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  1. Ohhh no no! The bus place will do for probably less than a hundred!
  2. Yes! Go to greyhound.com and look for shipping. It's a third party company. You pack your stuff up, weight it and measure it, then plug in the info/zipcode etc. and they'll give you a price/shipping label/place to drop off. Once you drop it off, that's it. If they weigh it and it's over what you said, they will just charge you the additional amount. If it's under they will credit it you the refund amount. They are very helpful, friendly and I've never waited on hold long at all. This is it: https://www.busfreighter.com It's greyhound transporting it, so it's not going to get there "tomorrow!" But It WILL get there and for a LOT less cost that's for sure! You can insure it for as much as you want, it's trackable and everything.
  3. Hi guys, sorry for the confusion. Yes, it was 650.00 for everything. It was gobbled up FAST! It has been sold, packed and shipped via Greyhound shipping. FYI - if you have large items to ship, Greyhound shipping is GREAT! VERY helpful, super easy and extremely reasonable! See below for the rates I got. Packed very well and boxed at 24"x20"x48" Weighed in at 53lbs - used a closet standing heavy duty garment box 15.00 Cheapest Ground UPS/FedEx/other carrier - $356.00 <--CRAZY! Greyhound: $97.00 (Very doable) Thank you all for your interest.
  4. FYI - Full wiring harness was purchase directly from the great (pgamboa) here on this forum. This was never installed, never used. All good to go!
  5. Ok guys, the pictures are posted. I pulled it out to clean it up and check it out. I want to be sure to present FULL disclosure here. I noticed a small scrape/tear on the back passenger side corner. It's right on the corner and a little less than 1cm long. This was likely done when moving it or during shipping, I cannot be sure. It sat in my garage for a while, covered with plastic, then after a while I wrapped it up and took it into a closet. On the top of the lid there is what looks to be like a VERY light razor cut... Again, no idea how THAT got there! There appears to be some lite white paint overspray on the top. This can be removed and it WILL come off The little sticker that illustrates how the wireless charing bay works is skewed some. The easiest remedy for this is just a new top lid of which is not that expensive considering the entire console. OR it could also easily be repaired to where the tear will not continue and the overspray could be cleaned off. Again, just full disclosure so you know what you're getting. Considering how difficult these are to come by and how much they are, these small fixable imperfections should be fairly painless. If you want brand spankin new, a whole new unit can be ordered from GM for a the "GM Pricing" of which is ridiculous in my opinion. OR a new lid could be ordered.
  6. Hi all, I have a brand new Z71 Black Full Center console with ALL of the parts, to INCLUDE ALL of the custom wiring harnesses as built by and purchased from this forum! I ordered this last YEAR and then ordered the wiring harnesses and truly just never got around to installing it. I put it all together, then wrapped it in plastic and have had it INSIDE and an inside closet for over a year. It's a beautiful swap out for the bench seat!!! In the back of my mind I think I also new I would trade the truck... I did! I no longer have a need for this console. I know these are sought after and I will post pictures soon. It's a HUGE pain to ship and would be VERY costly, so keep that in mind. I'm in San Antonio Texas. If you're in the surrounding areas or within reasonable distance, I'm willing to drive and meet you half way if you're interested. Please note that I have ALL of the appropriate wiring harnesses needed to make this 100% fully functional. If you're interested, PM me or email me.
  7. Wow! Thank you all for your input and responses. Donstar: Thank you for the compliment! Joshua: Wow man, thank you so much! This is great... it gives me a good idea of what it might look like. I greatly appreciate your work and contribution. Again, thank you for doing that. Looks like I will leave it alone...if anything, I may eventually have it color matched wrapped like the z71s. Outside of that, I think the black will be too much. I was kind of afraid of that... I now have a better idea of what it would look like. Thank you again to everyone here.
  8. So, I've watched videos and tried to "my" limit to learn in photoshop how to black out the chrome on the front here to see what I would look like. Oh, I can get it black, but my work looks like a 3yr old colored it black! LOL! Would someone that is a wiz with photoshop be so kind to take the below shot and black out the chrome on the front for me so I can get a good visual of what it wold look like?? Thank you! Thinking of wrapping the chrome in FLAT black... to match the mirror caps, door handles etc...
  9. Yep! I will wait a bit, but the GMC AT4 will be the truck. Check that thing out!
  10. Ok.... FLIP! WHOLE new change of plans here! I have found the GMC AT4! HOLY PERFECTION for what I'm looking for! 6.2L V8, 10sp mission, CatBack Exhaust, 2" factory lift, Performance Package, 18" wheels with the DuraTrac Tires, FULLY loaded interior, bad ass bed liner. The ONLY thing I would have to do to it is switch out the side steps to the "off road" side steps. Although, I wouldn't "have" to as the performance side steps are nice! Now THAT is a truck! WOW!
  11. Ahhhhh.... VERY good to know! Oct/Nov = 2019 LTZ all black - level/side rails & done!
  12. Wow! Ok, so yea... I'm currently in the LT Texas edition Full leather, full console etc, so the Custom TB will NOT be an option for me. I'm not in a rush, so I think I will wait for the 2020s to hit in a few months and then look for incentives. 2020 LT TB looks like what I'm after! I also noticed that the LTZ doesn't have the duel exhaust either. That would put me into an LTZ with having to do the following. 2" level/lift Dual Exhaust Black tubular Side steps Possibly the rugged tires That's into around 4K or maybe a bit less. I'll just wait for the LT TB and get it ALL together, designed and manufactured that way!
  13. 2019 Custom TrailBoss OR 2019 LTZ Z71?? From what I've learned SO FAR.... There is a LT Trail Boss and a Custom Trail Boss - I like the "looks" of the front of the custom trail boss and the looks all around. BUT... I REALLY want the 6.2L engine. Cannot get that in a trail boss! Of course you can't! ughhh.... So... What about just a Silverado LTZ Z71 and then just do a 2" level and I have essentially the Trail Boss but with a 6.2L Your thoughts, experience and advice are welcome!
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