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  1. Tire pressure

    What is max? 65? For that much weight I would run them up to 50-55.
  2. Hello, Everytime I remote start my truck the passenger side temperature resets to 80 degrees. The driver side stays where previously set.
  3. Hit a curb at around 15 mph...

    As said, replace the tire ASAP. The wheel finish can be fixed by a wheel restorer.
  4. Sierra Differentials

    What symptoms made you take it in to the first dealer? A dealer that unscrupulous should be publicly shamed if true.
  5. Mine dide the same thing. Sound went away around 20k miles.
  6. Duratracs wearing fast

    I have the same 275/55-20 P rated duratracs. At 20k miles i had 10/32” of tread left. 38 psi all around. Rotated every 5 k. Mine will be replaced at 30 k due to excessive noise and lack of winter performance at end of life.
  7. Guys, I swapped in a flow fx muffler last night to replace the big suitcase muffler. Left the flapper and rear resonator in place. I thought about doing a full muffler delete but at the end of the day I wanted something between stock and noisy. Im really happy with it. Sounds great on startup and cruising around at low speeds. Above 50 mph, the sound of the duratracs drowns out the exhaust. I’m going to play around with keeping the flapper open or leaving it to do it’s thing and see if there is a difference. I used a 3” to 2 3/4” adapter at the back.(slipped right over the adaptive valve) and a 3” coupler from oreilly at the front. The muffler wasnt quite long enough to fill in the gap of the suitcase.
  8. New 2018 GMC

    Slt premium plus! Good choice! Great truck. Some of the gadgets are just that but it’s nice overall. One step below a denali. My wheels have held up great to mud, salt, snow, carwashes. I still wish i had aluminum 18’s though.
  9. Falken Wildpeak AT3

    I’m looking at the 275/60-20 wildpeak at3w’s also with bilstein 1500’s on the 2nd from highest setting. Any other problems? Mpg? Tire noise? Balance issues? Speedo error with gps? Thank you.
  10. I dont have any specific instructions, you just need to crawl under there and watch the linkage move and see if it is binding, broken, etc.
  11. Adjust the 4x4 shift lever under the truck.
  12. Topper Questions

    Leer offers a battery powered led interior light that ive had for 3 years now on the original battery. Easier and safer than wiring into the truck.
  13. Front air dam removal?

    I trimmed 2 inches off mine
  14. No start

    Negative battery cables are supposedly bad. Causing numerous issues. I need to check mine.
  15. Metal skid plates?

    Neat post pics!

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