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  1. I'm just curious what the difference in parastatic loss are between the two trannys and if the added gear ratios will definitevly make up for it. As in heavy flywheel/heavy converter and more power loss to turn it, in relation to out put. I'm sure the 10spd is sweat. If it takes 40 more HP to turn it and a less snappy Rev range. will the (leverage of gears) be enough to over come that loss. Just some thinking I've been doing. Any thoughts???
  2. I bet a pedal commander would make it "feel" a lot better. That's the first mod I did to mine, and it feels 100x better now in sport mode +2 or+3.
  3. 3 in blocks are too much on these trucks, unless you need to fit 37s/38s . at witch point your doing a full fledged lift kit, not just a cognito 3in level w-fox shocks and 1.0 to 1.5 in blocks. Here's mine with a cognitive front + 1in rear blocks for reference. If you need more rake just choose wisely like a 1.5 or 2 in. Or you'll get to much rear and that's worse for basically everything..... This is with a 35/12.5-20 -18 bs.
  4. The steps look really good, sorry no help on the liners . some nice wheels and tires would really make that truck look great . my opinion some bronze wheels would look good on that white, and also match the black trim.
  5. Lennyb, just so you know there is zero tunning support for these trucks at the current time. That's why you can't tune for gear changes/shift points/ or any thing else for that matter. Our computer is encrypted just like the current C8. Other wise I would already have two walbro 450lph pumps and a tvs 2650 blower/ 1 7/8 headers, GPI cam with different fuel lobe+32 fuel lobe custom ground. To about 227/236 .610/.600 lift 110 +3 LSA and make around 680+ HP to the rear tire on my buddy's dyno. But the fact ove the matter is at this time we have no aftermarket support on this issue. About the best you can do is a muffler swap and a pedal commander (or equivalent device) to make it more enjoyable to drive. Just my .02¢ any way, happy wrenching bud.
  6. Personally I really like it the way it is, I'll use it just hauling a bed load of fire wood and it's nice to have. I think everybody's perception of 'aggressive' is very different, and that's OK. I could take people for rides in my procharged/cammed/150 shot nitrous 1/2 ton Silverado and it would blow their mind...... But to me it was just a quick Street truck.
  7. Looks good, that would help if you whacked a deer dead center.
  8. I did my first at 500 then second at 1500, I also use a filter mag RA300 on top of it. yes it's most likely overkill but I'll keep this truck till it blows up, so that's my take on it...
  9. I like the first pic, you got red/white/blue in that really good. No party for me this year had to work this morning ( but I don't mind double pay plus eight) about to shoot some redneck fireworks ( 5.56/9mm/12ga) any way happy fourth.
  10. A nice cheaper option would be buying a 3.5 inlet/outlet borla xr1 round muffler and a piece of 3.5 in stainless pipe from summit racing and bring it to your local muffler shop to have welded in place of the factory muffler. It sounds really good and looks stock from the back of the truck.
  11. Heck in the 6.6 gas 6spd, ID just be happy with a choice of 3:73/4:11/4:56. Gears as a ordering option. ( Ford does it) Other than that I see no problem with a gasser 6.6 6 SPD .it's a tried and trued tranny. My ultimate goal would be 4:88s a Magnuson tvs 2650, bigger injectors/ fuel pump and long tube headers. But tunning seems to be the hold up at the moment.
  12. It's ridiculous to spend almost 300 bucks on a piece of pipe and two clamps. Just buy a piece of 3.5 in stainless from summit racing and bring it to a local muffler shop to install.
  13. My borla xr1 is great sounding and not at all obnoxious. In cab is not loud at all , in fact mild by my standards but you can tell something has been done. On the outside its much louder, maybe thats a testament to how well insulated/built these trucks are. Heck I'm contemplating taking out the third cat to make it Evan throatier.
  14. I did basically the same, used a borla xr1 round body 3.5 in/out. And ordered a 3.5in stainless section of pipe from summit racing and had it all welded. Sounds great and was pretty easy on the wallet. Really you just have to figure out what type of muffler you like. ( I suggest stainless no matter the style)
  15. I have the pedal commander, and it works great. I have to imagine the banks will work in a similar fashion.
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