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  1. Yes. And that is probably what causes the increase in lead time. I don’t know that for sure but it sounds logical.
  2. Took delivery on 12/22/2020. Just under 90 days from order date. I think using an independent dealer may have slowed it down by a couple of weeks. 2021 AT4 Short-box with 3.0L Diesel and Carbon Pro edition. Waiting for availability of the Bakflip MX4 for Carbon Pro to finish it up.
  3. Heard from my dealer that my truck was built last week (w/o 11/30). Not sure if when it will ship but still hoping on a delivery to Phoenix this year. I would think that a market as large as Phoenix would have frequent deliveries. Hoping for the December incentives. I would guess it’s up to the dealer to write the contract for December with a later ‘actual’ delivery date.
  4. Seems to have taken longer for them to get started on my AT4 Carbon Pro. It may be due to using an independent dealer/broker rather than a GM dealer. Ordered on 9/28 (not sure when it was picked up). Build week of 11/23. Still waiting to hear from the dealer if they have an update. If it ships next week, I am hoping on a Phoenix delivery before Christmas. That would be a total of about 12 weeks. Update 12/2/2020... Dealer informs me that the truck is being delayed due to a shortage of suspension parts.
  5. According to my dealer, build week was supposed to be this week (11/23/2020). Not sure how long from build to shipping, and transport to Phoenix. Hoping to have it before Christmas.
  6. Originally wanted the Double Cab with the standard box. When they discontinued that for 2021, I decided to go with the Extended Cab with the short box. Prefer the standard box as well, but for the few times it will make a difference for me, I'd rather have it fit in the garage. Haven't heard anything regarding constraints, but I ordered through an independent dealer/broker.
  7. Looks great... thinking about getting the matte top and doing a carbon fiber wrap, but like the way yours turned out. Will need to see what I can find from a company in my area.
  8. Do you images of the wrap? What did it set you back?
  9. Just ordered a 2021 Sierra AT4 Carbon Pro with the 3.0 diesel on the 28th of September. Not sure where it will be built, or if the Carbon Pro is built in all three locations. It was ordered through an independent dealer/broker, but I don't know if that will delay the build and delivery. The dealer hasn't shared any information with me regarding build lead time or delivery date, but I don't know how long it normally takes GM to process the order, or what the current build lead time is. Any input would be appreciated.
  10. Would like to see Peragon and some of the other (non-trifold) companies offer some options. With the pre-drilled holes on the carbon pro box, it would seem like a minimal (installation) engineering effort if the cover fits the same.
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