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  1. Just to reply to my own thread, I decided on deezee NXT steps for reg cab. I really didn't want any thing on this truck to be honest, but with 750mi on the truck it has already accumulated about 6 rock chips. And if I didn't do anything about it , it would have no paint left by 25k mi. Guess I'll have to live with em, they look pretty good and tuck up tight at least.
  2. The only reason I set mine at 60/70 psi is to keep the light from coming on the dash. I'd like to stay at 50 all around, and just air up when I need to haul something. Any body no how to lower the tpms threshold so we don't have to look at the orange light on the dash. Wonder if the dealer can do it.
  3. Your prolly good to go then. Just double/triple check. After its laid on the ground.
  4. Sounds like you need to find a local 'buddy' with similar wheels you want, and two jacks, an air gun and see what happens. Look close at caliper to inner wheel clearance. And go from there, if you have a local tire shop or junk yard that is pretty cool, they may let you test fit one just to see. Other than that good luck sir....
  5. Pic thread for all 2500hd/3500hd , GMC/Chevy reg cab long bed new trucks. Share a couple pics with mod list. To me these are the trucks that don't get seen much, so post em up fellas.... I'll go first Evan though my pics aren't the best.
  6. Nitto ridge grapplers, it's a good do it all tire. They perform well off road and have good Street manners, they look really good. I'm not saying it's a 60k mi tire though. By the way very nice truck, I ordered the twin of yours just in black, now it's a little modified.......
  7. I agree with adding a pedal commander. I have mine set on sport +1 and it makes the truck feel so much better. Mine is a pc77.
  8. Unfortunately your prolly right. But I'm hoping someone will figure it out. I thought the same about the C8. It would be nice if edelbrock / procharger, or any other supercharger vendor could make a bolt on kit with tuning included. They would sell very well in my opinion.
  9. For the price it's a no brainier, I clicked that option and am pretty sure it had to have some other option paired with it, I believe it was the brake controller at an extra 275. That is only 375 total. Totally worth it in my opinion, I plan on going with a tvs 2300/2650 blower in the future so it will do well for my needs.
  10. ordered from a local shop brand is fuel wheels, model is covert, in bronze finish. mine are 20/10 -18 back space.
  11. good question, i only have the base cloth non heated so i have no clue, but i cant see it being a problem.
  12. black is getting played out. and i didnt want polished, so went diffrent with fuel covert bronze finish. they make them in 3 finishes.
  13. I have the x-factor synthetic leather and the fit is amazing. my truck is a reg cab so i only have front pics. I dont think you could go wrong with the neoprene covers either, vertex makes a high quality product.
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