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  1. Falken Wildpeak AT3W. Great on road and in snow.
  2. Extremely happy with the falken Wildpeak at3w.
  3. New 8 speed fluid flush has worked great for me. I still feel a slight bump from gear 2-1 but it is so subtle you barely feel it. all seems well for now
  4. Have you considered the falken wildpeak at3w? I had duratracs in 275/55-20. No doubt they are great tires in all conditions. They got annoyingly loud by 30k miles so I swapped them out for falkens. So far the falkens are slightly better on snowpack and ice. Awesomely smooth and quiet as well!
  5. I had the 8 speed fluid changed yesterday. Initial drive home and around town it seems much smoother. The 2-1 clunks are still there but are way less harsh. 2/10 vs 6-8/10. It seems to slip less when accelerating from a corner. It also seems to shift quicker on hard acceleration. Could it be in “test drive” mode? Or still in a fresh re-learn? Either way its better. Its worth the time and effort to get it swapped.
  6. I have the same low speed clunks and bumps. Any progress on this?
  7. I had duratracs for 30k miles. Great in snow. Mine got unbearably noisy at 27k miles. Still had 4/32” of tread left. Rotated every 5k miles. 275/55-20 P rated. Towed great, rode great. Replaced with Falken Wildpeak at3w’s.
  8. Pulled my 5k camper 150 miles this weekend over Monarch pass. These tires are great with the XL load.
  9. Falken AT3W comes in a 117T rating in 275/55-20 so I went with those. Great so far!
  10. Got em! I bought the 117T (6ply) spec vs 113T for trailer towing. 300 pounds per tire more capacity. Up to 2833 lbs. Im hoping these tow better than my duratracs in 113T spec. They already ride smoother. They are so smooth compared to my worn out duratracs! Quiet too. No shake or vibes at 70. 60 series would look a bit better but all stock for now is ok.
  11. I dropped the truck off this morning to get the Falkens installed 275/55-20 XL. My tire guy is giving me $100 trade in for my 30k mile noisy duratracs. I was considering 275/60-20 but after a conversation with the service manager at the Chevy dealer im sticking with stock. Ive been trying to get more warranty work done on my 8 speed (new fluid) and one of the parameters they include in the transmission troubleshooting process with GM is tire diameter. If I ever need the trans replaced or repaired I want stock size tires on the truck. After listening to the duratracs for 2 years im ready for a change.
  12. Growing up on the west coast they were called “camper shells.” Here in Colorado they’re “toppers.” It seems to me the “shortbed” would be most popular. The 5’9” is what I see most often on the k2xx series trucks.
  13. Looks like around $200 a piece shipped for 275/55-20
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