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  1. No. The rear end is slightly larger (9.76") and the rear springs are different. Give a greater RGAWR than just the Z85. Payload will be more with the NHT (mine is 2015 lbs). These are things that can't be optioned without the NHT.
  2. Biggest difference to me is the 6 spd vs 10 spd. The HP and Torque numbers are not a big enough difference for my needs. But I'd like a 10 spd
  3. Can you post a picture of your labels showing the tow & payload capacity? Block out the VIN of course. Thanks.
  4. I'm confused. Did they measure the drop of the rear or the front of the truck? Everything I've seen says to return the front height to near what it is unloaded. Some options are to less than an inch more, but it's focussed on the front raise, not the rear drop.
  5. As long as you have the tool for the TPMS reset. I label mine when I take them off so I know I've rotated them properly. My winter set (bought from the dealer when I bought the truck) the TPMS dies on 2 of them. No love from the dealer for that, so they get the same love right back. But when I put my summers back on, I just walk around with the cheap tool I bought and my reset is all good.
  6. Could plug a charger into it to recharge the battery.......
  7. Mine went to the dealer for the free oil changes. About a 5 minute walk from work, so I just dropped it off and picked it up after work. Since then it has gone to the shop next door to work. Usually get the tires changed over and the oil done. I'd do it myself, but it's not saving a lot and returning the used oil is more trouble than the savings are worth. We have limited places to return oil where I live.
  8. Another thing to watch out for is if you plug something into the ODBII port. Had a Scanguage on my last truck that pulled almost half an amp when the truck was off. Killed the batteries (2) in a few days.
  9. Has anyone just taken the letter in and gotten the replacement parts without having the issue? I've got the letter, but my brakes have felt fine. But I also plan on towing my trailer this summer, and now I'm a bit worried towing with brakes that could fail. Thinking of taking it in regardless.
  10. I've got a similar small dent. I've been thinking about getting a paintable one of these https://bumpercovers.ca/contents/en-ca/d1016_What-Are-BumperShellz_.html And then colour match it.
  11. Add another to the list who would like a regular bed, instead of a short bed, with the CC.
  12. Honestly, my biggest gripe is not with the truck so much, but the TPMS the dealership sold me with my winter tires that crapped out after 2 years. So all winter I get a warning I have to dismiss everytime I get in. They would do nothing for me and now wonder why I get my truck serviced elsewhere.
  13. You will need to find one that has the Max Trailering package. NHT code in the glovebox. Only way to get the payload numbers you are looking at. Without that package, you'll be down in the 1400-1500 lb payload range. Any 3/4 ton with a diesel will be pretty limited on payload, but will clearly tow better than a half ton. I went from an 01 3/4 with a Duramax to a 2015 1500 with NHT. Does not tow as nice but is less headache the other 90-95% of the time. As a daily driver, I prefer gas, but my commute is really short and the diesel just never warmed up. I seem to recall the 2014 having a lower axle rating. Nothing changed to 2015 physically, but the rating was increased. Really only an issue if you get stopped for some reason.
  14. This is what I had done to mine as well. I prefer it over a deflector, but some of those pictured above sure do look nice. I will do the protector on any future purchases as well.
  15. What's your payload rating? I have a payload of 2015 and feel like I'm maxed out at 8200 loaded. I scaled mine a few years back, and at that weight I had a tongue weight of 1050 (12.8% for those who care). So I had under 1000 lbs remaining for my hitch, cargo in the truck, my wife, 2 small dogs and the part of me over 150 lbs. Without the max tow, my payload would be 400-500 less, and all of it would have to come out of what I carry in the truck. At 7700 lbs, your tongue should be between 950 and 975, so it won't leave much in the truck.
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