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  1. I have the S-type Borla system on my 2020 Sierra with the 6.2. On cold start it is very aggressive. Once that settles down, I think it sounds great. The factory muffler is 3.5 inch tubing and is offset in and center out.
  2. Grab a volt meter and check for power at your trailer plug receiver. Chances are, you will have an extra wire with no voltage. (the ground being the other wire) Chase that wire down and see where you lose power.
  3. What grilles are those? Did you have to use washers to clear them?
  4. What speakers are you guys using? I saw on their website where they used a bunch of washers to make the step clear the speakers and it looked anything but factory. Do you have any clearance issues when folding the step up?
  5. Mine does the same. I take a pic every time to document the date and time. Once I have a few, it will be off to the dealer for a fix. Fingers crossed.
  6. I have a 2020 SLT CC with standard bed and max trailering package. (I wanted the 3.42 gears, knowing I was going to lift the truck) I am running a BDS 6 inch lift with Fox coilovers in the front and fox shocks in the rear. 35x12.5 Toyo Open Country RT tires. If you are going to do any off road driving, the Fox coilovers are night and day better than the stock front suspension.
  7. Exactly what he said. When i did mine, I went through the hassle of unclipping the emblems from behind the grill, but had I known about popping off the red portion, that would have made it much easier as I threw the stock red emblems in the trash. Either way, you do not need to remove the grill.
  8. I don't have those in the front, but I do in the rear. Up front I have the Fox 2.5 with remote reservoir that was part of my 6 inch BDS lift. Night and day better in the front.
  9. My 2020 SLT with the BDS 6 inch lift and Toyo Open Country RT in 35x12.50 measured out at exactly 7 feet for the roof height. Hope that helps.
  10. My 2020 is lifted 6 inches on 35's. I will get out the level tomorrow and get you a measurement.
  11. Just for reference. I have a BDS 6 inch lift w/35's on my truck and have no strange noises.
  12. I'm still waiting for the S-type system that fits my crew cab standard bed. I thought about buying extra tubing and doing the extension myself, but figured I would wait for Borla to engineer it. I've called them twice and have keep getting "the end of the month" response. It's been 2 months.
  13. Thanks! I honestly had not even thought about that.
  14. I have the BakFlip F1 on my standard bed with the MultiPro gate. As stated above, fits perfectly.
  15. Has anyone tried using a bed extender with their multipro tailgate? I know the extender is built in to the gate, but I am looking for something to keep the groceries in one place when the gate is closed. The AMP ones all say "Excl multipro…" I feel like they should work, but would like to confirm this before I buy one. Thanks in advance.
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