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  1. Ceramic Coating

    Yeah it’s a bit pricey but it’s also a black truck which needs some paint correction with all the swirl marks from the factory and previous owner. I don’t mind spending the money as long as it lasts like they claim it will. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. What exhaust did you go with? I didn’t know they made one besides the GM Borla system. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I have the GM Borla kit that I’m installing this weekend. I have the Bose with the active noise canceling option. What’s the reason behind having it recalibrated? Is there literature on this or a TSB? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I am going to get my truck ceramic coated soon. Anybody have any recommendations in the Atlanta area they have used with great luck? I have talked to a couple of company's and they all seem to be within the $2,000 range. Glasslife Atlanta is who Im leaning towards. Thanks!
  5. Leveled 2016 silverado with 33s

    Yeah that’s why I went with the Suspension Maxx leveling kit. No need for UCA’s and relearn on magneride. Best kit available IMO. Let me know how that Ready Lift works out for you.
  6. Leveled 2016 silverado with 33s

    Id like to downsize to 20" wheels with 285/65R20 BFG KO2's. I had a previous truck with those and really liked the look and ride. Gotta sell these 22's first and then will try it. If BFG made 22's then id keep my stock wheels. I dont care for Nitto's.
  7. Leveled 2016 silverado with 33s

    The dealer will not need to recalibrate the magneride. Thats the reason of the relocation brackets. I had to get an alignment as the toe was way off but just did a 1500 mile roadtrip and road nice. Averaged 22 mpg as well.
  8. I did Llumar CTX tint all the way around on my truck. 15% on the front side windows, 35% on the rears and back (on top of the factory tint) and AIR on the front windshield and sunroof (no tint just the ceramic protection). My 2 kids have no problem seeing out but it does keep it cool and sun out of thier faces.
  9. Adams Wheel Cleaner is what I use. Best cleaner IMO. Worth the cost.
  10. Leveled 2016 silverado with 33s

    I just installed a Suspension Maxx 2.5" leveling kit on my Denali FOR Magneride and nothing rubs. I have the stock 22" wheels and tires. Don't worry about the upper control arms rubbing on your stock setup.
  11. 2018 SLT & Denali cluster

    Just curious for those who have done it on GMC and Chevy's will the "Splash" page still show Denali Intellilink on SLT and Chevy vehicles?
  12. Do you have the GM Part number for the GM Borla kit you installed? I have a 2017 GMC 6.2 and would like that kit.
  13. Heres my clean and leveled 2017 GMC Denali 6.2
  14. Volant Cold Air Intake

    We have essentially the same setup. Im glad it wasnt just me. LOL
  15. Volant Cold Air Intake

    That's weird. Is the exhaust just that loud or did opening the exhaust up some quieten the intake noise? What exhaust did you go with? Im on the fence on what I want. I want to hear the mighty 6.2 but dont want it that loud if that makes sense

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