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  1. Do you only have the problem when towing? If so maybe check your trailer weight distribution. Tail heavy can cause sway. Jim
  2. I always hear the actuation but do not always get the tailgate to drop. Eventually it does but I am wondering is there a manual tailgat latch override built in or possible mod. When this truck has seen better days I want to still be opening the tailgate. Also can the tailgate be opened with a dead battery? jim
  3. Wanted to chime in that the idle shutoff saved me a lot of grief a few weeks ago. I stuffed in the key fob programming procedure and remote started the truck because I misunderstood what it was asking me to do. Then the I could not shut the truck off with the start button or remote. It was like the truck was turned off and running at the same time. No buttons in the truck or on the key fob did anything other than control the door locks. I could not even open the hood and try to shut it down. I thought it mar idle thru half a tank! Then it just shut off. Now I know why. So I may be the only one glad for this feature. j
  4. Update, the OL lost the extra so I ordered 3 more. This time things did not go so well. Was tired From 14 hours of physical labor so my brain was probably a little bit mushy. During the first part of the procedure when It told me to start vehicle, I hit the start button and it didn’t start so I thought I’ll just use the remote start feature. Vehicle started and then the re-learn program for sensor wasn’t working and the remote would not shut off the vehicle. Also the start button on the dash would not shut off the vehicle and taking the Remotes 60 feet away behind the house would not shut off the vehicle, And nothing in the vehicle responded so I could not even open the hood. After about 10 or 15 minutes trying to figure out what the heck I was going to do the truck shut off. Tried to relearn procedure one more time. Then the Original remote would only lock and unlock the doors. I gave up and slept on it and I was using the other truck the next day anyway so that evening I started the whole procedure again. This time I was able to get through the whole procedure and the remotes did allow me to lock and unlock the doors and start the truck using the start button on the dash. However the remote start did not work on any of the remotes. I Called It a day and semi success. then the next morning all the remotes worked including remote start. I cannot explain what happened but I will say DO NOT Remote start the truck during the learning procedure. So it’s on my conclusion letting it sit overnight seems to help things out as evidenced in the key fob problem after tinting the windows thread.
  5. My two cents is $.01 As said above get running boards, they protect the edge of the seat as you don’t tend to slide out of the seat every time. $.02 As said above get seat covers. I like neoprene ones by wet okale out of Hawaii. If your a working guy they protect the seats from that screwdriver in your back pocket, as a dad they protect them from the kids. Other options could work for you also but I personally will never go without either of these again.
  6. Well Being impatient kind a guy that I am I Went researching and based on what I found on the eBay listing has compatible vehicles including 2019 Silverado’s 3500 and 2500 and1500, and the link below website on how to program a 2019 Silverado key fob I tried it out. If you only have one working fob you have to do the full learn procedure. Nerve wracking but came out good https://www.ebay.com/itm/113678530382?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2648 https://www.programyourremote.com/classified/2020-chevrolet-silverado-keyless-entry-remote-fob-smart-key-programming-instructions-listing-9861.aspx
  7. First question is how do I limit a search on this site to https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/forum/240-2020-silverado-hd-sierra-hd/. Forum? When I use the search bar I get results from various GM forums. The real question is I have a 2020 Silverado 2500 HD and only have one key fob, I purchased another one online and I believe I should be able to program it myself using some kind a top-secret procedure. Found procedures for Silverado’s but not sure if it applies to the 2020 2500 HD’s. I Do not want to attempt programming the new key fob and end up making the original one useless somehow. Any one succeeded yet or know where I can find information to do it thanks jim
  8. I tried looking thru past topics for info but not successful. Has anyone upgraded the headlights on a lower trim package from halogen to LED? Any advice/source for parts/cost estimates? I expect it’s same for all lower trims but in case it’s not, I have a 2020 2500hd 4x4 LT with z71 I really think they should have went LED on the whole range.
  9. Will it be damaged by more than 1600 pounds if you don’t slide the load? I put some heavy pallets in the truck on occasion. (My 2001 f250 With the long bed had just under 5000# once). New truck is short bed so not going to fit two pallets but I expect over a ton once in a while.
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