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  1. Okay, question for all to assist me. I have a 2017 WT 1500. I have upgraded the jump seat to a full console and have Phil Gamboa's PnP 16pin harness to power the console usb and power ports. What my truck doesn't have is a HMI. The radio is the IOB with 7" screen. What do I need to purchase the console fully functional? Is there a work around that anyone has done to make this combination work?
  2. Following as well. What is available with the IOB for an unlock, video in motion, play video and rear camera in motion?
  3. Hello Kyle, I am interested in the HVAC mod for my 2017 WT Double Cab (midnight edition). The truck has the light sensor in the dashboard. Would I need the additional sensor? Will it mount along side of the existing sensor? Also I have purchased the HVAC control for a 2017 High Country #84173748 w/ATC. I installed it and it has full "manual function" with the exception of the last blower Icon being active on the IOB 7" screen. It looks like the Dash Sensor and Temp sensor are the same Part Numbers as your install. The ATC Module I am purchasing is part number 84237325 also for a 2017 High Country with ATC. Would you be willing to assemble the required plug ends and terminal wire harness for me. I have trouble with the crimping operation due to nerve damage in my hands. I will of course pay for everything and your time. I have successfully installed the "Heated Wheel" upgrade along with Pgambola wire harness. My next mod after the HVAC ATC will be the conversion from my "IOB" 7" infotainment center to the "Denali Cluster". It looks like I'll have to replace the entire HDMI, Screen, Radio etc to realize the Denali upgrade. Also are there specific markings for the temp sensor for the ducting such as a circle or molding mark for install? Thank you for any assistance and information you are willing to share. Love your engine mods on your truck and your vids. I sadly have the lowly 4.3L in my truck that will stay stock.
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