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  1. AMT came on as the extended plan contractor for the 2019 model year in the US. Canada may still have a factory plan or a different Canadian contractor.
  2. Two things disappoint me about the current Protection Plan offerings... - They're no longer a GM product. They're now managed by AMT Warranty as an authorized third-party provider. Ford and FCA service contracts are factory plans. - The longest available GM plan is 5 years/60,000 miles - the Duramax warranty alone is longer than that. Ford offers up to 8 years/150,000 miles and FCA up to 8 years/125,000 miles on their service contracts. GM/AMT - is 7y/100,000mi too much to ask for?
  3. I had full wheel-to-wheel diamond plate running boards on my 96 Ram dually, and loved them. Made accessing the front of the bed very easy. My 05 Ram DRW only has cab-length step tubes, and I really miss having a step at the box particularly when it's time to brush snow or clear ice from the rear window. Regardless of brand, my next truck will have a step there.
  4. Unfortunately, the industry standard for a lot space is 19 feet by 8 feet. At the complex I live in (which was opened in 2016), the developers adhered to that standard, much to the chagrin of myself and all the other full-size pickup/SUV owners. And with a dually, an 8-foot-wide parking space means no margin for error in centering the truck. Worse, the available garages are only 19 feet deep, so no full size truck with more than 2 doors is getting in any of those. As others mentioned, when I'm shopping or in any commercial parking lot, I just park away from everyone and either pull through or back in so I'm facing out. That's just the only way to ensure you have enough apron for turning when you leave. As for parking garages... the only one I don't fear is the one at IKEA near where I grew up... the first floor has a full 13-foot vertical clearance. Otherwise, I don't even try unless the sign says 7' 6".
  5. On CCLB trucks, both SRW and DRW, Ford has a 48 gallon tank standard for gasoline and diesel... Ram offers a 50 gallon tank as a $295 option. Chevy/GMC needs to compete... no need to add a 51 to be top dog, but a 48-50 gallon tank would be very nice. Ram makes their full safety system, including full emergency braking, available on every trim level starting at the base Tradesman. Like Ford, Chevy/GMC only offers parking sensors, lane alert, truckside blind, and rear cross alert in their lower trim levels. I shouldn't have to buy leather seats to have the safer truck. Ford and Ram have both gone to separate amber rear turn signals... I always preferred separate turns to reduce confusion by following drivers.
  6. Most likely, the Chevy dealer will send the part to the GMC dealer when it arrives... the GMC dealer wouldn't need to re-order. That's generally a condition of trade when a vehicle is disabled.
  7. 9-large is a hit, but not unexpected given it's a current year truck. I think the reliability of a truck that is factory-fresh and (hopefully) has no issues will ease the pain of the eaten money in short order. Best of luck with the GMC.
  8. From what I see in the specs and order guides, the smaller carpeted unit is included with Double and Crew cabs on all Sierras, and Silverados from LT up. The Silverado WT and Custom do not have it. The lockable bin is an LPO/dealer-accessory option.
  9. Hmmm... in NJ, dealership employee cars and demos/loaners have to be titled (to the dealership itself) and sold as used. Only stock vehicles used for test drives are still sold as "new". 3000 miles in a three weeks is a lot of driving - pace of over 50K per year. Sorry to hear TX Lemon won't help. I would still work out a trade, because after this many repair attempts, they still can't trace the source. Even giving you a loaner every time doesn't make the truck comfortably reliable when you get it back.
  10. Two things... 1 - When you buy a dealer demo/manager's vehicle, you have to consider it a used truck, no matter how "lightly" it was used when you bought it. There's probably a reason he only had it a couple of weeks. 2 - Electrical problems, especially in today's vehicles, are the most difficult to diagnose. The constant dashboard light show and the various electrical issues that the dealership attempted to fix as the cause sounds as if (a) this truck saw some (deep) water while in the general manager's hands, or (b) there's one heck of a short somewhere in the truck's network that is frying modules on the regular. I would definitely trade this thing and end the headache. If the dealership is being reasonable with the valuation and price of a new ride, go with it. If you keep it, it'll just be in the shop again, and as you're not the original owner, your state may or may not allow you to file a Lemon Law case.
  11. I was shown the Umber option when I did a 2500 High Country Crew Cab Standard Bed 4x4 diesel.
  12. Your choices are Jet Black, or Jet Black/Umber
  13. Since you're shopping upper trim levels, be sure to take into account which brands use "premium vinyl" instead of leather in places, especially on the back seat. If you're paying for leather seats, be sure to GET leather seats.
  14. On crew cab long beds, Ford has a 48 gallon tank standard and Ram has a 50 gallon tank as an option. GM has to match that on the HDs sooner than later.
  15. While you're all-rear on the fader, try adjusting the equalizer (start with bass) to see if that brings out more volume and power to the rear speakers.
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