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  1. Bought my truck brand new with 5 miles on it. I mentioned it to the dealer when I test drove it. He told me they "all do it". 26k miles later and it stills does it, but I'm not worried about it because if it was something to worry about, it should have gotten worse over the miles and it hasn't changed a bit. I live in California, so 91 octane is all we get. may give the Amsoil stuff a try and see how it goes.
  2. It's dark now, but I will get you some pics in the daylight tomorrow.
  3. I have the BDS 6 inch Fox coilover lift on my 2020. Zero issues with ABS, ESC or traction control. If you're switching to coilovers, why not just spend the extra $80 and go with their 6 inch lift? I don't know for sure, but I removed all of my stock suspension, except for the lower control arms when I did mine. So you may lose the "stock" 2 inches and wind up with a 4 inch lift overall, if you go with their 4 inch lift. I can also tell you that I had to trim a LOT of my inner fender wells to clear my Toyo 35x12.5 tires. Just something to consider.
  4. I'm running 35x12.5 Toyo RTs and average 16 MPG. I do have the max trailering package with slightly lower gearing (3.42 vs 3.23) though.
  5. Just pull the tail lights and connect to the reverse light wire. Routing is super easy. Should get you what you need.
  6. While I do live out west. I have to disagree about the ride difference. It is night and day better with the coil overs for off road use. These things eat up big bumps. Now, if all you do is highway miles, sure no gains to be had, but as soon as you hit the dirt or sand you can't even come close with the stock struts.
  7. Save yourself some money upfront and order the BDS kit with the adjustable Fox coilovers. Night and day versus the non coilover kit. (Don't ask, or tell my wife, how I know.) I have been waiting almost a year now for Deaver to make a 6 inch lift pack for the rear to get rid of the block. Once that arrives, my suspension will be done. The front takes hits so well and the rear is a bit abrupt.
  8. You would want to go with a 383 emblem.
  9. I have the BDS 6 inch lift on my 2020 Sierra SLT. Went with the spacers at first and then decided to sell some of my paintball markers and bought the fox coilovers. DO NOT even waste your time with the spacer setup. The coilovers are literally better in every way except cost. The ride quality is awesome and tunability is simple. On my GMC, there is no way I could run a 37, as the 35inch Toyos rub like a mother at full lock. I have cut my wheel wells twice now to get rid of the rub. I've been told the wheel well profile on Chevy vs GMC is way more open and forgiving when it comes to tire choices, so 37s may be in your future.
  10. I have the Borla S-type system on my 2020 (6.2) and I really enjoy it. Cold start is borderline obnoxious, but that only lasts 15-20 seconds. I have zero regrets that I chose this system.
  11. I agree. It would be nice to know while driving. Sometimes I think I hear the exhaust note change, but can't convince myself that it is actually changing.
  12. I also have the 6 inch BDS setup with the fox coil overs and rear shocks. The front is awesome. Now I am just waiting for Deaver to make me some 6 inch lift springs, so I can take the blocks out and have plush suspension front and rear. The rear fox shocks are better than the OEM stuff, but compared to coil overs in the front, the ride couldn't be more different.
  13. Looks good, but you're going down the rabbit hole on this one. It always starts with the trim......
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