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  1. Great, thanks. Looks like it isn’t avaiblebon mobile devices!!
  2. Nothing I can find allows a build on the website under tools. Not sure if an account may be necessary.
  3. As noted, front gross axle weight rating I think. The diesel motor is much heavier and puts more weight on front axle. I believe they use heavier torsion bars but not necessarily to entirely offset the extra weight of the motor.
  4. I’m ordering a 2021 but haven’t seen actual pricing published as of yet. Is that 2020 pricing?
  5. The last duramax I had was a 2016 but required manual activation by a switch on the bank of switches on the dashboard. If it’s the same, could you have been feeling tow haul mode downshift rather than the exhaust brake? Did you have the exhaust brake turned on (if it requires that as mine did)?
  6. I think it depends on the outside diameter of the tires. Regardless of wheel size, if the outside tire diameter is the same, no speedometer calibration will be necessary. If different, the speed displayed may not be correct.
  7. I will no longer buy Goodyear; but, won’t replace those that came through from the factory until need be. In a sense, I already “bought them” and discarding them to make a point wouldn’t make sense to me. I’ve never been thrilled with their performance regardless; and have never purchased them when the need arose. When the time comes, I am interested in responses to your question however!!
  8. Could never figure why, for $55, dealers don’t include these on the trucks. They are standard with DRW but not SRW. Some include them with the slow plow prep; but, because they are so inexpensive, I wish they were included on more dealer stock orders.
  9. I’m interested in knowing a little more about interchanging the side steps/running boards. I am making the same trade (TB to 3500) but assumed the side steps (4” tube bars) wouldn’t fit since the frames are different. It appears from your experience this swap will work?? Thanks!
  10. Thank you!! I thought that may be the case but wasn’t certain!
  11. Very cool you have the 8.1. I didn’t mean to imply “vaunted” as a negative. It was a compliment in every sense; that big block didn’t need a lot of technology to make power. Makes sense the displacement produces better low end torque. Hell, I thought my 85 Z28 with the LB9 was impressive making 215 HP from 5 liters. But, comparatively, the 6.6 makes almost 100% more power from a 33% increase in displacement (roughly). I’m looking forward to mine arriving; though it’s probably 10 weeks out.
  12. Thanks. Speakers may be the answer since that wouldn’t require a lot of work with appropriate harnesses.
  13. Thank you! I was also informed by my dealer today that leather will not be available in the LT trim levels. Since I can’t get leather or Bose (I know about mixed reviews but I’m fine with the Bose in my current Trail Boss) looks like I’ll have to bump up to the LTZ. I’d prefer less chrome but also hesitate to spend extra for the Z71 sport since I’m already spending more than I had hoped.
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