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  1. Pulled my 5k camper 150 miles this weekend over Monarch pass. These tires are great with the XL load.
  2. Falken AT3W comes in a 117T rating in 275/55-20 so I went with those. Great so far!
  3. Got em! I bought the 117T (6ply) spec vs 113T for trailer towing. 300 pounds per tire more capacity. Up to 2833 lbs. Im hoping these tow better than my duratracs in 113T spec. They already ride smoother. They are so smooth compared to my worn out duratracs! Quiet too. No shake or vibes at 70. 60 series would look a bit better but all stock for now is ok.
  4. I dropped the truck off this morning to get the Falkens installed 275/55-20 XL. My tire guy is giving me $100 trade in for my 30k mile noisy duratracs. I was considering 275/60-20 but after a conversation with the service manager at the Chevy dealer im sticking with stock. Ive been trying to get more warranty work done on my 8 speed (new fluid) and one of the parameters they include in the transmission troubleshooting process with GM is tire diameter. If I ever need the trans replaced or repaired I want stock size tires on the truck. After listening to the duratracs for 2 years im ready for a change.
  5. Growing up on the west coast they were called “camper shells.” Here in Colorado they’re “toppers.” It seems to me the “shortbed” would be most popular. The 5’9” is what I see most often on the k2xx series trucks.
  6. Looks like around $200 a piece shipped for 275/55-20
  7. 2017 GMC Sierra 4x4 1500. Im getting ready to swap off my Duratracs with 27 k miles. They are noisy as heck and rotations are not quieting them down anymore. They are 70% worn and have been great in everything but icy roads this last winter. How are the Falkens holding up? Road noise? Issues? Are they as great, awesome and amazing as all the reviews say? Anyone wish they went with General Grabber ATX or similar? ATX is the only other tire I’m considering. I owned 4 sets of AT2’s and loved them. How are the sidewalls? Winter performance? Mud? The Falkens come in XL rating for my size 276/55/20. I’m staying stock until my warranty runs out. Most everything else requires sizing up or getting an LT tire. Trying to stay away from LT’s. Thanks guys.
  8. Can they make the dealer do a fluid swap or reprogram?
  9. 32.5’ trailer with a Colorado is nuts. Lets see those weight slips. My 4407 pound dry trailer weighs out at 5008 with water, food, gear, and beer. With my family, dog, generator and extra water in my 1500 Crewcab 4x4 my total weight is 5896. =10,904 pounds combined. The truck is rated for 15000 GCWR. =72% of capacity. It feels like it is at 90% capacity. You are over that with your Colorado. The GCWR of the Colorado is 12,000.
  10. Ive towed a U-Haul double axle car hauler with a honda CRV on it. No problems. The uhaul auto transports I’ve used have surge brakes which work ok. The tongue weight wasn’t too bad. Check the tires on the trailer before you leave the UHaul place. They run them to the cords.
  11. So i’ve been testing this scenario, the passenger side resets to 80 degrees after the truck has sat for 30ish minutes. It does this with remote start or key start. I made an appointment with my gm dealer today to have them look at it. I had to re-explain the issue a few times because they kept trying to tell me how the truck sets the temperature where it wants to with remote start. I get that. This is with the key in. I’m going to try to get a new negative battery cable out of the visit and get the 8speed fluid swapped.
  12. Is the superchips canned tune really that bad?
  13. What is max? 65? For that much weight I would run them up to 50-55.
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