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  1. What year are the mirrors off of? Are they OEM
  2. Looking into whether the passenger side mirror with a temp sensor is a problem on my 1500 Silverado. Talking to Phil Gamboa and hope to hear back from him soon. Besides the chip and the scratch are the mirrors in perfect shape? I've seen somewhere along the edges there's some separation some discoloration between materials. How about the Chrome cover many scratches? Sorry to be so picky they're going on a brand new truck. Did you say you could test them? The dim function is the reason I'm updating the mirrors mainly. I know I need to update my harness and I've already got the rearview with that function added. Thanks
  3. Do you still have, or if you ever have the deal for the dl3 at 350 shipped with the do-it-yourself harness mod, contact me please!
  4. Do you still have these mirrors? I'm offering $200
  5. Do you still have these mirrors? What is the wear-and-tear I couldn't see anything on the pictures but I'm looking for a near perfect pair. Do you know they're fully functional, did you take them off, do they have the auto dim feature tied to the rearview mirror and did that work? What's the least you'll take for them?
  6. Do they have the auto dim tied to the rearview mirror for bright lights behind you, and what color are the caps? Are they in really good condition is another Factor, no scuff scratches mirrors are pristine.
  7. I might be interested. I'm new to the site and not real Savvy with tech.
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