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  1. Just went out to the shed and measured it, from level ground to bottom ove wheel well trim centered with tire it's, 43 3/4in front and 43 7/8 rear with a half tank gas. Keep in mind mine is reg cab long bed, a 4 door short bed might have more ass weight and the 1.5in blocks may work better for your truck. Especially if you want a slight rake, but I think 2in is too much...... My .2¢ any way happy wrenching sir....
  2. Fuel covert bronze 20/10 -18 and Nitto ridge grappler 35/12.5 r20, I had to do slight trimming on the inside of front mud flaps and that's it , could have turned up the bars more but the height was right where I wanted it.
  3. pretty level for my taste , yet i still have alot of adjustment ln the front left to go up more if i want. mine is a reg cab long box but you get the idea, 1in or 1.5in block is about perfect in my opinion. also try to find the leveling kit thread on here it gave me alot of trucks to look at and helped me decide on the parts i purchased.
  4. It's the width/length (that's what I was told) on the u bolts that's the problem, so I had to piece mine together, cognito 3 in performance kit w-fox 2.0 shocks. And suspension max diff drop. Suspension max is also where I got the rear 1ton block kit from, I went with 1 in, but they also have 1.5 and 2 in I believe. You could prolly buy most any lift you want and just source the rear block/ u bolt kit separately.
  5. First off, damn nice truck you have there. Evan with no lift you could always put some nice wheels on that. Not saying the stockers are bad but it's nice to have a unique look that's not like the rest.
  6. Hey OP, if you like those wheels they come in 3diff finishes anthracite gray, bronze, and black. And multiple back space's to tuck em in tighter if you want. Just so you know. Couple pics for you...
  7. Cognito performance level with fabbed a arms and fox 2.0 shocks all around, diff drop/pisk support and 1in rear blocks. Turned out great and have a lot ove adjustment left on the front but it's almost perfect level for me. Also wheels are 20/10 -18 bs minor trimming on front mud flaps.
  8. Just my opinion, but black is somewhat played out and I'm tired of polishing aluminum. So I went with fuel covert bronze. That bronze would probably look really good on that red.
  9. Thread bump. There has to be more reg cab long beds out there ? That are picture worthy, or work horse. Don't matter post em please.
  10. I'll be damned as well, didn't really think my truck had a issue just figured that's how it was. After reading this thread went out to the shed and damn if my brake doesn't feel 90% better. Thanks for the tech tip.
  11. Just to add to this thread. Look up the leveling kit thread on this forum. I picked most my parts based on measurements taken from that thread and adjusted accordingly. Heck I bought the 1 in/ and 1.5 in rear blocks and ended up just using the 1in ers cause it looked better.
  12. this is with 3in cognito performance kit and front diff drop, pisk kit, fox 2.0 all around. and 1in rear blocks. almost perfect level. slight rub on front but i am running 20/10 -18 fitment , its not a chevy but might give you an idea of how it sits, also i have a lot of adjustment left in the front and could easily go up more but it sits perfect to me.
  13. So the mirrors on my build sheet are called "black outside power-adjustable mirrors" (DLF) code. Hope that helps,
  14. when i ordered my truck, i picked those mirrors it was 50$ cheaper than the standard ones , ill bet you can go to the dealer and figure out in there computer the stock p/n for them / it is a gm part. i do not have my build sheet in front of me, so i am not sure what they call them. but i agree with you, i like the look much better.
  15. Just to reply to my own thread, I decided on deezee NXT steps for reg cab. I really didn't want any thing on this truck to be honest, but with 750mi on the truck it has already accumulated about 6 rock chips. And if I didn't do anything about it , it would have no paint left by 25k mi. Guess I'll have to live with em, they look pretty good and tuck up tight at least.
  16. The only reason I set mine at 60/70 psi is to keep the light from coming on the dash. I'd like to stay at 50 all around, and just air up when I need to haul something. Any body no how to lower the tpms threshold so we don't have to look at the orange light on the dash. Wonder if the dealer can do it.
  17. Your prolly good to go then. Just double/triple check. After its laid on the ground.
  18. Sounds like you need to find a local 'buddy' with similar wheels you want, and two jacks, an air gun and see what happens. Look close at caliper to inner wheel clearance. And go from there, if you have a local tire shop or junk yard that is pretty cool, they may let you test fit one just to see. Other than that good luck sir....
  19. Pic thread for all 2500hd/3500hd , GMC/Chevy reg cab long bed new trucks. Share a couple pics with mod list. To me these are the trucks that don't get seen much, so post em up fellas.... I'll go first Evan though my pics aren't the best.
  20. Nitto ridge grapplers, it's a good do it all tire. They perform well off road and have good Street manners, they look really good. I'm not saying it's a 60k mi tire though. By the way very nice truck, I ordered the twin of yours just in black, now it's a little modified.......
  21. I agree with adding a pedal commander. I have mine set on sport +1 and it makes the truck feel so much better. Mine is a pc77.
  22. Unfortunately your prolly right. But I'm hoping someone will figure it out. I thought the same about the C8. It would be nice if edelbrock / procharger, or any other supercharger vendor could make a bolt on kit with tuning included. They would sell very well in my opinion.
  23. For the price it's a no brainier, I clicked that option and am pretty sure it had to have some other option paired with it, I believe it was the brake controller at an extra 275. That is only 375 total. Totally worth it in my opinion, I plan on going with a tvs 2300/2650 blower in the future so it will do well for my needs.
  24. ordered from a local shop brand is fuel wheels, model is covert, in bronze finish. mine are 20/10 -18 back space.
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