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  1. Add another to the list who would like a regular bed, instead of a short bed, with the CC.
  2. Honestly, my biggest gripe is not with the truck so much, but the TPMS the dealership sold me with my winter tires that crapped out after 2 years. So all winter I get a warning I have to dismiss everytime I get in. They would do nothing for me and now wonder why I get my truck serviced elsewhere.
  3. You will need to find one that has the Max Trailering package. NHT code in the glovebox. Only way to get the payload numbers you are looking at. Without that package, you'll be down in the 1400-1500 lb payload range. Any 3/4 ton with a diesel will be pretty limited on payload, but will clearly tow better than a half ton. I went from an 01 3/4 with a Duramax to a 2015 1500 with NHT. Does not tow as nice but is less headache the other 90-95% of the time. As a daily driver, I prefer gas, but my commute is really short and the diesel just never warmed up. I seem to recall the 2014 having a lower axle rating. Nothing changed to 2015 physically, but the rating was increased. Really only an issue if you get stopped for some reason.
  4. This is what I had done to mine as well. I prefer it over a deflector, but some of those pictured above sure do look nice. I will do the protector on any future purchases as well.
  5. Travel trailer towing capacity?

    What's your payload rating? I have a payload of 2015 and feel like I'm maxed out at 8200 loaded. I scaled mine a few years back, and at that weight I had a tongue weight of 1050 (12.8% for those who care). So I had under 1000 lbs remaining for my hitch, cargo in the truck, my wife, 2 small dogs and the part of me over 150 lbs. Without the max tow, my payload would be 400-500 less, and all of it would have to come out of what I carry in the truck. At 7700 lbs, your tongue should be between 950 and 975, so it won't leave much in the truck.
  6. With trade or no trade

    Was going to say that trading in up here makes a lot of sense with the way the sales tax is collected. How willing was the dealer to run the deal? I'm thinking it's only a little bit more work for them, but can save you a boatload of taxes and not cost the buyer any more. Only one who loses is the government....
  7. I need a middle ground. I don't want a diesel DD (did that and ended up parking it in the winter) but am right at the limit of what my NHT is capable of. Doubling my payload would be really nice.
  8. I went from an 01 2500HD duramax to my current truck and agree. Especially since I have a very short daily commute (~3km). But I also see that a gas (6.6L) 2500 will have a payload just short of 4K lbs and as I'm near the limit of what my NHT will pull, it is intriguing. I'm okay with 400hp, but I wish the gas came with more than a 6 speed.
  9. Anyone in this thread as intrigued by the 2020 2500HD as I am?
  10. One comment. If you go the diesel route, check the payload of the 2500HD diesel. Some are only 300 or so lbs more payload than my NHT. If you do diesel, strongly suggest 3500.
  11. A few things. For comparison, I have a 2015 Sierra with the Max tow (5.3L and 3.73 rear) and a payload of 2015 (per the door jam). Crew cab. I live in the Okanagan (born in winterpeg). My trailer is 35 ft and 8,200 lbs loaded (I've scaled it). I am at my max on payload for the truck. I would not tow heavier regardless of 5.3 or 6.2. Ignore towing capacity and focus on payload. Ignore the brochure tongue weight for your trailer as a complete and utter fabrication. Use 12.5% of the fully loaded weight to figure out out the payload hit from the trailer. So 6700 X 12.5% ~850 lbs. I've weighed my tongue on a scale (closed and no trucks around so I spent an hour weighing every conceivable thing). Mine weighed at 1048, so slightly more than the 12.5%, but under 13%. With that, my WD hitch (get an equal-i-zer 4 point or similar, you will love it vs the normal one) and some gear in the back, I hit the 2000 lbs easily. I've been to Banff etc. and yeah, there were times I couldn't do the speed limit up the hills. Plus my set up porpoises more than I like, but I've added Sumo Springs which made a big difference. The worst road is from Jasper to Banff. I'd like a bit more power, but don't want a 3/4 ton for some of the reasons mentioned above. If they put the 6.2L in the 3/4 ton, I'd be serious about trading up, but not for the 6.0L. I know it's a good motor and reliable, I just don't like that it's older tech and kinda sucks for HP. For daily driving, the 5.3L is good enough and I don't have to spend the extra on premium, so I just put mid grade in it when towing and live with going a bit slower. Had a Duramax before, so yeah it annoys me but I'm getting over it. But I would defiantly get the Max Tow. I doubt you would have enough payload otherwise.
  12. Travel trailer towing capacity?

    Just want to say, wow. So driving within the speed ratings of most trailer tires is now being an a-hole?
  13. Travel trailer towing capacity?

    What is your trucks payload rating. These things run out of payload long before they hit the trailer number. I've got a 2015 max trailer package with a payload of 2015. I tow a lighter trailer (8200 gross) and max out my payload every time. I would not tow heavier with my NHT and it's rated for 10,800
  14. This is similar to what I do. I'll split the wire I'm attaching into two strands, put them through the hole I made and wrap them around the first wire and then around themselves. (not sure that makes sense writing it out). I may or may not solder at that point. Kinda depends on if I find the gun or not. Then I coatt it in the liquid stuff before taping. Really protects the join better. Wrap with tape and it will never go wrong.
  15. I'll double check, but I'm pretty sure my Cargo lights will stay on in reverse. They go off in drive.

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