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  1. What tires to buy?

    Your mpg drop is due to 3 factors. Slightly larger diameter tires fooling your odometer with fewer miles driven. (Fewer revolutions per mile.) Heavier tires, (I cant find a weight spec on those 295’s), and more agressive tread pattern. Although you’d think the duramax would be less affected by the increase in rolling resistance. That is physics, the diameter change is pure math. I had a similar drop when I swapped to stock size duratracs. Weight and tread pattern.
  2. Super cool special edition. One of the local dealers here has one and I drool everytime i drive by it.
  3. 2018 Denali or SLT

    Special magnetic shocks on the denali. I have a 17’ SLT and it’s a nice truck. Smooth, quiet, and quick.
  4. My biggest worry is the warranty issues / denial for catastrophic failure. Is there any anecdotal evidence they will definitely deny a warranty?
  5. Is it worth it? Ive seen conflicting information that the 8 speed is tunable and some threads that say it is not. I ordered one and I’m worried it will be a warranty issue later. Any feedback? I bought a refurbished unit with full SC warranty for $159
  6. Auto 4x4

    I just recently borrowed a co-worker’s company provided Tahoe for a few days. When I started driving it was in “auto.” The roads were clear and so I switched it to 2wd. When I saw him again I asked him why he had it in auto and he said he’s had it in auto since he got the vehicle, 60k miles ago..... I bet this scenario is more common than you think. I use auto to get out of my driveway and neighborhood most of the winter. Out on the main roads the pavement is clear and dry so I switch it back to 2hi. Perfect system that alot of new half ton trucks lack these days.
  7. I carry a set of cables for those times. Very rare in Colorado that they will activate “code 16” chains required on everything. 3PMSF tires, “3 peak mountain snowflake” and 4 wheel/all wheel drive will get you over the big passes in Colorado and meets the requirements of code 15 “passenger traction law” I carry the cables to get through the State Trooper checkpoints.
  8. Duratracs are excellent in snow, ice, mud. Chains are better than any tire in deep mud. What do you need chains for?
  9. Where are the 2.7L engines

    Cool, have you driven one? They’re quick. I’m not a ford guy though.. obviously.
  10. Where are the 2.7L engines

    Well if anyone here has driven a 3.5 ecoboost that would be your first choice. They tow and haul ass big time! I would be more interested in a 6.0 v8 that could stay in v4 mode at idle, and could accelerate in v4 mode longer. I drive around here and watch it switch back and forth. The speed limit between my house and my kid’s school or the grocery store goes from 40 to 35 to 25. 3.0 liters can handle that no problem. How about a real plug in hybrid pickup? A scaled up version of the volt? I drove a fusion hybrid for work one time in the mountains of Colorado. I never wanted for power and got 56 mpg. Two fusion hybrid engines in an F-150 would work?
  11. Issues

    1. Throw a torque wrench on the u-bolt nuts under the rear axle. I think the spec was 140 ft lbs but dont quote me on that. Look it up. Fixed the leaf slap I had. 2. I stuck my exhaust valve full open 10k miles ago. I used a drywall screw in the corner of the square on the outside. Mine squeaked since new. Annoying for sure. I’ve had zero issues with it open and I cant hear anything “wierd” the exhaust is extremely quiet. 3. My truck has some subtle shakes between 70-80 mph. I got my duratracs road force balanced and that helped alot. I dont have a driveshaft shop where I live so I havent tried to replace it yet. 4. My 8 speed clunks at low speeds when turning. It seems if the wheel is straight ahead its butter. Turn the wheel a bit and it does funny stuff. It’s still a nice transmission that tows like a beast. 5. My cd player has always worked fine. I use XM mostly.
  12. I swapped for p275/55-20 duratracs with 200 miles on my 2017 SLT. Great tires, a tad noisy if you really pay close attention. Get them rotated every oil change and they will quiet down a bit. Ive had mine in a foot of snow, slick snot mud and lots of hot pavement. I also tow a travel trailer that is 6000 pounds loaded. I only got stuck once on a shaded muddy off camber road in november. When I came back to get my truck, there were three more trucks stuck in the same spot. It was slick that day! Ive been considering the new General Grabber ATX because I owned a few sets of AT2’s in the past and never had trouble. The duratracs are a solid choice in truly any terrain. Pricey but solid.
  13. Thats neat you can get that mpg going downhill in neutral. In Colorado it is illegal to coast downhill in neutral. CRS 42-4-1009 Also I like to tow stuff, heavier stuff than the 4.3 can handle. I also need 4x4 in Colorado.
  14. Cool, I live in Gunnison.
  15. What Weight Do You Tow?

    I tow a 24 foot travel trailer. 4233 pounds dry. It tows full of gear and water around 5k. I live at 7800 feet in Colorado and I have to go over 9000 feet west or 11000 feet east to get out of the valley I live in. My 2017 Crew Short bed 5.3/8 speed 3:42 tows it great. I figure the trailer is a bit over half the towing capacity of the truck. So with a full tank of gas, family of four+dog and a bed full of gear, i’m pushing 6k. Its a comfortable weight to pull in the mountains in Colorado. The scary rigs I see are the 28 foot travel trailers behind grand cherokees and 4runners. I cant believe those people make it home most of the time. I have told my wife that when she wants a bigger camper we will need a 2500 or a 6.2/10 speed.

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