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  1. Don't put too much stock in what they tell you, mine went from shipped to sitting in Flint, to on a train to LA, then to KY and all kinds of other stories. Then it randomly showed up yesterday. GM could stand to update their vehicle tracking system for orders and bring it into modern time. I'm just glad it's over and the dealer is now doing their process to get it ready for pickup.
  2. Mine showed up at the dealer today, saw it with my own eyes. Actual build date was 6/5 ... Original TPW 3/16. Delivery to dealer 7/7.
  3. The rumor that mine was on a truck turned out to be incorrect, still waiting for it to appear. A VIN a few hundred higher than mine did show up so it must be close.
  4. @redwngr Wow, that's all really good information. Glad to hear she isn't going to just leave me stuck without much warning. I had a 2016 Duramax and made it to the first level warning and got scared so I stopped in the middle of no where and spent an hour looking for DEF. I guess I could have made it the 200 miles home. I look forward to being able to fill it off the pump and not get the crystal residue on things under the hood when a small drop spills. Thanks again for the information!
  5. My understanding is 1 bar on the gauge is 2.5 gallons. At 2 gallons it begins limp mode, not sure what happens if you go to 0 gallons DEF. Poor planning to make it so you have to add 4.5 gallons to fill it up, but you have to buy it in 2.5 gallon units. The small things that annoy me
  6. The rumor mill says mine is on the truck to the dealer at this moment. 263### VIN original TPW 3/16. Sounds like they have 12 HD trucks in route to my dealer.
  7. Sounds like your dealer might not have an allocation.
  8. Wow, that's quick. I guess the train ride to N. Dakota is a lot quicker than Florida. My dealer told me mine wont be here for a few weeks.
  9. Our trucks are sitting next to each other I guess. Same update for me, next stop after New Boston is Port Arthur, LA.
  10. The heat shrink idea is good, as is finding someone to 3d print a plug cover. I'd do it but I'm still waiting for my truck
  11. Are there any modifications done to install this pod? I'll need something when my truck shows up.
  12. Still sitting in New Boston, MI waiting to go to Port Allen, La then to Florida . TPW 3/16 truck, likely built about the same time as @Pate Services in early June.
  13. And another week goes by. For this week's installment of find the truck we are........ IN TRANSIT! Wahooo, maybe I'll get a truck after all. How long will it take to get from Flint to Florida? Time to start cleaning up the Jeep to trade her in.
  14. We've made progress on a 3/16 truck. After the back and forth since March, being built, then not built, then built, then not built, I have finally been built 2 times in a row. I think it might be true this time, I was told today it was waiting for transport/in quality control. Not sure what event code that is, but it looks like we might be moving in the right direction. I will check back with them next week.
  15. Dealer just called me unprovoked and said mine was built yesterday, 263### is my VIN. I see 261### trucks on the inventory search so I assume this information is correct and it is built finally. We will see if that friday build curse is real.
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