a big selling point for gm where I grew up (snow country). Ford now offers it only in lariat and above. Dodge started offering it (same t case as gm) in their big horn models and up a while back. It is truly disappointing there is no fix, millions of gmt800 and 900 trucks have been sold with this system and none exhibit this problem. Please keep us updated!
  12. I assume your 5.3 is a GMT900 with 6 spd? Its surprising its quicker off the line?! I know the 4.3 is a stout engine but its surprising nonetheless.
  13. Deal sounds pretty darn good. How much was your trade in worth on the deal?
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