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  1. Hey everyone... So, Fuel has discontinued this particular wheel I'm desperately wanting. They have ONE left in stock. They will not make it again, it's gone forever. All of the internet wheel sites order direct from MHT (fuel). My only hope is someone somewhere has them in their warehouse, but is very very rare that anyone has anything "in stock" any more. If anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate it. Here is the part number: D56520009847 Description: Savage D565 20x10 6x135, 6x5.5 -18mm I want the -18 offset, so it has to be this 20x10. I don't want anything less than 20" so it has to be this wheel. I knew there are a billion different options out there, but I'm really wanting this specific wheel and am hoping you guys can help! Thanks all!
  2. I have these that I will make you a deal on if you're interested. I ordered them for the same reason you are looking for them! But then I decided I want to go with full fender flares. They fit the 2015-2017 Silverado. They look nice and will do what you're looking for. I would use black hardware though that can be purchased for this purpose. Let me know if you're interested. https://www.realtruck.com/rbp-body-armor-fender-trim/R184236P2018Y734MA.html
  3. I know where to find these retail and on eBay. I've had good fortune here with the guys in buying things used. I'm looking for Color matched, Silver Ice Metallic Pocketed Fender flares. These things are NOT inexpensive that's for sure. Anyone looking to unload a set at all?? I have a set of like new (take offs) chrome running boards to trade.... Thanks!!
  4. I called Borla. They confirmed that the GM Borla is what I want. They also confirmed that it's the valve that makes the difference (when it drops to 4cly). They confirmed that as long as it is an "official GM product" that it WILL have the valve and that you do NOT have to buy it directly from a dealer parts dept for this. He confirmed that Summit racing is ONE that has the "official GM" Borla exhaust and that it DOES have the valve. Anyone that sells what would be "official GM" Borla exhaust, WILL have the valve. This is what I will go with and will post back once I have it done and complete. Good stuff here!
  5. LOVE THIS!! Thank you!!
  6. So, it sounds like the GM Borla is what I'm describing. I will make some calls today... I'll do a self install to save some $$ good GOD it's expensive! ugh!
  7. I'm hearing to just go with the GM Borla system and be done with it. Again, I want a nice low growl on start up and idle... with a good mean growl when I get on it. I don't want ANY drone sound when driving. That makes me crazy! I didn't know that this existed until I drove another truck that did just this! LOVED it. I'm seeing reviews and also youtube videos on the GM Borla exhaust system that will do this. I like it. What about Magnaflow? Do they make one like this?? Thanks!!
  8. Ok... on my 2016 I had Magnaflow duel exhaust. LOVED how it sounded when it started up and when I got on it, but that constant rumble drove me NUTS! And that over-drone sound while cruising on the highway was just too much. On my 2017 I left the exhaust alone and let it be stock. I drive a new Dodge Rebel the other day and that thing sounds bad ass on start up and also when getting on it. However, any other time it sounds just fine like my truck! WHAT Is THAT and why??? I would LOVE to have that on my truck! I would love to have duel exhaust back! But I don't want all that constant noise! Can this be done? Thanks guys!
  9. Thank you all for your responses! I still remain a Chevy Lover and after doing the side by side comparison with MY truck, I am completely happy and grateful that I have my FULL SIZE beautiful truck as in the picture in my signature! It was a good experience. My truck is leveled for right now, but I will go to a 4" lift and I'm also now sold on doing an exhaust system for the bad ass sound. I can't imagine a smaller truck like that. I just couldn't do it. Again, thank you all for your responses and input. From what I see there was only ONE negative response in reference to other brands and he was only sharing his opinion of which is fine. Thank you for that. Below is one of the pics I took in comparison the other day when I saw this 2018 in the lot. What a difference! My truck is on a level with 275/65/20s. About to go to 295/20s with a 4" lift, Bilsteins all the way around. Have a great weekend!
