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  1. I did basically the same, used a borla xr1 round body 3.5 in/out. And ordered a 3.5in stainless section of pipe from summit racing and had it all welded. Sounds great and was pretty easy on the wallet. Really you just have to figure out what type of muffler you like. ( I suggest stainless no matter the style)
  2. I have the pedal commander, and it works great. I have to imagine the banks will work in a similar fashion.
  3. One other thing I like to recommend for a new truck, is a really nice set of seat covers. If you put em on when the truck is new it just really keeps what's underneath like new. If you ever trade it in or sell it pull the covers off and it's a great selling point that the interior is in mint condition.
  4. Yes I'm replying to a old post, but found another option for CAI , unfortunately SB filters haven't released it just yet but looks like a nice option for someone wanting one.
  5. Just to add to my earlier post. I have run it in race mode -1 setting ( it goes to race mode +4 or five), forgot it was in that mode drove on some just rained on roads with multiple stops and it was damn near a drag car every time you tried to take off at a stop. Borderline dangerous honestly.... It makes these trucks soo much more fun to drive, at least that's my experience. That's why I suggest it to all my buddy's that buy trucks like these. Either way enjoy that new truck OP.
  6. maybe a better way to say it would be more throttle input to get the desired ummph before, no matter the speed. now with my pedal commander set at sport +3 it takes way less throttle input to just drive normal, and if you put it to the floor from a dead stop with traction control off it will boil the tires with ease . it evan seems to take less throttle input to get it to down shift at speed when you want it to down shift. huge difference in overall driving experience compared to how the stock pedal "feels". and no i dont work for them either .
  7. If it's the 6.6 gas I suggest getting a pedal commander. It made a big difference in the way the truck drives, no delay or squishy gas pedal. Just instant throttle response.
  8. if for some reason you dont like how it sits you can always change the rear blocks and u bolts. they make 1in 1.5in and 2in+ to get it how you want it. and there is also adjustment left to go up or down in the front as needed, once your happy with overall look then go get it alighned. go to customwheeloffset site and look at similar trucks, it may give you a good idea as to how it will sit .
  9. On a optioned up 2021 GMC w/t I got it when it was ordered. But on to e85 talk, you guys who run it gas mileage aside do you notice much power increase ( seat of pants any way). Haven't put any in mine since purchase, just curious as I have easy access to it and a company fuel card, so mpg or fuel cost is not in my equation.
  10. 43 3/4 front 43 7/8 rear with a lot of thread left to go on the key adjustment up front, keep in mind I'm a reg cab 3500 so it may end up a little different on a 4 door 2500 . I always like to get the rear where I want it first then adjust the front accordingly.
  11. There sure is some damn nice trucks in this thread, not gunna lie....
  12. Used the supplied fox 2.0 non reserve shocks on all four corners. With kit supplied front top shock mount, the only cutting you have to do on the hole kit is chop of the front service mounts located above the top a arm forward position.
  13. I did the diff drop more for peace of mind, I figured it couldn't hurt to keep the CV angle flat as possible. I also did the pisk you ordered just forgot to put it in my post. The truck drives excellent in my opinion, in fact better than the 19 bone stock work truck we have for reference.
  14. Yep it's a good kit , I combined mine with suspension max 1in rear block kit instead and suspension max diff drop . I'm also running fuel covert bronze wheels 20/10 -18 bs. Excellent ride had to do minor trimming on front mud flaps but other than that very happy. May add the suspension max steering damper soon just for the heck ove it.
  15. I am curious, you talking diesel or gas tuning ? From what I gather the gas is encrypted just like the C8 vette, other wise I'm very interested in adding a TVS 2650 blower / big injectors / long tubes on my 6.6 L8t. But am under the current thought ove piggy backing a stand alone set up to run it. Any insight????
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