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  1. I saw a truck the same color and trim as mine coming towards me today and I was like, that is not a good looking truck. The huge frowning grill has always bothered me, but I noticed it reminded me of a new f250 with those skinny factory wheels and tires up front tucked. Like someone hunching their shoulders real tight. I'm wondering if some more width in the wheels/ tires might help that look. For me it would mean wheel spacers but factory warranty might not like that, for reasons probably
  2. My 14' Sierra sle had adjustable pedals that I appreciated. But also an adjustable headrest forward/backward on the driver's side that I adjusted frequently depending on my driving position, my brothers 19' ford f150 platinum has the same both drivers and passenger headrests. My new, MORE expensive than his F150, gmc Denali doesn't have adjustable headrests on either seat. Up/down obviously yes on my truck but back and forth.. nope. Not like my 14' sle drivers side. Nor my brothers 17' and now 19' f150 platinum both sides. I'm genuinely wondering if my dealer didn't swap out a non adjustable passenger side "Denali" headrest with my drivers side headrest.
  3. Not covered by warranty. I'm sitting in a ford dealer parking lot
  4. And it is LOUD, I was wondering what in the world I was hearing, sure sounded like an exhaust leak then it would go away, but now it's 100% of the time my foot is on the gas. I bought this thing new not even 2 years ago and it's barely got 65,000 miles on it and now this? If gm doesn't fix this for free I'm going to loose my mind, then once it's fixed I'm trading it in on a ford, don't even like fords but it's better than dealing with one problem after another.
  5. How's the cutoff with the LED headlights? Not sure why but I think I'd get annoyed if the cutoff wasn't as sharp as stock regardless of light output.
  6. That's a good idea. I thought about fiberglassing mine just for the hell of it, may make it stronger or something, not that it needs to be.. I'm using the same 2x4 I had in my last truck, probably 6-8 years old.
  7. I never check my mpg but the other day my "mileometer" was near to tick over to 30k and wanted to see it for whatever reason, I actually took a picture of it.... I'm dumb I know... but tonight looking through my pictures I noticed that my best "Last 25 mi" mpg was 25.8mpg... Unfortunately I don't know how I managed that, but considering I drive the same route daily and rarely deviate more than a few miles I must have been extra light on the speed or had a stiff tail wind going to and from. Just curious what anyone else is seeing on their mileage. Trucks a 2wd 5.3 w 3.7.... It's a 3.7-somtheing gear ratio. Crew cab short bed. 14 Sierra. Not that it matters much just throwing it out there. Oh and by the way, in my picture I had the cruise on 77 and was averaging 16.1 mpg for the last 25 miles, that's why I was surprised about the damn near 26mpg. I've owned 2 cars and many trucks and none have come close to that. Granted my 400 mile average is like 17-20 depending on my avg speed I assume.
  8. Interested in this as well. Would love to see some beam shots.
  9. X2 And unless u NEED a lifted vehicle, they are never ever worth it. IMHO, having owned one lifted truck, I will never own another.
  10. No sir, unfortunately I never did get an answer back from GTPprix about the possibility of him reprogramming the BCM where the DL3 mirrors would function as they do from the factory. And after looking at the (interior/cab side) wiring harness, I don't think I would ever go through the trouble to replace it. I DO NOT KNOW if the interior harness would have to be replaced or not, but if so, I'm thinking it's not worth it. If only the harnesses on either side going from the door jam into the door themselves needed to be replaced (along with the programming and mirror/power fold control panel in the drivers door) then I don't think that would be all that difficult and well worth the job being done correctly and everything functioning correctly (power fold, puddle lamps, turn signals, power adjust, etc.)
  11. I messaged GTPprix about programming the BCM to enable the functions of DL3 mirrors but have not heard back from him yet. (I'll swap both harnesses in driver and pass doors along with the power fold switch in drivers side so hopefully all that needs to be done is programming) If he's unable to do the programming I'll resort back to wiring them myself and I'll report back on my progress.
  12. Pull a door panel off and see if there is a harness running up towards the mirror, I'm betting there will not be because as I've found out, if it's not necessary for the vehicle (as it leaves the factory), it is likely not installed. Example, on bose equipped trucks with the amp behind back seat there are threaded tabs for the amp to mount too that are spot welded or something in the sheet metal itself, well those tabs are not on my non-bose truck. Possible good news is that if you run the harness (if not there already), install the switch in the door, and install oem power mirrors, there's a chance (in my opinion) that the power adjust will function without further modification. Reason I say that is because I swapped mirrors in my truck and without any programming or anything else done at all apart from plugging the new mirrors in, the power adjust worked like normal. The turn signals didn't however, which is what I got them for, so I'm going to be modifying something to make them work.
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