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  1. This is very interesting I wonder if we could figure out a way to do this to add a front camera
  2. Silverado 2500 crew cab 4wd Could you clear 285/55/22 nitto mt on 22x10 wheels with -18 offset ??
  3. can someone give me some advise on some 4" to 5" lift kits ive looked at the zone,rcx and rancho but not sure which way to do i would like one that you dont have to do much if all cutting but that rides smooth I plan to run 35" tires and a 22" wheel thanks
  4. what fog light bulbs are you using to match the headlights?
  5. Whoever is serious about wanting these email me at [email protected] when I have buyer for both I'll sell
  6. Down by coast but I'm in Tallahassee a lot but would need to make sure someone buying other set before I split up?
  7. I would rather sell set all together if you 2 are serious and one buys front and one buys rear we can do that but don't want to be left with a set
  8. Used for about 6 months and just took off because sold truck 750 plus shipping ride was great and lifted my z71 a little over 2"
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