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  1. Cool, I live in Gunnison.
  2. What Weight Do You Tow?

    I tow a 24 foot travel trailer. 4233 pounds dry. It tows full of gear and water around 5k. I live at 7800 feet in Colorado and I have to go over 9000 feet west or 11000 feet east to get out of the valley I live in. My 2017 Crew Short bed 5.3/8 speed 3:42 tows it great. I figure the trailer is a bit over half the towing capacity of the truck. So with a full tank of gas, family of four+dog and a bed full of gear, i’m pushing 6k. Its a comfortable weight to pull in the mountains in Colorado. The scary rigs I see are the 28 foot travel trailers behind grand cherokees and 4runners. I cant believe those people make it home most of the time. I have told my wife that when she wants a bigger camper we will need a 2500 or a 6.2/10 speed.
  3. My father in law just had the battery in his 14 replaced while visiting Colorado in June. One morning we had to jump it to get it to the shop. I use one of these digital volt guages in my 17’ when towing / camping with my travel trailer. I know its not 100% accurate because its in the cigarette lighter but its handy to see where the charging system is at after a few days of camping.
  4. Where was your Colorado bucket list location? Just curious.
  5. Last good z71

    My 2007 classic crew cab short bed did suffer from pretty bad frame beaming on rough roads. It sure did drive nice though. My 2017 drives like a car, handles great and climbs mountains like a champ. The 8 speed is clunky and wierd sometimes but when you get it going it hauls butt. I love everything about my 17’ except for the 20” wheels.
  6. Stock exhaust flapper

    I highly doubt you were there to see the truck start after hitting the pipe with a hammer. See link.
  7. Stock exhaust flapper

    I pinned mine open all the time with a drywall screw in the corner of the external square spring part of the flapper. A few Christmas’s ago my father in laws 2014 sierra would not start in the morning. It was -10 out. The flapper valve had frozen shut from condensation. A few hammer blows fixed it. After that, my flapper is always open. I dont hear any difference in exhaust sound ever.
  8. 2017 Purchase

    I have that exact truck, SLT premium plus and color. Love every mile so far. 18k plus miles. Bought new in August 2016. Only one service trip for a high pressure fuel pump at 2k miles. The color is gorgeous but tough to keep clean. I added husky no drill mudflaps early after I found lots of little rock chips on the rockers from my dirt road.
  9. I see a few used ones on ebay. Bodyshop can swap it out.
  10. You also should make sure your car insurance covers you in mexico. Many companies do not.
  11. Upgraded wheels lost 4mpg

    From page 1, if your speedo was “off” before it was overestimating your mpg before you swapped wheels/tires. Better than reality. If it reads correct now then it is likely your mpgs are actually correct. Other factors, section width, weight, rolling resistance, tread design. Lots of factors here. Temperatures and winter/summer fuel. All factors.
  12. My 17’ sierra has a heads up red LED that flashes on the windshield along with the vibrating seat and braking for the forward collision alert.
  13. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Same here, a set of duratracs and road force balance fixed mine too.
  14. I have had my 17’ in 3 days of -25 degrees with very stiff steering among other odd electrical behavior and loud engine startup noises. It sounds like your system is overly sensitive to cold. I would love to find a remedy to make this electrical steering feel normal in the cold. Our temps rarely go above 32 from December to April. My 15’ hemi charger uses an electric motor to power a hydraulic pump for it’s “electric power steering.” I’ve had that car in -40 without an issue and the steering effort never changes.
  15. Your favorite tires????

    Last I checked, the smallest wheels that will fit on a 2014+ is 17” due to the brakes.

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