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  1. Hello all, So in 2018 I put 3" Fabtech lift on my 2018 Gmc Sierra Denali with magenride. The kit comes with strut spacers, Uniball upper control arms, and blocks in the rear. The kit cost me about $1,000 so I thought that I wasn't going cheap. However, when I first put the lift on I always noticed a very noticeable pop noise on the passenger side whenever I would go over small abrupt bumps while going straight or turning at low speeds. the noise annoyed me too much so I took it to all types of dealerships and shops and no one could figure it out. Eventually I got tired of it and invested in a by pass kit that allowed me to put full length coilovers in and completely remove the spacers (because I thought the problem had something to do with it). So I completely removed my factory magneride suspension and installed Fox 3" Fox 2.5 Coilovers in the front and 2.0 Fox shocks in the rear. First thing I noticed was that the sound had now moved from the passenger side to the driver side and it was not as loud, but it was still there. I was livid because I just spent another $2,000 on this fox suspension and I'm still getting the noise. Again I took it to many shops and dealerships and no one could figure it out. The dealerships told me it was the shock so I sent it to FOX and had them look at it a rebuild it, but nothing was wrong. I also had the shop re grease and replace the bushings on my upper control arms and basically do the whole nine yards to make sure everything was tight and good to go. Still to this day I still hear the same pop pop pop intermittent noise when I go over small bumps or dips or anything sharp. my truck rides great on the high way it's just if I ever try to take in any rough street or off road conditions it is absolutely awful and the truck is popping the entire time. I literally do not know what to do and I do not want to keep putting money into the truck if I don't absolutely know if it will fix the problem. does anyone have any solutions?
  2. Dude i can’t get the simulators off to replace them. It’s like they are melted on or something. And i broke the OEM clip for the magneride connector so i’m Pretty pissed off.
  3. Thanks man! Yeah I took it to the dealership and they said they rand the Trim procedure 6 times but were not sure if it went through or not. But they told me the front two shock sims were bad so xineering is sending me new one’s. Hopefully it went through and I can put them on with no suspension message.
  4. Yeah so i’m Getting a suspension message in the dash that I can just dismiss away..but the xineering Kit and everything is installed so i’m not sure why i’m Getting that message.
  5. Yeah man, so right now i have a 4” fabtech magneride lift right now, so I am not going from stock ride height. Do you still think I should do the Ride height Trim procedure then? If so, did you put you’re new shocks and the bypass kit on first and then go to the dealership or to do the ride height procedure or what? Thanks man!
  6. Hey man did you have to do the Trim procedure in your truck after the install of the bypass kit? Xineering guys said that they recommend it.
  7. Hey man, did you have to get the TRM procedure done to your truck after the xineering Kit was installed ? If so how did you do it?
  8. Hey midwestdenaliguy, when you put the converting kit on your truck, did you have to perform the TRM procedure? The guys at xineering told me to get that done because the sierra’s send so much current that it may cause the bypass kit to fail.
  9. Denali 34, What year is your truck because I checked the fitment for my 2018 Denali and it does not fit. Also what size tires and rims do you have? 22x9 and 285/45?
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