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  1. Are those rear splash flaps the GM Accessories flaps by Luverne, or another brand?
  2. New Jersey has approved vehicle sales as an essential business, and it makes sense. If your car or truck is in a collision and is repairable, no problem - automotive repair was deemed essential. But if it's totaled, you have no way to replace it without sales. Here's NJ's updated notation:
  3. I just switched to Allstate for April, and a friend of mine is an Allstate agent in another state. This is the information Allstate has sent to agents: A State of Emergency has been declared in 50 states and Washington, D.C. related to COVID-19. During this time, customers may be using their insured vehicle or motorcycle to deliver food, medicine or other goods. The personal auto and motorcycle policies typically exclude coverage for commercial activity, however, while a State of Emergency is in place, coverage is being extended for customers under their personal auto or motorcycle policy who are now making commercial deliveries, using their insured vehicle or motorcycle, to help them stay protected. So if you're an Allstate customer and can help a local business with your personal/passenger-registered HD truck, Allstate is waiving the "no commercial use" restriction during the COVID-19 state of emergency.
  4. All Denalis have bucket seats and a full center console. The Chevy Work Truck trim uses the 40/20/40 bench, and the center seat does not have console storage when down as a center armrest - that requires LT/LTZ for Chevy, SLE/SLT for GMC with the 40/20/40.
  5. Last night, Pennsylvania ordered all dealerships to close their sales departments at 8pm March 19 until further notice. Service/Parts/Body can remain in operation. https://www.paa.org/coronavirus#comp-k7qcmjzjlink
  6. FCA as well: https://www.autonews.com/automakers-suppliers/detroit-3-begin-idle-north-american-plants
  7. And they got it: https://www.autonews.com/automakers-suppliers/detroit-3-begin-idle-north-american-plants
  8. Keep in mind, the GM factory Protection Plan is gone for 2020, at least in the US. GM contracted it to third-party AMT Warranty and the longest plan is 5 years/60,000 miles (which isn't even as long as the Duramax warranty). If you want longer than that, you have to go aftermarket.
  9. A good dealership that wants your business will write it that way. Both my Rams were ordered and written as best incentive available, order or delivery date. As for the original subject, GM is still trying to catch up on the lost strike time, so they have likely cut off orders for the 2020 model year. Fleet orders were stopped a couple of weeks ago and had to be transmitted by this past Friday March 6, so it's not a surprise that retail orders are likely no longer possible.
  10. I think the difference is, the GMC's model badging is all the way down by the body crease, where the Chevy moldings would be located. For those moldings to work on a Sierra, the door badges would have to be relocated or removed.
  11. The ones Chevy and GMC are currently offering are the F200 (front-only) and F800 (front and rear). Looking at the Thinkware web site, they handle 128 and down, but Thinkware apparently has no models that support 256. Not a prob... $25.99 for the SanDisk 128 High Endurance, and $13.62 for 64.
  12. I see a SanDisk 256 High Endurance microSD for $51.99 at multiple large retailers... that's not a bad price for the capacity.
  13. Thanks for the reviews, everyone! I like the idea of having the front/rear pair as much as any of the other safety systems offered. I probably would have been able to get a sideswipe accident 9 years ago turned in my favor (instead of the 50/50 written by the officer) with a rear facing cam in the back window of my current Ram.
  14. Has anyone purchased the Thinkware front or front/rear dashcam accessory packages, and if so, how do you like them? It's just a consideration at this point, but while some third-party systems may be better, I like the simplicity of having it done at the dealership in pre-delivery.
  15. Via elementfleet.com, MY2021 Silverado/Sierra HD dates are as currently noted: Order bank opens May 21 2020 Production starts August 3 2020 Companies that order through elementfleet.com were told to place MY2020 orders by February 19 2020 with last day to transmit being March 4. Retail orders have a little more time based on dealer allocation, but not much. So one can expect the 2021 Fleet Order Guides by the time the bank opens.
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