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  1. Thanks again for all of your input and advice.... Any further thoughts out there?? Alarm vs No Alarm?
  2. Ok... cool. Thanks for all the good info! Now...when I go into BB what do I tell them I WANT? Viper Model number? What extras? What all will I "need?" As if I were going to install it all myself....
  3. So... what can I expect to pay out the door at BB??
  4. When you say "bench wired" what does that mean? Wire it up on the workbench first and then plug and play in the vehicle?? What is the Idata module? And how much is that? I'm pretty good with wires and installing things. I don't do well trying to get though the damn firewall though...
  5. HOLY SHIT BALLS man! Wow! That's really cool info 1SLOW1500. Wired race cars?? THAT had to be freakin cool!! Thanks for sharing man. Ok... so it looks like BB will be the best bet and talk them down. This local shop that I go to and where I got the quote I posted has always been good to me. Keep in mind that quote also included everything fully installed, he just didn't list it. So yes, labor was included. Does it still look bad? What would I expect to pay for that same quote fully installed at a place like BB?? Any thoughts there?
  6. Yes, looks like they sure did! Ok so.... now that we have this going. What would you recommend for me and as far as instal what the best thing to do there? Learn how to do it myself? Find a local person to do it? Pay a shop?? Any big "car alarm store" is gonna run me into the 500-900 dollar range.... that's just what they do! I hear a lot about how Viper in the best. Thoughts??
  7. Wow! Ok... I'm convinced. Below is the quote the shop gave me. What are your thoughts here?
  8. Wow! What a thread! So.... I'm assuming that this IS a good idea then. Despite the cost I was quoted... I will shop around. A couple things: With a 2017 I have remote start, windows up/down, app feature for specs and also start from app... so that would not be a benefit for me. I also learned that you can activate on-star vehicle tracking for 5.00/month if that's all you want. A couple questions: What is DEI What is the benefit of this over the stock "lock" situation?
  9. So, I'm in the shop that does my window tinting... I've done a lot of business there in the past, so I know their work. It's good, reliable and reasonably priced. They owner was telling me that I really should consider at least "SOME" sort of alarm system to better protect the vehicle from break ins and from being stolen. I asked some questions and the next thing you know, the counter is piled up with 4 boxes and a 900.00 price tag. Alarm Back up battery KILL switch Remote start GPS Tilt sensor It's a beautiful truck, there are some valuable things inside... V1 radar, sub box, poweramp... (stock head unit though... so it doesn't advertise itself). The OEM locks/lock system doesn't have a kill feature and no batter back up, of which can easily be bypassed if they want steal the truck. Yes, there is OnStar, but... now your'e into monthly fees. I'm not a fan of Onstar. I'm also not a fan of having to carry around another remote and have some sort of ghetto chirping sound when I leave the car! I would much rather not have a "total loss" on my insurance record due to a stolen truck however, one they get in it, it's pretty much gone anyway.... Uggggg... my question to you guys. Is this worth it? What are your thoughts here.
  10. These tires and wheels sold. Please remove this if needed. Thank you.
  11. 2" Level to the 4.5" Zone (BDS).
  12. Thank you again! Oh man! The ride quality is at LEAST 10 times BETTER than before! It rides AMAZING! like a damn car almost! Smooth, sweet and soft just like I wanted. The ride is GREAT!
  13. Thank you all for your support.... As time goes on and I continue to see it, it's getting better (a LITTLE). I still don't like it outside THAT much. Talked to a few more peeps and they say the 9" wheel will bring it in some just by default due to the less of an in in the wheel that won't be there. I don't mind it sticking out and like the aggressive stance with that, but 2 FULL inches out is just that "bit" too much for me. I'll know more options Monday for sure. Here is where we are today! Thanks again for your support TXGreek and I WILL be doing the flares regardless! ;) good call!
  14. Because I do not like the 2" outside the front fenders. It looks ridiculous to me! Ughhh... I'm very frustrated with this and hopefully can get it corrected with a 9" wheel.
  15. Well... there is ALWAYS something that I didn't know! And this would be it! the 20x10 wheels stick out in the front like a pissed off high school teenager and like most adults, I do NOT like it! I'm out 2 full inches beyond the fender. No good no good! I do not like it at all. First solution is to change the two front wheels to 20x9 +1 which would tuck it back up under there an inch and would match the back. I"m good with the back but the front looks ridiculous to me as described. I'm searching for 20x9 +1 Fuel savage Black and Milled with black ring now. UGhhhhhh!

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