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  1. It’s funny how all the people who never had an issue (like my father who owns one) never post about the positive experience. I bet there’s never been GMC who’s linkage broke. I don’t give my transmission another year. The way it slams and jerks into 2nd gear I feel like I will be stranded soon. This happens before the supercharger. The truck just now has 10k miles and feels like it’s worn out.
  2. Looking back on it now I wish I would've bought a RAM. I've spent over 17k on top of the 65k when I bought it on my Denali with the supercharger and lift kit and still regret buying it. I love the way it looks and now that the supercharger is installed I love the power. Other than that not much impresses me. Transmission sucks and there is no amount of money that can fix it and the interior sucks. Oh well, I digress. Hopefully I can wait until the RAM TRX comes out...
  3. Drawing time for some really cool stuff 2018

    Im in! Thank you!
  4. Quotes for exhaust

    Have you looked into the GM Borla system? I have it installed on my truck and it has the flapper in it to eliminate drone if you don't already have the AFM disabled. I really like it and its relatively cheap ($1300) considering how much the truck is.
  5. 6.2L Muffler Question

    There are manufacturers that make kits with the flapper valve so you don't get the drone and others that make kits without. I have the GM Borla cat back kit on my truck and it sounds awesome! It was less than $1200 out the door so not very expensive relatively when it comes to how much the truck was.
  6. Thanks for the input! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. The used that same kit number for the 2017 year models. There is no difference in the truck between 2017 and 2018 year models. That kit comes with rear shocks which you will not need if you have Magneride. You will need to purchase the extension brackets not listed with the kit. The wheels I have are the stock 22" wheels. I believe they are 9" wide. The clear the upper control arms. The stock 20" that come on the trucks will not clear and will require spacers. I am running 285/55R22 tires.
  8. Tire size for 22” wheels

    The search forum tool is your friend. This topic has been discussed about 1,234,567,891 times I bet. Not trying to be rude but please use the tools the site gives us.
  9. 3-4 inch lift for 2016

    I have the Pro Comp 4” lift on my Denali. Love it and can return to stock if wanted to. Comes with a no question lifetime warranty and a Powertrain warranty for 5year/60k. The kit I used was the K1173B Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. That person were not naming created a bull market that allowed me to pay cash for my house, truck and boat this year alone. I’m not one for talking politics because that would be bad manners but having 0 debt at age 35 feels great again to me. It wasn’t possible during the past regime. Seems like we should all count our blessings. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Amen! Of course this forum is biased because it is a GM board. I'm truly surprised by how many cant even admit to the Ram to being a nice truck. I bought the most expensive , loaded out with every option 1500 truck GM offers and wish I hadn't most of the time. Especially when I sit behind the wheel of my dads 2019 Ram. He hasn't had any issues out of his RAM (yet) and paid 8K less than mine being fully loaded and a year newer. I know I lost money paying cash for my truck but oh well. I still love the power and the looks of it. I can also admit that the RAM is a very nice truck as well. I'm sure looking at them when the TRX comes out hopefully in the next 2 years. I for one love the most loaded out truck with no expense spared. I wouldn't buy anything less. But that's me and we all have different opinions. Isnt America great?
  12. Did you feel much difference from the Hypertech "canned" tune?
  13. There is a Marathon gas station 1 mile from my hunting property that sells 93 EF and I drive there to fill my boat up and also a 100 gallon tank on the back of my trailer for my lawnmowers and motorcycles through the year since it isn't that close by (150 miles). I top off my tank in my truck while I am at it but never saw a difference in MPG. Thats the only one I know close that sells 93 closeish to me. There is a lot of 91 octane but I dont bother with those.
  14. 3.5-4.5" lift

    Yes sir. There is no cutting of the differential and all the mounting tabs are left intact. That’s the main reason I went with this setup besides keeping magneride. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Im having the same thoughts as you. Before I bought my truck the 2019's Rams were out and I could've saved serious money but I couldn't get over the looks of the Ram. Now I think I can get over the looks of it but the reliability is an issue. I dont know what to do now. The 2019 GMC are uglier than the Rams to me. I love the looks and the power of my truck but the features are shit and way behind. I already have a 6k deposit on a supercharger getting put on in 3 weeks so after its put on Ill see if I can overlook everything else and hold out till the kinks are worked out of the 2020 Rams. Good luck to you on your choice.

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