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  1. My All Terrain

    Thank you very much. Mine are -18 offset. They do not have spacers and I like the stance. It does scrub on the inner fender at full lock even with the 4” lift. If I added 1” to the front it wouldn’t. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. My All Terrain

    Any count it’s a nice truck. Congrats Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Reliability should be a non issue. They most likely put a 1.9L blower on it which is about the safest low level boosted one made. Canned tune shouldve put about 75 whp down all said and done. Total power somewhere in the neighborhood of 450whp. If that's what you're going for then its a hell of a deal.
  4. My All Terrain

    Congrats on your truck! Very nice. Does it have the 6.2 with the tow package?
  5. How do you go about doing this? Is this something I can purchase?
  6. I did end up getting a 4" lift from ProComp. Much better kit. It was more expensive but worth it. The 4" from Fabtech was really only about 3" lift at most. Pretty disappointing and after it settled it was no higher than my level kit. The ProComp kit is very nice and after measurements and settle it sits 4.1 inches higher than stock. Rides great
  7. I agree. But 2017-2018 require sending it to them from what I was told Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Those transmissions can not be tuned by handhelds. HP Tuners can tune them for 2 credits if you send it to them. Your best bet for more power would be headers, cam and head porting and polishing. I was told that would yield another 40-70 whp on top of the Whipple. Cost somewhere in the neighborhood of 6k for parts and labor. It has a high performance air filter in lieu of the CAI. I am having a Whipple and Kook headers put on by Vengeance Racing in GA next month. They are also installing Taylor wires, 180 Thermostat and Plugs. What are your thoughts on the Whipple?
  9. Search function on this site is awesome. This topic has been discussed more than any other. You'll find any answer you could ever want on tire size and level. Welcome to the site!
  10. Ceramic coating? pros v cons

    Ive had the ceramic coating applied to my vehicle's by Glasslife Atlanta. They performed a full paint correction and used CeramicPro brand coating. They applied 5 coats and 2 top coats. It looks great and has since they've done it. I use Adams Car Shampoo without any shine enhancers and Car Pro Reset every 6th wash. It has a 6 year warranty on it. It cost me $1800 out the door. On a black vehicle not to see any spiderwebs in full sun is worth the cost 10 times over. Ive had my boat, motorcycles and wife's vehicle done since then.
  11. Leveling Kit or 4" Lift

    I lifted mine with a Pro Comp 4" lift kit for Magneride. Make sure you're looking up kits for the Magneride system you have. Mine doesnt ride any worse than factory. Im not sure how many people makes lifts for 2wd trucks with Magneride. I know Pro Comp, McGaughys and BDS do for 4wd. Previously I had a Suspension Maxx 2.25 leveling kit that I put on myself that was equipped with the brackets for Magneride. It was a great kit but wanted more. Good luck to you
  12. See what im saying? They don't know when to shut up. I used to have them blocked at the recommendation of several people here who do the same thing but now its comical how ignorant people are. Keep it up Tex you are my comic relief.
  13. LOL, trying to disagree with certain people will never work no matter how much first hand experience you have with the item. They will argue with a wall so keep that in mind. If they made K02's in 22's id have a set. Surprised they didn't try to bring up the CST coil overs yet and plug that in somehow. There are some people who just don't know when to shut up and understand they people can different experiences. Make your suggestion and move on. It is funny to see how it doesn't click though. Good luck OP. Apparently if you don't buy Ridge Grapplers you are an idiot even though that wasn't one of your final picks.
  14. I bought the Pedal Commander for mine https://www.pedalcommander.com/product/pedal-commander-p4-pc65/?motor=6.2L+V8&v=7516fd43adaa I love it. Way more responsive than tow mode and you have 36 different options for responsiveness. It makes every day drive ability better for me. I don't have to wait till the pedal tips over for kick down. I get better gas mileage as well. For less than $300 its worth it.
  15. Rear diff cover

    I am waiting on the 3rd part of that Banks video. I am going to get a rounded cover with fins like the B&M and G2. Similar to the on e that Banks is developing. I heard that he was under lawsuit by the manufactures of the ones he tested for claiming they didn't work, hence the 3rd and final video not coming out. But that is hearsay. I am having a Whipple put on next month and want every advantage I can to keep stock items safe besides fluid. I am going to order Amsoil fluids for everything.

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