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  1. Check engine light came on a couple months ago, did some research and came to the conclusion that it might have been the TPMS Sensor. Ended up changing out the entire throttle body for the JET Throttle Body. Money light turned off, truck was driving great, though the problem was solved. Couple days ago, light came back on and the same symptoms were going on. Decided to actually scan it this time, which I should have done the first time. Got the codes for P0711 and a P0700. Kind of alarmed when I read the P0711 description since it included the word 'transmission' in it. Apparently this is the code for a faulty Trans Fluid Temp Sensor. Very hard to find any info on this problem in the newer trucks and when I took it to the tranny shop he said this is the first one he's seen have a tranny problem so far. Of course, the dealer was no help. I went in and told them what code I got, first thing the snake of a salesman did was try to tell me maybe the seatbelt is giving off a code and that if I want them to look at it, it would be $220 from the jump. They also said it's not under warranty since it's electrical. Blood red mad. Anyways, I took it to a local shop and the guy that owns the shop has the same truck, just a 2015, so I feel I'm in good hands. Called me up today to say he tried to order the part, and GM tech told him it's not just the sensor you can switch out. You have to replace the whole damn harness. Why is GM like this. Anyways, I'll try to keep this updated just in case someone else comes across this problem.
  2. Range AFM came in today and je sus christ it feels like I am driving a brand new truck. Feels like I have so much power now and haven't even felt any of that dreaded slow speed clunk yet knock on wood
  3. How good was the ride after the switch? Might have been a combo of changing the diff fluids and oil at the same time but felt like butter
  4. Switched over to Amsoil today. Motor, front and rear diff, transfer case. Glad I did the transfer case too, even though this is "normal". 45k in
  5. Thanks for that info, might have to put those on next time I rotate. So far it's not too bad avoiding full lock, but it would be ideal to not have to worry about any kind of rubbing at all!!
  6. Just installed Bilstein 5100 highest setting in the front and 5160 in the rears. Moved from 275 55r20 to 275 60r20 as well, on stock wheels. Paired it with Camburg tubular UCAs. Didn't notice rub until today when I checked to see how much clearance I had on the well liners. Clear with about an inch, but then I see scuffs on the control arms. Only time it happens is probably turning / backing into parking spots, but it is still annoying. I researched a lot before choosing this level and tire combo and was hoping for no rub. Rubbing on the liner is an easy fix, but this control arm issue is gonna be annoying. Might have to get a different wheel to solve the problem, but not sure what offset / backspacing and if it's a guarantee fix
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