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  1. I had the 5100’s installed yesterday. I did one notch from the lowest setting. I can see the slight change and you notice the slight difference from the drivers seat. The difference vs non-z71 shocks is immense! There is a small bridge on my drive home with a large and uneven joint. The old shocks felt like they were topping out or something every time. The 5100’s just soak it up smoothly. Awesome!!
  2. Your service guy should get a different job. Its a GD TSB. https://gmauthority.com/blog/2019/08/tsb-seems-to-fix-8-speed-automatic-gm-transmission-problems/comment-page-2/ Take your truck to a different dealer. Mine pushed back on the fluid swap. I got a survey in my email from GM. I explained their lack of knowledge or desire to resolve my crappy shifting. I got a call the next week from the guy who “never heard of that issue and its normal” He offered to replace the fluid and the “owner would pay for it to make me happy.” I refused the service until he acknowledged that GM would pay for it. Ridiculous These service writers are commissioned salespeople who rarely know anything about cars, common sense or integrity.
  3. Does the rear diff have a drain plug? I’ve never looked. Im thinking of swapping to amsoil and I’m 800 miles short of 30k. Seems like a good time.
  4. Falken Wildpeak AT3W is a great tire in all conditions. Avoid Cooper AT3’s if you drive in snow. BFG’s are great but overpriced. You have the 20 inch wheels so go with 275/60-20. They look better.
  5. Oil conditioner? Crooks! Crankcase cleaner? Seriously? Which dealer is this so we can all steer clear! Pick your favorite fuel injector cleaner additive and dump it in. Dura lube products are good. I would ask to see the procedures involved. I bet they have a few bottles on the shelf they INSTALL...
  6. To be clear you are on the 2nd from 0 setting or second from tallest setting? 0 .8” 1.2” 1.8” thank you
  7. 2017 GMC Sierra Crewcab 4x4 5.3 non-z71. Is anyone running the 5100’s on the 3rd from the top setting? I’m thinking about this setting for a few reasons: 1. I have stock size 275/55-20 Falken wildpeaks on. I got 55’sseries because they were rated for more weight than the 60 series. 55’s are 6 ply vs 4 ply on the 60’s. They look a tad bit puny. 2. I tow a 6000 pound travel trailer a few times per year. This trailer squats the truck 2-3 inches with a WDH. So I would like to see this thing level when completely loaded. 3. The non-z71 rides like a cadillac. I would like to prevent the rancho ride. Ive driven 2 k2xx trucks on factory ranchos and they ride like ******. So, anybody running their 5100’s on the second setting? I’m considering the 3rd setting also but I’m not trying to get a big lift just a little lift and better control when towing.
  8. I put these on in stock size 275/55-20 P-Rated. GREAT in snow and quiet and smooth on the road. zero problems
  9. Yes I love how this transmission drives at 3/4 or full throttle. It is the off the gas, on the gas turning in parking lots that it falls all over itself.
  10. Mine is still not 68 Impala 3 speed perfect but its pretty good. The new fluid helps alot. I still think the remaining issues are programming related. I’ll be trading mine in the day before my extended warranty expires though. That transmission looks expensive to replace. Im not convinced this new fluid isnt just a band aid that will shorten its life through additional slippage and heat. We’ll see if/when i get to take my camper anywhere this summer.
  11. Ive read and heard on youtube that the torque converter can have lasting negative effects from using this bad fluid before it is swapped out? I know the 6.2 torque converter was changed regularly but what about the 5.3?
  12. The 19dbxl is nice. What you lose however is the stand up pantry. Makes it nice to store dry food and supplies.
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