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  1. The 22s are for the most part just fine when empty, but towing holy moly. The kids were even asking me if something was wrong with the truck. I tried Timbrens just for the heck of it thinking it was something with the magnarides. After testing the 20s empty and towing it was noticeably better. I like the looks to much to go all of the way to 18s.
  2. I had those same symptoms and they seem to be much improved after the fluid exchange per the bulletin. I did not complain about that this time though. I had a different torque converter shudder than what I see typically on this forum. Mine was under heavy load like entrance ramp acceleration and then much more noticeable when pulling the trailer, mostly up to 4th gear and then ok after that and cruising. I never felt any vibrations when cruising and then slightly increasing speed like many have described. Smooth as glass now. It seems to have helped the harsh 1-2, 2-3 upshifts and the harsh 2-1 downshifts as well. 2017 Sierra 6.2L with 32k on it.
  3. Why would the larger rims wear shocks faster than 20's or 18's?
  4. I also have a new to me 2017, exact same truck only white. First rain had the drivers floor mat full of water. Turned out it was the drain tube from the sunroof had come loose and was dripping down just as you describe.
  5. Looking for feedback on this idea. After doing some more reading on this forum and some posts in this topic you can sub in a resistor at the sensor to make it think that it is daylight all of the time. I like having the auto headlights functioning 99% of the time so that option isn't as appealing to me. My idea is to add a Single Pole Double Throw switch so I could toggle between bypassing the daylight sensor and normal operation. I think I can do all of this under the dash and splicing into the wires that go up to the senor. (See the attached marked up schematic) Add a high quality SPDT switch somewhere in the lower dash. What is the resistor size needed to simulate the daylight sensor? Will codes be set toggling this? What other pitfalls?
  6. I think I see what you are saying, just cut power/signal from the light sensor before it gets to the BCM? Tricking BCM into thinking it is daylight. On the schematic, it shows that some HVAC stuff would be affected as well?
  7. Link didn't work for me when I was on Tapatalk, but on PC it works.
  8. I just purchased a 2017 Sierra and the wireless charging doesn't seem to kick in on my Pixel 3. I have tried moving it around slowly on the pad with no luck. Also tested with and without the case. When I look at the compatibility list on the website I see Pixel 3 is not listed. Is this true? Will the updated charging kit fix this? https://my.chevrolet.com/content/dam/gmownercenter/gmna/static/pageImages/learnAbout/articles/documents/GM_Wireless_Charging_Compatible_Device.pdf
  9. I am guessing if I removed it there would be fading, scratches, etc under it. Not crazy about it either but if the price was good enough I can over look it. I am not far from AARP anyway...
  10. I have started looking for a replacement for my 2010 silverado. Right now I am looking at all trucks with a 6.2l in my surrounding area. Found a 2017 LTZ that seems to have a decent starting price but noticed chrome around the wheel openings. Was this a factory option or something that was added after? I haven't seen it on any of the other trucks I am finding in my searches.
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