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  1. Hey, I'm thinking of getting the new Denali Ultimate and curious how these Firestone's worked for you. I currently have the 2018 Denali with the Air Lift and works great, but was curious to hear your feedback on these since the frame is the same on new trucks coming out and these should fit them. Thanks in advance!
  2. Just to sum up what I did...We ended up replacing 4 ball joints since they said that was the problem, and they were wrong. The originals were loose when you pushed on top of the tire with quite some force and made some noise. The replacements were a little better but not perfect by any means. They kept saying that there's springs in the ball joints and it should move a little. Well I'm no mechanic, but that ball joint should be solid. I was on the phone many times and all they kept saying is it was a bad install and I went to 3 different shops that do lifts all day long and all told me that these were bad bushings or ball joints...the bushings ARE extreme poor quality. There are not tight at all in the control arm. I just got so frustrated that they kept passing the buck instead of admitting there product didn't work. I ended up going to the BDS 6" for the magneride with larger 35" tires...boy, WHAT A DIFFERENCE! It rides pretty close to stock now, the larger 12 ply tires create stronger jolts over sharp edged bumps but the ride is solid. No more noise coming from the front end. I'm just sharing this info cause I went through hell for a couple months trying to figure out what was wrong with the install and if we missed something when the whole time it was there kit. You buy the most expensive truck and then put a kit on there that is suppose to work and then get front end noise driving out of the shop...GGGRRRRRRR. Long story short....I wouldn't buy this Fabtech kit for the magneride. I'll try to get some pics of it later this week.
  3. Denali 34, I got a fabtech 3.5" budget kit and was a big mistake. Truck makes clunking noice over any bump or pot holes and we finally concluded that it was poor quality control arms with and ball joints and control arm bushings. Can't believe they sell that kit, especially for a Denali that has one the best rides out there...absolute crap and disappointment. Not sure if it's only my truck, but I can't imagine anyone being happy with this if they are all like that. I'm looking to install the Pro Comp kit since it utilizes the stock control arms and wondering if you could let me know who installed it for you so I can contact them to get a bit of details on the magneride bracket and what they did. Any info would be great. Cheers!
  4. Hi, I’m looking into a 4” lift for my Denali and having tough time deciding. Did you say you tried the Fabtech first then had the ProComp installed after? If so how did the ride change compared to stock. You have photos? Thanks!
  5. Wow! Love this setup! Just purchased a Denali truck and this stance is exactly what I’m looking for. How is the ride with the Fabtech 4” compared to stock? And did you relocate the sensors? Thanks in advance!
  6. I just purchased a new 2018 Denali. Just wanted to check to see how you liked your setup and if it still rides like stock?

    I really like the look and stance of your truck!



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