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  1. Yes thank you all for your inputs. I have got my wife talked into an ultra light. It is still 36 feet long but it’s dry weight is around 6700. Based on what you guys have said I’m hoping that will tow much better.
  2. Also truck cargo capacity is 1569. GVWR Is 7200. Towing capacity 9100. Axle weight rating of 3950(front and rear). GCVWR 15000
  3. So I have a 2017 Silverado 1500 5.3 3.42 gears with towing package(not NHT). I have installed Bilstein 5100s on all four corners. Tow mirrors being shipped as we speak. Air bags are up next. Here is my dilemma. My wife has her heart set on a Forest River Vibe 32BH. It is 38 feet long, dry weight of 7400#, cargo capacity of 2300# and a hitch weight of 930# fully loaded. I don’t plan to ever haul with full water, and I highly doubt I ever put 2300# of gear in it. We plan on towing it in our local area with 1 trip a year from Virginia to New York. I will also be the only one in the vehicle when towing as she and the kids will go in our van. Just want to get some of your thoughts on this setup. Thank you.
  4. Got ya. That makes sense to me! Thank you for breaking that down. All the acronyms get me confused
  5. Tom Hole I found wha you are talking about.. sticker says 1590 lbs
  6. If I’m reading right. I may be wrong but that’s why I’m asking.
  7. Well no I don’t feel that it does. CCC refers to how much cargo you can put into the bed of the truck minus the weight of the truck, not what you can actually tow..
  8. I have a 2017 Silverado 1500 5.3L crew cab. I do not have the max trailering package. I am looking at a travel trailer that weighs 7400 lbs dry. Has a hitch weight of 930 lbs. Fully loaded it would weigh about 9700 lbs. I know I will use a weight distribution hitch. Also looking at helper springs. What are your thoughts on this setup? Can I safely pull this? Any ideas will be helpful.
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