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  1. Are there any '07+ trucks with AFM with 300K+ miles?
  2. I was just checking if those controllers would indicate the truck has a rear locker. I can usually see that in the ad pics. I'd rather not give my contact info to dealers/sellers asking for RPO codes unless I'm seriously interested in the truck.
  3. Can anyone else confirm that all 2014+ trucks come with G80?
  4. I'm looking at ads and the descriptions are not always clear. Do these controls (in red square) indicate that the truck has the Trailering Package and as such has the (G80) locking rear differential?
  5. Hello GM-Trucks, I'm looking for opinions on the Fabtech 6" lift as well. I'm looking at used trucks and one that I am interested in already has the Gen II Basic already installed. It also currently has 35" tires which I'd run until they get worn then probably go down to 33". I've looked at pics online and 6" lift with 33" tires looks pretty good. Any input is appreciated. Thanks
  6. You must have a heavy foot. LOL These numbers almost make the 35"s look tempting. Being in CA I'd probably keep it all stock engine and tune wise, cat-back would be OK. Maybe I'll consider 35"s on 17" 18" wheels if the price is right. Thanks for the feedback everyone
  7. Hello GM-Trucks, I'm looking for a used 2014+ 5.3, 4WD, Crew, Short-bed. Some lifted trucks pop up in my search. I'd take a 3.5" lift with 33" tires without question but I'm seeing a few on 35" tires. They look great but I'm concerned with MPG as this will be my Daily Driver with mostly in town diving. What kind of MPG can be expected from a 5.3L 4WD Crew lifted enough to accommodate 35"s? Most have 20" wheels. As side note there's also a beautiful LTZ with 6.2L 9" lift on 37"s listed. I didn't even bother to inquire about it but I can't stop looking at it.
  8. Thank you for the reply and the related link CamGTP. I figured it was not likely a widespread issue but figured I'd ask just in case. The search continues.
  9. I previously had a 2008 Avalanche with the 5.3 Vortec engine. I was aware of AFM issues but it seemed like all trucks have some issue to be concerned with. The valve cover was replaced by the PO. Still the #7 plug would get fouled and I'd change it out. I was aware but kept an eye on it and was not too concerned. I had 160K miles on it when I go rear-ended and insurance wrote it off as a total loss. So now I'm shopping for a used 2014+ Silverado (4WD, Crew, shortbed, V8). Seems like I get something under 100K miles with my budget. Is problematic Carbon Build-up on the valves very common? Should I avoid this engine and shop for another brand? Relates Article: https://chevytrucks.org/chevy-ecotec3-5-3l-engine-problems/
  10. A related question about Silverado Extended cabs; Does the front door have to be open to open the rear door/
  11. Agreed, If the dealer has a 1st gen Colorado Crew and a 1st Gen Silverado Ext, it's probably best for me to get a first hand view. Seat back angles is a concern and not something the specs describe. Thanks for your assessment. When the kids get bigger, I might be shopping for another truck. looking for short term solution within the current budget. Thanks for responding.
  12. Thanks for the reply. I found the specs last night. Looks like you're right pretty close for leg room and head room. The cab is more narrow. Colorado CC should be fine for just the 4 of us in comparison to an extended cab Silverado.
  13. Hello GM-Trucks, Not GM Truck owner just yet. I had a '67 Shortbed a while back that I really do miss. But now I'm looking around and doing my research for a '04 or newer truck and this site looks like good place to do just that.
  14. Hello GM-Trucks, I've been looking around and doing my research for a '04 or newer truck. I have 2 kids, 8 and 9 years old. I'd like a Crew Cab 4x4 Sierra/Silverado but that's out of my price range. So I've been looking at Extended cabs (or no 4x4) to stay in my price range. But I've noticed a nice clean Colorado Crew Z71 and I'm wondering how the rear seats of a Colorado Crew compares to a the rear of a Silverado Extended cab. Looking for feedback from anyone familiar with both. Thanks,
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