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  1. I just purchased a new 2018 Denali. Just wanted to check to see how you liked your setup and if it still rides like stock?

    I really like the look and stance of your truck!



  2. Hello,

    You truck looks dialed in, very nice job!

    I just read on the forum you have a 2.5 front & 2" rear block.


    I recently installed a 2" suspension maxx level to my '18 denali, but like you, I pull a fiberglass fishing boat and don't want it bogging down the rear, so I'm thinking of also adding a 1" rear block from suspension maxx...wondering what your thoughts are? Any advice is appreciated. 



  3. That's crazy though as mine seem to have plenty of clearance. I like to find out what the difference is
  4. I agree on the size tires that come stock. That setup is goin to look awesome post pics when you get it complete.
  5. What wheels and tires did you get and do you have something to sell now? I am looking for the black inserts on the 22s if you got em..lol
  6. I wonder if the G2's are more bulbous than the ridge grapps which might be more square if that makes sense..i just like using the word bulbous
  7. Did you go the full monty on the suspensionmaxx? I went full retard on mine 2.5" and 2" in back. Stacked the spacers on top and put the spacer on bottom
  8. I have nitto Ridge Grapplers is only thing different but I swear I only rub the inside lip of plastic trim as ive actually gotten out and checked when I was rubbing. I went out at work and took these and turned wheel completely to left lock. The last one shows the little rub I do have circled in red. I will fix this with a knive and ziptie sooner or later
  9. What width tire are you running? I think that is where you are having problems. The whole reason I went with the 285/55/22r was for width as I didn't want to rub anything important as this is a daily and pulls a trailer weekly
  10. It must the width of your tire as mine does not rub the control arms or anything other than the inside plastic trim on full lock. I just walked outside an looked again to make sure but ive crawled all under mine after I installed lift and tires. I read a 33X12.5X22 rubbed like crazy but a 285/55/22r is 34.3x11.2. I will take pictures this evening an post. I have lightly taken offroad and no more rub than on street
  11. It does rub but not anything that matters it rubs on full lock but these tires are super aggressive. I don't remember exact measurements but it was around 4" total with lift an tires. When it ever stops raining here I will check it
  12. I have the same setup as well with Stamped Steel A-Arms. I used the SuspensionMaxx 2.5 Leveling kit with 2" rear Blocks. 285/55r22 Ridge Grapplers
  13. Ok great. I was worried about the depth. since this grill is more recessed. I wanted to install a lightbar also so hopefully someone can help.
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