  10. Update: Ok, so I took a ride down to the local Dodge dealer here in San Antonio. We get there and approach a a Rebel same color as I drove when on my trip. I pull up in my bad ass looking Silverado....First thing she says to me, "wow! it sure looks small... is that a full-size truck?" Ugh.... I said, "yes, of course it is." Then I start to look at it... then look back at my truck and WHOA!!!!! Yea, the Rebel looks small, young, sophmorish compared to my big full size Silverado. My truck just LOOKs a lot bigger, more rugged. Then I look at the bed on the Rebel... YIKES! Put my tool box back there in the Rebel and I've lost a solid 45% of bed space. It's very small. I Already get frustrated with the short bed on my Silverado, I can only imagine my frustration with that little thing. So I go back to my truck and pull it next to the Rebel... yea, no comparison really. The Silverado eats it up with looks and size. Now it's not THAT much bigger, but it IS bigger. We get in the rebel with the sales guy and YES! It is BAD ASS inside and it is Super comfortable. He fires it up and YES, it sounds GREAT and we drive it and yes it rides great. All is well. In the end, I'm glad I did this because I just can't get over the size difference and I know I won't be happy AT ALL with the bed size! I drove off a proud and happy Silverado owner and will keep that bad boy! AND my extra thousands of dollars!! The Rebel IS a bad as little truck. Rides like a dream and the interior is super bad ass, but it's still a sophomore in size... I will up load some updated pics of my truck soon!
  11. At the risk of being chased down the alley and being beat up, I want to share my thoughts here. I rent vehicles weekly for work. Last week I was given a Dodge Laramie. This has happened 4 times over the last 3 years and EVERY time I am quite frankly pissed off! Those trucks ride SO nice, so smooth and the inside is like being in a damn Lexus. It's quiet, SOLID, super nice, convenient and practical. This time the truck was new and I was pretty impressed with how high up it was to start with and again, the ride and drive. Like a damn dream! So much so that I went to the local Dodge dealership and asked them why. Once we got past the fact that I was not going to buy one today (because I flew where I was) they went on to explain the reasons why. They also owned their shortfalls in the past that we all may be aware of. Then they offered for me to Drive a 2019 Rebel. H O L Y Sh&T!!! Wow! Have you guys SEEN the inside of these things??????? Wow! And the ride?? and the sound?? And the stance?? Like a dream, looks bad ass and I still can't get over the inside! That thing was awesome! It made my truck seem like a tin can cracker box! WOW! Ok ok ok.... so! Yes, I get it... "you want a car, get a car" "you want the inside like a Lexus, get a Lexus" "you want it to ride like a car, get a car" "if you need to tow your house across the country then it can't handle it" "if you need to haul 12 yards of bull rock, you're gonna be in trouble".... I get all that. What I'm saying is, I think that the did it well this time! That truck is simply bad ass! and it rides like a dream. I just wish Chevy could do this! Maybe in 2019 they did, but I just haven't seen it yet. I still drive my truck and love it though!
  12. Awesome Jon A! Thanks for all of the information. I plan to pull the trigger on all of this around September when all the weather breaks a bit. and I have some time to enjoy things outside.
  13. Here is what I'm running into in my research. I want to keep a good ride as you all know by now reading this post. So, in order to do that, with a 4" or a 6" lift, I need to do a "full" lift kit with the cross bars and new knuckles to accommodate and keep the geometry to get and keep that same ride. I will also be upgrading the struts and the rear shocks (not coilovers though). I have been told that this "ride" will be REALLY nice and likely even better than it is now due to the upgrade of the shocks all around. However, In doing a full kit like this the new knuckles flare out a bit and present a huge conflict with stock wheels in that that offset/back spacing of a stock wheel will not work, because it hits the knuckle. Therefore, I have to buy aftermarket wheels to accommodate this. I don't mind this, BUT 1. I wasn't planning on that and 2. I still like the stock wheel look as in lapoolboy's truck. The lift kit's I've went and checkout were: BDS 4.5" (I think it was .5) with the upgraded shocks all around. It comes with it's own upgrade struts and then I will do Fox 2.0 on the rear. ProComp 4" kit, with Bilsteins in the front and Fox in the rear Rough Country - same situation as BDS above Pricing is all comparable - The feedback from others so far on the above is do NOT do ProComp. And to just go BDS due to warranty and just an all around better product and with better support. Do I, in fact, HAVE to get new wheels???? Really?? This seems a little much, but just checking!

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