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  1. I may be coming in to a bit of cash soon, was planning on a BDS lift and a whipple. Whipple is down in Stockton, was gonna see if they do installs, if so, was just gonna drop the truck off and throw cash at them to do it all right and return to me a boosted truck :D. That way I don't have to deal with waiting for this part or that part, just give it back when its done haha
  2. Hey guys, So I've been eyeballing the BDS kits for my 2020 LTZ 6.2. I kinda of want to go for the 6" kits, but heres my question. Whats the difference between the 4" kit and 6" kit, other than the larger block in the rear. Do they just use different front springs/shocks or crank up the preload on the 4" kit to achieve more lift, or is it actually larger shocks with a minimum amount of preload. Coming from a Long traveled Tacoma, I know my way around shocks and preload, and I would prefer to avoid that. I also plan on getting the Full Fox setup with the adjustable resi's, Either Cognito UCAs or just buy the full package from BDS with UCA's and the rear stabilizer bar things. I had full race King's on my Tacoma, and THAT was a harsh ride, but these stock shocks on the Chevy are just so bouncy and marshmallow feeling. I was ALSO looking at Camburgs leaf spring set up for the Silverado, looks like a full leaf pack will give something like 1-2" of lift, so I'd have to play around with blocks to match a front 4" or 6" kit....but at that 1k price tag from Camburg, I might just call Deaver at that point and see what they can do. Thanks
  3. Ugh I hate that! When I pick up my boys from daycare they love popping the sunroof and back window open (OMG DAD CAN I HIT THE BUTTON PLEASE), and then cruising through the neighborhood to go home at 25mph that helicopter sound is so annoying! I usually blip the throttle just a hair every time I hear it just to make it pop some cylinders back into rotation lol. Even though it immediately starts back up again. Other than that, loving the sound of the thing. I left the side vent open since its been in the 50s or so on my drive to work, so I'm not super worried about pulling hot air from the engine. When summer hits I'll probably pop it back in. Another question, So i went with the white dry filter....is it cleanable? Or should I go buy like 7 of those filters off S&B while I still can to stock up lol. I've never been a fan of oiled filters, have had a few, always followed instructions to a T when cleaning and re-oiling. I wanna say I had an AFE intake or maybe a Toyota intake on my Tacoma that I pulled off on my next oil change after installing the intake and the entire intake tube had a light coating of oil and dirt/dust on it....and that was from a NIB intake and pre-oiled filter straight from the manufacturer. All I could think was that just the stuff that got caught on the tube, how much of that was baked into the engine at this point.
  4. So I started to but then saw that there was wire loom attached to it and I'm notorious for snapping those things, so I figured they made it look super easy to pop that box off, I must just be pulling at the wrong angle. And I was...hahah
  5. Thanks! Hahah Yeah I was thinking the same thing initially- "Did they send me a 5.3L coupler? is there a size difference?". I totally agree, I was super impressed with how it looked. Everything went together easily enough, but also seems sealed well and put together excellently. Yeah I tried ordering several different intakes through multiple companies and every single one refunded and said they can't ship to CA (all the ones that didn't have that listed at the sale). I actually ordered the GM performance intake, and after about 3 weeks the sales manager emailed me and said something about them recalling all the intakes over a sticker mistake or something. I ended up just hitting up a buddy in Nevada and had S&B ship to him and just paid him for the shipping to myself. Pretty sure almost everything S&B has is CARB legal so they'll probably have this intake certified in the next few years, just gotta try to get a CARB sticker from them then
  6. Just installed mine today. Had to have a buddy ship it to me to get it in California, hoping they get CARB Approval in the next 5 years . Hardest part for me was getting the intake throttle body box thing off. They showed just rotating it up and popping it off but it didnt wanna do that for me. Spent a good 20 minutes trying not to break anything before I must have found the right angle and gave it a love tab to get it to pop off. Also took a bit to get the coupler on to the throttle body. Thought for a second I might have got the wrong one, had to play with it and twist it around for a good 10ish minutes before I finally got it to pop on. I had the S&B install video queued up on my computer and just paused and unpaused at each step. Prob took me about an hour and some change just going slow and taking my time. Let me tell you what, worth it 100%. Combined with the Borla ATAK I threw on, you can totally hear that 6.2L roar now! I noticed the pedal vibration as well as others have mentioned, but as also mentioned, it was just from the extra noise vibration of the better intake, doesn't bug me in the least. Smiles for Miles.
  7. I tried lifting mine up in the driveway on the passenger side but I didn't trust getting under the truck. (maybe I was doing something wrong but with parking brake engaged, threw it in 4WD) Initially forgot to throw the tire chocks in and it rolled forward a few inches before I slammed the jack back down, then I put wheel chocks in and I just didn't quite trust it to not roll with me underneath. So even then, I tried to wiggle in and get the exhaust out but I knew it was gonna be a ******. I started using my sawzall to get it out, but it had an older used blade in it and it snapped about halfway through, busted out the angle grinder with a cutting wheel and got it the rest of the way out. Honestly hardest part was getting the rubber hangars off everything lol.
  8. Hi guys, first time posting on here. Just traded in my 2015 Toyota Tacoma Supercharged with full Long travel suspension for a 2020 Silverado LTZ 6.2L, so obviously I'm used to a STIFF ride haha, but now I'm a little used to this stock ride. I've tried ordering Fox's and King's from about 5 different places and everyone says they're out of stock and not gonna see any shocks for 3+ months (I get it, its race season). My question is, I went from stock, to 5100s, to Fox bolts on, to LT with Kings, so whats the ride like on the 6112s (and 5160s in the rear?). I recall the 5100s being pretty stiff over stock TRD stuff back in the day, but that was on a 2WD with a V6. I'm still learning the coil weights and such with a full size truck. I wanna say the 6112s were coming out right when I was installing LT so I never really gave them another look. Right now I'm just looking to level out the truck. Debating on a $50 Maxracing 1.5" lift, or these. Eventually moving up to a BDS 4" or 6" lift with Fox and DSC and all that fun, But the wife wants me to finish paying off the truck before I drop the big bucks haha. (up for debate). Right now I want to maintain a stockish ride or better. I don't mind stiff, as the LT truck basically didn't have suspension until about 50MPH or higher (it was STIFF haha). Anyhoo, if anyones got experience going through different suspensions like that and can let me know how the 6112s ride, I'd appreciate it. I don't mind stiff, but I don't want to throw my back out out every time I go through a parking lot haha Thanks.
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