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  1. 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 Crewcab 5.5' I found a good deal on a set of -6mm offset KMC XD Enduro 17x9 wheels. I'm wondering if anyone has this size and offset wheel on their K2XX truck. I'm looking at tires and I would like to go up to a 32.5 or 33' tire if I can. I have Bilstein 5100's set to the second to tallest height and no lift in the rear. I'm looking at 275/70-17 or 285/70-17. Will it rub? I'll modify the wheel well liners if I need to. Any real world experience with these sizes? Thank you
  2. Hello, I’m in the market for a new HD truck to replace my 2017 GMC 1500 SLT 5.3 8 speed. Its a shortbed crew 4x4 and it drives like a dream. I love everything about it besides towing over 6k and the small bed. I have a 25’ bumper pull camper that weighs about 6k loaded. 2 kids a wife and a dog. I also run a towing and recovery business where I occasionally need to tow random trailers very short distances. 5th wheels, goosenecks and regular bumper pulls. Short distance as in less than 50 miles. The scenario is this. Guy in powerstroke breaks down pulling his 5th wheel 50 miles from town. We go out to tow the powerstroke and also need to bring his 5th wheel to town. It’s safer to put the powerstroke on a rollback and hook customer’s trailer to another 5th wheel equipped truck. Taking a crewcab pickup out to help with the tow job provides more seats for customers to sit as well. I also have a very short commute to the office. 3.5 miles. It gets -25 here in winter (-11) this morning so I’m considering an HD gasser for the short commute and cold temps. I know the duramax will pull anything I need it to but I know lots of folks and customers who have issues around here with gelled fuel and emissions issues from short trips. Can the 6.6 gas really pull 14k? Maybe just 50ish miles at a time? And only occasionally? I’m not trying to pull 14k from Yosemite to Yellowstone. Is the 2500 enough or should I just go 3500? 3500 gas? Seems like an odd combination. More often I would be pulling a car hauler around 9-10k total transporting fancy customers cars to dealerships for service from their vacation homes. I really like the idea of the gasser for day to day driving and lower cost. The 6 speed and 3:73 makes me nervous. Thanks for the feedback. I was also looking at the ram 6.4/8speed but I’m a Gm guy. Fords are not on the list.
  3. I dont know if there is a mechanical or strength difference. I am in the market for a 2020+ GM HD so I'm wondering the same thing. I have the auto4x4 in my 1500 Sierra and I use it all the time. Its really nice if you live in an area where road conditions vary. Colorado high country is a good example.
  4. Check the passenger side doorframe for the sticker.
  5. A comprehensive tire balance ( actually make them move the tires on the rims to get the lowest weight possible) and a tune deleting the AFM has made my truck 1000 times better. Its worth a try if you have to keep it.
  6. I have been shopping that 6.6 alot and reading about it. TFL Truck said it didnt do well pulling max weight on the IKE. Its a small block with 402 cubic inches. That should be enough but as said, with the 6 speed its not enough. I tow my 6000 pound (loaded) camper trailer with a 2017 5.3 and 8 speed. I live at 7700 foot elevation in the mountains of Colorado. I can go over monarch pass at 45-55 the whole way if I want to. You have to rev the snot out of the 5.3 to do it and engine goes up in temp but it gets the job done. So It sounds like the gas 6.6 isnt really a great upgrade from the other small blocks. Wheres the big block?
  7. I don't think the cap will do anything to prevent my issue though. Maybe rigorous fueling is the issue? I don't know. I'm the only one who fuels my truck. (Wife drives it rarely but never fuels anything.) And I've only got 35K in 4 years of ownership. Sometimes my truck sits for a week or more between being driven and town is 3 miles away from home. Anyway, I wonder what that crappy plastic piece is actully there for besides keeping crud out. I'll pull that junker out and get a cover like you guys posted as long as the machine wont decide its got a fault because of it.
  8. I'm currently looking for a replacement for our 2013 dodge durango. We have a 3 year old and 6 year old. How is the MPG? How do you like the "shifter" in the console? Is the third row usable for a medium sized adult?
  9. The capless filler flap on my sierra keeps coming loose and sometimes the pump nozzle wont go in easily. I think im out of my 3/36 months warranty. (Bought new 8/2016) only at 34k miles though. any thoughts?
  10. The 3:42 paired with the 8 speed is actually a pretty good combo for light to medium (0-6500 lbs) towing and highway cruising (70-85). I’ve had 3:73 with the 4 speed and Ive driven the 3:08. The 3:08 is a mistake.
  11. A 36 foot camper is going to be a beast to pull with a 1500. I pull a 24 footer with my 2017 Sierra (identical to yours). It weighs out at 5800 pounds loaded with propane, water, beer, gear and food. My total weight on the scales is right at 12k with 2 adults, 2 kids, one real dog, 2k generator and firewood. I live at 7700 feet and go over 11k feet regularly to go anywhere. This setup pulls well, stops well and parks well. If I went up in trailer size I would go 3/4 ton or up the specs on my truck. (Max tow and 6.2) I’ll go out on a limb here and guess that if your wife insists on a 36 foot camper you will also be hauling ALOT of stuff with you. Your situation doesn’t seem like it will be “minimalist.” Towing at max will be stressful, dangerous and exhausting. I towed my trailer 4 hours home from denver without a weight distribution hitch and it really worked the truck.
  12. When I bought my topper the leer dealer had to run a wire from front to back. I thought it was odd but they said thats how it had to be done.
  13. I had the 5100’s installed yesterday. I did one notch from the lowest setting. I can see the slight change and you notice the slight difference from the drivers seat. The difference vs non-z71 shocks is immense! There is a small bridge on my drive home with a large and uneven joint. The old shocks felt like they were topping out or something every time. The 5100’s just soak it up smoothly. Awesome!!
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