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  1. Due to various issues, including supply chain, there will be minimal changes for 2022 in the HD line. Maybe inclusion of the multi pro tailgate; not much else.
  2. My experience is similar. On the throttle it sounds good but I barely notice it at normal cruising speeds/RPMs. If you’re towing and get in the 3-4000 RPM range, it would likely be noticeable but not objectionable. Louder than expected from Chevy; probably similar to Borla Sport series but not as aggressive at ATAK.
  3. Checked with Borla and was told “several months”!!! But, GMC accessories sells an exhaust which is made by Borla for the 6.6. Not sure if the version made for GM is more similar to touring, sport or ATAK.
  4. I’m curious as well; nothing for the 2021 HD on website.
  5. I’m considering the GM Performance exhaust for my 6.6 gasser. I know it’s made by Borla and I’m assuming it’s fairly mundane - similar to the touring or sport (not ATAK). Has anyone installed this and, if so, are you pleased with the sound? Thanks!
  6. Having driven the L8T with 6 speed for a few weeks, I’m entirely satisfied. I had the 8 speed in my 2019 Trail Boss 5.3 and have found the 6 speed to be equally smooth (I know the 8 speed has had some issues but mine was fine). In addition to being a proven design, for my use, the ratios in the 6 speed are pretty well matched to the torque band of the motor. I agree a choice of axle ratios would be nice; but, because I don’t tow heavy, I’d likely stay with the 3.73 as a good compromise between capability and economy. The GM/Allison 10 speed is getting high marks; but with a torque rating of 1000 lb-ft, it would be overkill mated to the L8T and add significant cost. The ten speed from the 6.2 could handle the torque but may not meet HD durability requirements without upgraded components.
  7. I’m not certain, after pricing both out, the price difference is $1000. When I ordered my 2021 it was closer to $400. In the past, some of the price difference was accounted for by certain content which was standard on the 3500; but optional in the 2500. I don’t know if that still may be the case (I couldn’t find anything in the order to suggest it is). There are some options that differ; for example, the mud terrain tire option is not available on 3500’s (assuming due to load rating).
  8. Not positive but I believe the 3500 only gets the larger rear diff (12” ring gear) with the diesel.
  9. I have a brand new 2021 3500 HD and did notice some steering noise. It’s not intrusive when on the highway; but noticed it when maneuvering in tight quarters at slow speed (with the radio off). I haven’t been able to isolate the source and the steering is fine; other than the noise.
  10. I just picked up my 2021 3500HD. My last few previous trucks were a 2014 2500 with 6.0; 2016 3500 dually with the LML diesel; and a 2019 Trail Boss with the 5.3. I don’t tow heavy - have a 23’ center console boat that weighs about 5000 pounds on trailer. The 2014 had the 3.73; as did the dually. The Trail Boss was a 3.23. The 2021 isn’t broken in yet (500 miles) but, thus far, it feels really good. It does like to rev and I really notice the power coming on around 2800 RPM. It’s not as nimble or quick as the 5.3 TrailBoss; but it’s 2000 pounds heavier. The door sticker puts weight at 7517. I didn’t want the hassle of diesel; and still worry after the LML issues with the Cp4 fuel pump. I believe the LP5 uses a revised fuel pump (but don’t think a lift pump was added). Thus far, I’m really enjoying the 6.6 gasser and feel as though it will do anything I need it to do.
  11. I just traveled to a vacation home 190 each way (PA to Delaware) with a brand new 3500 HD 6.6 gasser. It’s not “broken in and had 100 miles on odometer before the trip. With judicious throttle I was surprised to get 16.6 MPG round trip on DIC; 15.5 hand calculated. Stock Trailrunner tires on 20” wheels.
  12. Thank you! To be honest, on rutted or bumpy roads, it rides a bit rougher (as would be expected when unloaded). The rear end tends to not have much “give”. But, it’s not extreme by any means. On the highway, over less severe road imperfections, I believe it rides better; feeling very solid and more stable. I’d also note I did get the HD front “springs” (not the snowplow prep; which increases torsion bar size one increment (I think). Even with that, I actually prefer the ride and road feel over the former Trail Boss. I noticed during the warm trend in PA, this was with rear tires at 85 pounds and front at 65.
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