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  1. You also should make sure your car insurance covers you in mexico. Many companies do not.
  2. Upgraded wheels lost 4mpg

    From page 1, if your speedo was “off” before it was overestimating your mpg before you swapped wheels/tires. Better than reality. If it reads correct now then it is likely your mpgs are actually correct. Other factors, section width, weight, rolling resistance, tread design. Lots of factors here. Temperatures and winter/summer fuel. All factors.
  3. My 17’ sierra has a heads up red LED that flashes on the windshield along with the vibrating seat and braking for the forward collision alert.
  4. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Same here, a set of duratracs and road force balance fixed mine too.
  5. I have had my 17’ in 3 days of -25 degrees with very stiff steering among other odd electrical behavior and loud engine startup noises. It sounds like your system is overly sensitive to cold. I would love to find a remedy to make this electrical steering feel normal in the cold. Our temps rarely go above 32 from December to April. My 15’ hemi charger uses an electric motor to power a hydraulic pump for it’s “electric power steering.” I’ve had that car in -40 without an issue and the steering effort never changes.
  6. Your favorite tires????

    Last I checked, the smallest wheels that will fit on a 2014+ is 17” due to the brakes.
  7. Your favorite tires????

    I have duratracs now. Great traction in all conditions so far. Way overpriced though. I’ve had multiple sets of General Grabber AT2’s over the years. Great all around tire. I wishe they made them in a 255/60-20 or similar to fit my truck. Im thinking about going down to an 18” wheel to get those tires again.
  8. Great all season tire

    I guess it depends on where you live and what kind of seasons you have. I had 4 foot snow walls next to my driveway from New years to Valentine’s day last year. I prefer something rated for snow.
  9. Make sure you are reprogrammed for that tire size or the mpg calcs will always be way low. I get 18.5 overall avg mpg with stock size Duratracs.
  10. 3.73 re-gear

    The warranty issues with that lift would concern me more. You have to recalibrate for those tires first.
  11. 3.73 re-gear

    Start with a programmer to tell the truck what size tire you have. That should adjust shift points and the speedo. See if that helps.
  12. Wireless charging

    Pics please.
  13. Impressive yes but 500,000 continous highway miles are different than say 200 or 300k over 10-15 years. Cold starts, hot starts, 3-4 starts per day, etc. I might switch to that “annual” oil on my wife’s durango. We barely get to 5k miles in 12 months on her car. Ive put 14k miles on my Sierra in 15 months.
  14. 18-20 on 65-75 mph highways. I get 19-20 all interstate loaded with the family on stick size Duratracs.

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