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  1. 6.2 Long term?

    At least your still under the 100k PT warranty.
  2. 6.2 Long term?

    Thanks again, no worries not my first rodeo. It would have to be a '12 or '13 with less than 80,000 to get me interested and that would be a hard find at a bargain.
  3. 6.2 Long term?

    That was smart for taking the time and effort looking at it and finding the the lint blocking the vents. Interesting no cabin type filter for it. I am fascinated at the tech and engineering I am seeing. Thanks for sharing these pictures. I want one just for the tech it has though I am out of parking spaces now. Hmmm. Maybe now that this tech is more readily available (cheaper) GM will try again for a large hybrid. I would be a buyer at a reasonable premium with a sufficient warranty. What were all the original warranties?
  4. 6.2 Long term?

    Does that battery pack give off much heat? I can see the small fan it looks like. They are individual cells right?
  5. 6.2 Long term?

    That should be covered by warranty, though it may take a heart to heart with the GM. Threaten to sit out front with a big lemon sign and they will see the error of their ways. It worked for a buddy with a new Camaro that had been in the shop for 60 of it's first ninety days. Waiting on the dealer and parts got too much and it was finally dealt with under the lemon law. He just wanted to drive his ZL1 that cost nearly the same as my Yukon Denali.
  6. 6.2 Long term?

    Your right that is some amazing tech plus its more than a decade old. The battery, how long was the warranty? Cost to replace battery now if available? How long were they made? I know there is a law that parts have to be available for so many years once production ceases. Finding someone to work on that gearbox... Good find you have there.
  7. 6.2 Long term?

    Wonder why did GM quit making the big hybrids? With a 6.0 I could get interested as long as the gearbox was not a CVT. Yours has the 2 electric motors in the Allison? What batteries are in it?
  8. 6.2 Long term?

    I have always been suspicious of that OLM guide. To me this makes me wonder about the need for extra expense of synthetics. My vehicles are often under "severe duty" due to short trips even though I make sure the engine always reaches normal operating temps. I buy the best I know of and use 0/5-40/50 when I can find it. I am surprised to see that varnish and sludge but I have seen worse with fewer miles so I will most likely continue on still. Which brand of synthetic?
  9. 6.2 Long term?

    It could be worse, he could have a Tacoma.
  10. 6.2 Long term?

    Not all together bad news if they can get the new motor in quickly and do the repairs correctly the first time. Loaner car yet? You'll have nearly a new motor with a long block. Vehicles is the only thing I buy extended warranties for. My warranty, being retired, always times out before my mileage runs it out. You can get a 7 or 8 year warranty with 100K for less than a grand or even way less if you add a deductible. Mine with a 50. deductible was $650. for a 7/100. It's coverage includes a rental car and trip insurance and is bumper to bumper, not just power train. I don't want to find out how much a 10 speed is or that fused link that's so costly.
  11. 6.2 Long term?

    Sorry for your troubles, let everyone know how it turns out. Hopefully its something simple to repair.
  12. Which GM model has autonomous driving? The only one I know of is the Cadillac CT6. Is there any other?
  13. Thank You! Good point, I could loose that 12v outlet for the hdmi and always use that usb for power and I still have the 120v outlet below it. Later today, when my daughter brings my truck back I will post a picture of the back of my console so you can see what I am dealing with. I am needing this hdmi for my Grandkids to play their video games on instead of a tablet.
  14. 6.2 Long term?

    Not me, not me, not me. I won't go there and you can't make me. I can't even deal with a cv transmission. I need to feel it or know that a gear will or has changed even if its nearly imperceptible to feel as it is on my Yukon Denali, at least it is after the second or third gear change most of the time. I even hit the tow/haul button to see what gear I am in at times. I can't find any other transmission gear indicator on the dash. Those are some fine looking vehicles, do all electric or hybrids have a cv gearbox? I am guessing that this will be the future for all vehicles at some point in the future. Thanks for sharing these videos.
  15. Thanks for the help. That won't work on the rear on my center console but it just might on the inside of my console has a couple of extra 12v outlets and usb ports. Hopefully they are connected to the input side for the rear screen and not for charging only. I am thinking that only the usb on the rear console and the hidden space usb input are actually connected to the dvd player front and rear screen.

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